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There are several ways to search for a particular quartet name.

  1. Using the top search box, you can select the starting letter of the first word in the name. This may retrieve many quartets but it may be quicker then typing in a your search criteria.
  2. You can enter the entire quartet name and click 'Show Quartets'. While this WILL work, it requires that you enter the EXACT name of the quartet exactly how it is in the database.
  3. A more effective way may be to use the wildcard search. To do this, you use the % as the wildcard character in your search string. So if you wanted to search for any quartet that starts with "com" you would enter com% as the search. If you wanted all songs with "com" anywhere in the title you would enter %com%. Note case is not important. So %Com% would achieve the same results as %com%

Note: You MUST click the 'Show Quartets' button that corresponds to the type of search you are doing.

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