Quartet List

Quartet Name District
$1800 Dollar Shoes NED
'cross The Pond SUN
'n' SLD
'Nuff Said ONT
'Round Midnight MAD
'Shoptimus Prime ONT
(Untitled) JAD
*until further notice CAR
+4dB LOL
1/2 Ton Pickup CAR
1/2 Ton Pickup NSC
12 O'clock High SWD
129 & Counting DIX
12th Street Rag CSD
139th Street FWD
15th Street SWD
17 Below NSC
18th Street Extension SWD
2 Good 2 Be Through SWD
2 Old 2 B New RMD
2 Rehearsals And A Dream SLD
2 Times 2 CAR
2 X 2 FWD
2 Young 'N 2 Old RMD
2 Young 2 Be Old RMD
2#2Bb NSC
20's Reunion LOL
21st Century Sound CSD
22nd Time SLD
23 Skidoo CAR
24 Karat Ring RMD
24-7 SLD
24/7 NED
240-Four EVG
281 South SWD
29 Seconds MAD
2nd Amendment MAD
2nd Generation MAD
2nd Nature CAR
2up SWD
3 + 1 JAD
3 Good Looking Guys NED
3 Great Guys RMD
3 Men & A Melody CSD
3 Men & A Tenor FWD
3 Men of Song LOL
3 New Guys ONT
3 of a kind SUN
3 Of A Kind CSD
3 Outa Four EVG
3 Pups & A Pop RMD
3 Rivers 4 CAR
3/4 Straight Time ONT
30 North SWD
32' ONT
3db MAD
3rd Generation CSD
4 a Change SLD
4 Bears CSD
4 Bits Of Fun LOL
4 Corners RMD
4 Crying Out Loud ILL
4 Degrees North DIX
4 for the Road ONT
4 Hims, The RMD
4 In A Row MAD
4 In Tune JAD
4 Octaves FWD
4 Old Times Sake FWD
4 On The Board DIX
4 On The Floor LOL
4 Porkers, The DIX
4 Reasons Y ONT
4 Ryme Sake EVG
4 Score and 7 Chords Ago DIX
4 Sentimental Reasons ILL
4 Sentimental Reasons CSD
4 Sharps, The SUN
4 Star Edition ONT
4 the time Bein' RMD
4 To The Bar RMD
4 Tonight Only ONT
4 Town 4 SLD
4 Warning CSD
4 Wheel Drive SWD
4-Casters DIX
4-D Four MAD
4-Ds, The RMD
4-the Fun Of It CSD
4-Way Stop JAD
4.0 EVG
4.0 FWD
4.0 EVG
4.com DIX
405, The SWD
42nd Street Quartet, The DIX
4Cast CSD
4five9 NED
4got2shave PIO
4Sure SLD
4th Dimension EVG
4th Street RMD
4Ward On! SLD
5 Bucks A Piece EVG
5 Second Delay CAR
52 Chord Pick-Up FWD
56 East FWD
56-Year Spread DIX
5th Avenue SUN
5th Element MAD
65 South CAR
66 West MAD
7-OH-1 SWD
70 Somethin' SUN
74 and a quarter ILL
75 South SUN
7th and Broadway DIX
7th Avenue SUN
7th Avenue CAR
7th Avenue SWD
7th Avenue Revue CSD
7th Dimension SLD
7th Floor CSD
7th Heaven EVG
7th Street MAD
7ths, The CAR
81 Express MAD
865, The DIX
8th Street Connection CSD
93 South NED
95 North FWD
@ease SWD
A 'la Carte RMD
A Bit Old Fashion JAD
A Capital Affair SWD
A Capital Idea LOL
A Cappella Joe CSD
A Cut Above ILL
A Cut Above FWD
A Family Affair RMD
A Family Affair CSD
A Few Good Men DIX
A Few Good Men SLD
A Few Good Men CAR
A Great Bunch Of Guys JAD
A la Carte NED
A League Of Their Own JAD
A Marine And A Few Good Men DIX
A Mighty Wind DIX
A New Wrinkle ILL
A Quartet to be Named Later ONT
A Second Opinion EVG
A Senior Moment SUN
A Shore Thing MAD
A Simple Pleasure NED
A Special Event ONT
A Tonic Explosion FWD
A Touch of Class FWD
A Touch of Class SWD
A Touch Of Fun CSD
A Touch Of Grey EVG
A Wing And A Prayer DIX
A Work In Progress CSD
A-Chording-To-Us ONT
Aarps-a-Chord LOL
Aarpsichords, The ILL
Abby Road EVG
Abilene Paradox ILL
Ablaze DIX
Abominable Showmen, The CAR
About Face EVG
Absolut INT
Absolutes, The SUN
Academia Nuts ILL
Academy, The NED
Acapella CSD
Acapella Unplugged ONT
Acappella Fellas NSC
Acappella Gents, The ONT
Acappella Gold MAD
Acappellago INT
Accent JAD
Accidentals ONT
Acclamation SWD
Accolade MAD
Accolade MAD
Accolade MAD
Accolade! ILL
Ace In The Hole JAD
Aces High ILL
Aces High SUN
Aces Wild LOL
Achordable DIX
Achording To Dad MAD
Achy Breaky Parts RMD
ACME Acappella EVG
ACME Chord Company MAD
Acme Chord Company FWD
Acoustic Chaos ONT
Across the Board DIX
Act Your Age ONT
Ad Lib SUN
Adagio FWD
Adamsville Flats NED
Adirondack Harmony Co SLD
Adrenaline SLD
Affairs of the Heart CSD
Affordables, The EVG
After Dark FWD
After Effect SLD
After Five EVG
After Hours FWD
After Hours ILL
After Hours MAD
After Intermission PIO
After Midnight LOL
After Midnight EVG
After School RMD
After Six SUN
After Six DIX
Afterglow LOL
Aftershock FWD
Aftershock EVG
Afterthought CAR
Afterthought SUN
Aged To Perfection MAD
Aged To Perfection NED
Agency, The ONT
Aggienizors, The SWD
Aimless NSC
Ain't Misbehavin' DIX
Airborne ONT
Aire NSC
Aire Apparent PIO
Airpower RMD
AirPower MAD
Airtime MAD
Alakazam SLD
Alchemy ILL
Alchemy SLD
Alias SLD
Aliens EVG
Aliens EVG
All 4 Fun SUN
All 4 One ILL
All 4 U ILL
All In JAD
All In SLD
All In Accord MAD
All in the Cards CAR
All In! CSD
All Keyed Up ILL
All Knight Harmony EVG
All Natural RMD
All or Nothing SUN
All That Jazz FWD
All That Jazz! ILL
All The Rage SUN
All The Rage NED
All-a-Chord RMD
Allegheny Golden Boys SLD
Allegheny Mountain Boys SLD
Allegro DIX
Alliance INT
Alliance EVG
Alliance ONT
Alliance MAD
Alliance FWD
Allies, The JAD
Allnighters, The EVG
Allnighters, The EVG
Almost All Rebuilt Parts FWD
Almost Old Enough CAR
Almost Seniors DIX
Already Taken PIO
Alta Three Point Nine EVG
Altr-ego DIX
Aluminum Quartet SUN
Alumni, The ILL
Alumni, The JAD
Always MAD
Ambient Sound LOL
Ambrosia FWD
America's Most Wanted EVG
American Heralds, The FWD
American Idle MAD
American Pastime FWD
American Standard FWD
American Standard CSD
American Vocal Band SUN
Amnesia CAR
Amplitude DIX
An Evening With The Pops DIX
Ancient Aires ILL
And How! EVG
Angelo Accord SWD
Angle, The DIX
Another Really Bad Idea CAR
Ante-Up! JAD
Anthem CAR
Anthology MAD
Antics NSC
Antics DIX
Antique Collection ILL
Antique Gold EVG
Antiques Roadshow PIO
Anybody's Guess RMD
Anybody's Guess CSD
Anything But NED
Anything Goes RMD
Anything Goes SLD
Anything Goes SUN
Anything Goes! NED
Anytime CAR
Anytime, Anywhere DIX
Apacalypse Now SUN
Apex LOL
Apex CSD
Applause MAD
Applause! NED
Applause! FWD
Apple Core Tet CSD
Appropriate Measures RMD
Apropos RMD
Arcade MAD
Arcade SWD
Arch Rivals CSD
Archive JAD
Archives DIX
Argosy SWD
Arioso EVG
Aristocrats INT
Aristocrats, The ONT
Arizona Chord Company FWD
Armchair Chorderbacks CSD
Around the Blend CAR
Arpeggio CSD
Arpeggio SUN
Arrangement, The SWD
Arrangement, The CAR
Arrival SWD
Artful Codgers, The FWD
Artistic License FWD
Artistic Privilege LOL
Artistry Before Chords (ABC's) NED
As Time Goes By ONT
Assisted Living FWD
Assorted Parts CSD
Asymmetric ILL
At Ease ILL
At Least We're Loud! ILL
At Liberty NED
At The End Of The Day RMD
At The Post ONT
Atlanta Power Co. DIX
Atlantic Harmonies MAD
Atomic Style JAD
Attaboys SLD
Attitude Adjustment JAD
Attraction SUN
Audacity FWD
Audio Synchrasy EVG
Augmented 4th LOL
Augmented Trio CSD
Auld Lang Syne MAD
Austintatious SWD
Authentics, The ONT
Authorized Personnel FWD
Autocrats ONT
Autograph SUN
Autumn Blend EVG
Autumn Gold EVG
Autumn Gold MAD
Autumn Sounds MAD
Autumn Voices DIX
Available RMD
Avalon JAD
Avanti SWD
Avenue Road ONT
Average Joes NED
Axiom PIO
a~cappella~fellas ONT
B-Natural PIO
B-Team, The CSD
B. Dazzled SLD
B4 it's 2L8 SUN
Baby Blues EVG
Baby Grand JAD
Baby Talk RMD
Bachelor Party MAD
Back Bay Four NED
Back Fourty CSD
Back In Business CSD
Back In Style ILL
Back In Style SWD
Back in Time ONT
Back in Town NED
Back Porch Dandies SUN
Back Street 4 SUN
Back Swing RMD
Backbeat SUN
Backdraft DIX
Backfire CAR
Backlite SUN
Backroads ONT
Backstage SWD
Backstage Applause ILL
Backstage Johnny CAR
Backstage Pass MAD
Backswing MAD
Bad Golfers, The SLD
Bad Habits INT
BaddaBoomBaddaBing ONT
Baker's Half Dozen DIX
Balalaika Boyz INT
Balderdash SWD
Balderdash CAR
Baldwin Project, The ONT
Ballistic! SUN
Bamberger Express, The RMD
Band of Brothers CAR
Band of Brothers SUN
Band of Brothers PIO
Bandstand NED
Bandstand DIX
Bandwagon LOL
Bandwagon FWD
Bang 'A' Rang SLD
Bangarang RMD
Bank Street RMD
Bankshot LOL
Bar None NSC
Barber Chords ILL
Barber Pole Cats JAD
Barbershocks RMD
Barbershop Style PIO
Barons CAR
Barons, The CAR
Baseline RMD
Baseline 105 RMD
Bases Loaded ILL
Basses Loaded CSD
Basses Loaded ONT
Basses Loaded JAD
Basses Unlimited ONT
BassLine CSD
BatBoys, The MAD
Batteries Not Included FWD
Batteries Not Included FWD
Batteries Not Included FWD
Batteries Not Included LOL
Bay Clippers MAD
Bay Rum Runners, The MAD
Bayou Beaus SWD
Bayou Blend, The SWD
Bayou Bliss SWD
Bayshore IV PIO
Bayside Boys SLD
Bayside Edition SUN
Baytown Harmony SLD
Baywalk SUN
Bazinga MAD
Beach Music NSC
Beach Street SUN
Beantown Bound NED
Bear Essentials NED
Beast Mode NED
Beegees RMD
Been There CSD
Been There Done That LOL
Beginner's Luck EVG
Beginner's Luck INT
Beginners' Luck NED
Behind the Barn FWD
Being Bari NED
Bellevue Square EVG
Beltones MAD
Beltway Blues MAD
Ben and the Boyz MAD
Benchmark FWD
Benchmark SWD
Benchmark INT
Bentley Manor SWD
Berries and Cream EVG
Beryllium 4 EVG
Best B4 ONT
Best of Friends ILL
Best of Friends DIX
Best Of Times, The SUN
Best Regards LOL
Best Selection, The CAR
Better Days Ahead SUN
Better Late Than Never SLD
Better with Bacon DIX
Beyond Measure PIO
Beyond The Pale FWD
Bi-Vocals FWD
Big Dog's Last Hoorah CAR
Big Easy JAD
Big Sky EVG
Big Time CAR
Big Time, The FWD
Big Trouble CSD
Bigtime! MAD
Bingo Brothers MAD
Black Gold SWD
Black Hills Blend RMD
Black River Music Company SLD
Black Tie Affair CAR
Black Tie Affair MAD
BlackJack NSC
Blackstone Valley Quartet NED
Blend Tech NED
Blenders, The RMD
BlendyBoys, The PIO
Blinkered DIX
Blood, Sweat, and Years FWD
Blooz, The SWD
BLT & Beans CAR
Blue Horizons SLD
Blue Mangos, The RMD
Blue Note CSD
Blue Notes CSD
Blue On Blue ONT
Blue Plate Special DIX
Blue Ribbon Accord SWD
Blue Ribbon Coalition PIO
Blue Ribbon Edition FWD
Blue Steele RMD
Blue Yonder EVG
Blueprint JAD
Blueshift JAD
Board of Directors NED
Board of Directors, The EVG
Boardmen, The JAD
Boardwalk SUN
Boardwalk DIX
Boat Shoes NED
bob and weave SLD
Bob's 'Yer Uncle ONT
BobGeorgeOlogy PIO
BobJohnOlogy PIO
Bodacious RMD
Boiling Point RMD
boiseBlend EVG
Bojonson Quartette, The SWD
Bojonson Trio SWD
Bold Venture CAR
Bons Vivants, The EVG
Bonus Track ONT
Bonus Track SWD
Boo-Yah! DIX
Bookends RMD
Boom! SLD
Boom! Shakalaka ILL
Boom-A-Ring SUN
Boomers CSD
BoomTown CSD
BoomTown RMD
BoomTown ILL
Boon Brothers EVG
Boon Brothers, The EVG
Bootleg PIO
Bootlegg PIO
Bootlegg PIO
Border Boyz PIO
Border Boyz EVG
Border Crossing PIO
Border Patrol SLD
Border Patrol ONT
Borrowed Time CAR
Borrowed Time SWD
Boston Royale NED
Bottom Line, The LOL
Bottom Line, The CSD
Bottom Line, The NED
Boulevard CSD
Bound 4 Sound SUN
Boundary Line CAR
Bourbon Street NED
Boys Next Door, The SWD
Boyz Of Spring SWD
Brand New Day MAD
Brand New Day SWD
Brand New Day SWD
Brand New Gang NED
Brand New Gang CAR
Brand New Gang PIO
Brannigan FWD
Brass Monkey ONT
Brass Rail RMD
Brass Ring RMD
Brass Ring FWD
Bravada JAD
Bravado MAD
Bravo JAD
Bravo JAD
Bravo! SLD
Break Out NSC
Break Time PIO
Break Time ILL
Breakaway NED
Breaking News RMD
Breaking News LOL
Breaking Point EVG
Breakout SLD
BreakPoint LOL
Breakthrough JAD
Breakthrough CAR
Breezeway RMD
Bremen Town Musicians, The SWD
Brew City Buzz LOL
Brewhouse FWD
Brews Brothers MAD
Brews Brothers EVG
Brick Street DIX
Brickyard Boys CAR
Brief Encounter EVG
Brigade Rally SWD
Brigade, The SWD
Brigadeers PIO
Bright Lights PIO
Bring It Home ONT
Broadcast FWD
Broadway FWD
Brooklyn Serenade MAD
Brooks Brothers ILL
Brotherhood PIO
Brothers By Choice LOL
Brothers in Arms MAD
Brothers In Arms MAD
Brown & Sons Quartet RMD
Bubba SWD
Bubba Gump Chord Company DIX
Buck Thirty-Nine FWD
Bucket List PIO
Buckeye Blend JAD
BuckleUP! CSD
BuddaBoomBuddaBing ONT
Buffalo Blend SLD
Buffalo Chips CSD
Bulk Male JAD
Bull River Road RMD
Bull's-Eye JAD
Bullseye NED
Bumps, The PIO
Bungee Chords, The DIX
Burke Street Boyz CAR
Burning River Four JAD
Buskers MAD
Bustin' Loose JAD
Butter SLD
Buzz, The CSD
Buzz, The JAD
By Appointment
By Appointment Only ONT
By Choice ONT
By Design ONT
By Design PIO
By Design SWD
By Popular Demand ILL
By Request EVG
By Storm NED
C Breeze SUN
Cabaret LOL
Cabin Fever MAD
Cactus Jack SWD
Cadence CSD
Cadence ILL
Cadillac Jack JAD
Cahoots MAD
Cali4nia FWD
California Crossroads FWD
California Crossroads FWD
California Crossroads FWD
California-Forte FWD
Call Street CSD
Calliope MAD
Camaraderie PIO
Cambridge Blues INT
Camden Yards CSD
Camelot SLD
Cameo MAD
CanAm Connection EVG
Candlelight Lane CAR
Cannon Valley Connection LOL
Canoga Landing SLD
Canyon Breeze RMD
Capital Blend ONT
Capital Chord Factory MAD
Capital City Reunion SWD
Capital Sound CSD
Capital Venture ONT
Capitol Collection ILL
Capitol Conspiracy ILL
Capstone SWD
Capt'n Billy's Whizbang MAD
Captain's Chorders MAD
Carbon Copy CSD
Cardiac Kids ONT
Cardinal Blend CAR
Carefree SUN
Carefree SUN
Carefree Highway FWD
Carolina Chord Company NSC
Carolina Moonshine NSC
Carolina Quadraphonic DIX
Carolina Quadraphonic NSC
Carolina Sundown DIX
Carte Blanche ONT
Carte Blanche PIO
Cartel SWD
Cartunes ILL
Casablanca ONT
Cascade ONT
Cascade Four EVG
Casino MAD
Casual Day DIX
Catalyst CSD
Catch 22 MAD
Catch of the Day SUN
Catch of the Day SUN
Catch-22 ILL
Catcher Block FWD
Category 4 SUN
Category 4 RMD
Catfish Bend JAD
Caught In The Act NED
Cavaliers, The NED
Cavaliers, The CSD
Cavendish Square NED
CD Collection, The JAD
Celebrate! ILL
Celebration ONT
Celebration CSD
Celebration FWD
Center Court FWD
Centerpiece JAD
Centerpiece SWD
Central Oregon Soundwave EVG
Central Statesmen, The CSD
Centralaires, The SWD
Centre Street EVG
Chain Gang CAR
Chain Reaction MAD
Chairman's Choice MAD
Chairmen Of The Board JAD
Chairmen Of The Boards JAD
Chairmen of the Chord SWD
Chairmen of the Chords CAR
Chameleon ONT
Change of Pace SLD
Change Of Pace LOL
Change Up NED
Change Up SUN
Changing Times CAR
Chapter 4 DIX
Chapter 4 EVG
Chapter Four MAD
Chapter Two NSC
Charlie Rose Memorial Four, The DIX
CharlieBudOlogy PIO
Charlies Angels SLD
Chase, The CAR
Checkered Flag Four SLD
Checkmate EVG
Checkmate FWD
Checkmate JAD
Checkmate LOL
Checkpointe RMD
Cheerful Earful LOL
Cheers NED
Cheers! ILL
Cheery-O's, The LOL
Cheeze EVG
Chesapeake Junction MAD
Chesapeake Sound MAD
Chessy System JAD
Chi-Tones, The ILL
Chicago Nights ILL
Chicago Shuffle ILL
Chicago Style ILL
Chicago Style Hot Dogs ILL
Chicago Swing ILL
Chicago Times ILL
Chili Pipers, The RMD
Chill Factor LOL
Chinook Country EVG
Chips LOL
Chips & Salsa RMD
Choices LOL
Choir Boys, The CSD
Chord Authority SUN
Chord Brewing Company JAD
Chord Collectors ILL
Chord Crafters DIX
Chord Jesters LOL
Chord Jesters EVG
Chord Kings CSD
Chord Motor Company PIO
Chord Of Appeal DIX
Chord Of Honor EVG
Chord on Blue MAD
Chord on Blue NSC
Chord Order PIO
Chord Sellers ILL
Chord Sharks LOL
Chord Sharks JAD
Chord Sharks NED
Chord Street Station DIX
Chord Weavers RMD
Chord Xports CAR
Chord-ially Yours NED
Chord-N-Aires CAR
Chord-N-Nation ILL
ChordBurst SUN
Chordcraft EVG
Chorder Finals SLD
Chorder-Pounders SLD
Chorderly Report RMD
Chordhouse Squares FWD
Chordhouse Steps MAD
Chordiac Arrest ILL
Chordial Celebration RMD
Chordial Company DIX
Chordial Exchange INT
Chordial Four SUN
Chordial Invitation NED
Chordial Invitation sun
Chordial Invitation NED
Chordiality NED
Chordially Yours JAD
Chordially Yours NED
Chordination CSD
Chordiology PIO
Chordmasters ILL
Chordmeisters PIO
Chordplay ILL
ChordPlay NED
Chordplay SWD
Chordruplets SUN
Chords Gone Wild FWD
Chords of Spruce EVG
Chords R-Us ILL
Chordsmen, The PIO
Chordtime CSD
Chorduroy SLD
ChordWorx MAD
Chordz-A-Poppin' FWD
Chosen PHEW, The PIO
Chris Bateson Experience, The CAR
Chromatically Correct EVG
Chromatics JAD
Chromatics, The ONT
Chronicle ILL
ChuckZakOlogy PIO
Cigar City Four SUN
Cincinnati Pops JAD
Cincinnatians, The JAD
Circle of Friends ILL
City Boys, The FWD
City Cafe House Band DIX
City Lights ONT
City Limits CAR
City Limits SWD
City Market DIX
City Slickers MAD
City Transfer CAR
CityLights ONT
CityLights ONT
CityLights ONT
cityScape DIX
Class Act MAD
Class Act EVG
Class Action MAD
Class Dismissed SUN
Class Menagerie CAR
Class of '79 LOL
Class Of '94 DIX
Class Project EVG
Class Reunion PIO
Class Ring RMD
Class Ring JAD
Classic JAD
Classic Act CSD
Classic Choice SLD
Classic Edition FWD
Classic Edition CSD
Classic Edition ILL
Classic Fit PIO
Classic Four ONT
Classic Harmony DIX
Classic Intervals ILL
Classic Intervals ILL
Classic Intervals CAR
Classic Rendition FWD
Classic Revue CSD
Classic Selection FWD
Classic Sound LOL
Classic Touch SLD
Classical Gas SWD
Classics, The DIX
Classics, The EVG
Clean Cut SUN
Clean Slate JAD
Clear Choice NED
Clear Choice JAD
Clef Hangers of Hanover NED
Clef Notes CSD
Cleftomaniacs MAD
Cleftomaniacs, The MAD
Cleveland Flats JAD
Cliche MAD
Click! SUN
Clockwork RMD
Close Encounter EVG
Close Encounters of the Seventh Kind NED
Close Harmony RMD
Club Ned NED
Club West FWD
Club, The FWD
Clubhouse Rules NED
Clutch SWD
Coal Creek Connection EVG
Coastal Carolina Casual Chordsmen DIX
Cobalt FWD
Cobblestone DIX
Coda EVG
Coda Honor PIO
Code Blue EVG
Coeur d'nation EVG
Cohesion MAD
Cohorts ILL
ColdSnap SLD
Coles County Connection ILL
Collage NSC
Collective, The CAR
Collector's Edition DIX
Collectors Edition DIX
Colorado Chord Mining Company RMD
Colorado Gold RMD
Colorado Knights RMD
Columbus HS Mem. KVU CAR
Columbus North High School Memorial Kentucky Vocal CAR
Columbus North High School Memorial Kentucky Vocal CAR
Columbus North HS Memorial KVU Pick-Up BSQ, The CAR
Comfort Zone ONT
Comin' Clean CAR
Command Performance CSD
Command Performance RMD
Committee, The ILL
Common Bond JAD
Common Bond FWD
Common Bond SUN
Common Cents EVG
Common Core JAD
Common Ground ILL
Common Interest ONT
Common Knowledge ONT
Common Market CAR
Common Thread NED
Common Time DIX
Completely Youthless SLD
Composition 4 FWD
Compound Sound DIX
Con Men, The JAD
Con-Chorde SWD
Conchordance FWD
Conchordant SUN
Conchords, The CSD
Concord eXpress NED
Congress Square NED
ConnChords NED
Connect 4 LOL
Connect Four CSD
Connect Four CSD
Connection, The CAR
Conquistachords RMD
Conspiracy ONT
Conspire SLD
Contagious ONT
Contemporary Sound SWD
Continental Divide RMD
Continental Square MAD
Continental-Chord-Company RMD
Contingency Plan DIX
Continuum RMD
Contraband EVG
Contractual Obligation SUN
Convergence RMD
Convertibles ILL
Cool Street LOL
Cooligans SWD
Coon Creek Connection RMD
Cooper Street SWD
Cooper Street SWD
Copeland Road DIX
Copper Tones RMD
Copyright SUN
Core, The JAD
Corner Pocket SWD
Cornerstone JAD
Cornerstone SLD
Cornerstone EVG
Cornerstone RMD
Cosmopolitan ILL
Cougar Babies EVG
Countdown FWD
Countdown SWD
Counter Measures SWD
Counter Point LOL
Counterpoint EVG
CounterPoint LOL
Counterpoint DIX
Counterpoint FWD
Country Squires EVG
County Connection PIO
County Line SWD
County Line, The ILL
County Road Four PIO
County Sound ILL
Coup De Ville PIO
Court of Appeal NSC
Coyote Chords RMD
CR Reunion LOL
Cranial Cabbage LOL
Crazy Rhythm RMD
Crazy Rhythm CSD
Cream City Chord Crankers LOL
Crescendo DIX
Crescendo SLD
Crescendo PIO
Crew, The RMD
Crew, The JAD
Crimson Chords CSD
Crimson Chords CSD
Crimson Pride DIX
Crimsonaires DIX
Critical Bridge ILL
Critics' Choice EVG
Croix Four LOL
Cross County Chordsmen JAD
Crossfire INT
Crossfire PIO
Crossfire CAR
Crossover SWD
Crossroads CSD
Crossroads MAD
Crosstown Alliance LOL
Crosstown Connection ILL
Crosstown Connection SUN
Crosstown Edition SWD
Crosstown Express SUN
Crosstown Merger LOL
Crosstown Revue LOL
Crosstown Sound ILL
Crosstown Sound CAR
Crosstown Sound CAR
Crowning Touch MAD
Cruise Control ILL
Cruise Control JAD
Cruisin' MAD
Crunch Time MAD
Crush, The FWD
Crystal Clarity CAR
Cuba Landing DIX
Cultofour ONT
Culture Shock ONT
Curbstone ONT
Curtain Call FWD
Curtain Call NED
Custom Blend LOL
Custom Blend NED
Cutting Edge CAR
Cutting Edge, The ILL
Cutting Edge, The JAD
Cutting Edge, The ONT
CyberSounds MAD
Da Capo MAD
Dad Wagon DIX
Dad's Design ONT
Dad's Night Out CAR
Daddy-Ohs!, The CAR
Dads and Lads ILL
Dads-N'-Lads JAD
Dakota Blend LOL
Dakota Chordsmen LOL
Dakota West RMD
Dallas Blend SWD
Dallas Knights SWD
Dallas Knights~ SWD
Danger Zone JAD
Dapper Dudes CAR
Dark Horse DIX
Darlington Brothers, The JAD
Das Rheingold LOL
Dave & Company SWD
Dawn EVG
Daybreak RMD
Daydreamers JAD
Days Gone By SWD
Daytime DIX
Dazzle! FWD
Deadlocked CSD
Deal, The CAR
Dean's List, The EVG
Debonaire NSC
Debonaire SLD
Debonaires, The FWD
Debonaires, The RMD
Debut DIX
Decades DIX
Define Four SUN
Delco Connection MAD
Delivery Boys, The RMD
Delta Dons, The FWD
Den of Antiquity SLD
Denim SLD
Denver City Limits RMD
Dependents, The RMD
Derbytown Sound JAD
Desert Rose Quartet RMD
Desert Sounds RMD
Desperado JAD
Desperate Measures MAD
Destination CSD
Destiny SLD
Destiny! NED
Detour MAD
Detroit Sound Co., The PIO
Detroit Sound Machine PIO
Dewey, Singum, and Howe SUN
Dexter's Alibi SWD
Diamond MAD
Diamond Ringers JAD
Diamond State Four MAD
Diamond Studs MAD
Different Frequencies DIX
Dignitaries DIX
Diligence CSD
Dime Store Harmony DIX
Diminished 4th CSD
Diminished Capacity ILL
Din of Antiquity SWD
Dinner on Thursday DIX
DinoChords DIX
Diphthongs, The ONT
Diplomats LOL
Direct Effect CAR
Direct Hit MAD
Direct Hit! FWD
Direct Voltage CSD
Director's Cut SLD
Directors Cut CSD
Directory Assistance CSD
Dischordia DIX
Discovery ONT
Distance, The ONT
Distinction MAD
Distinction RMD
Diverse City DIX
Diversion JAD
Dixie Sunrise DIX
DJ's, The NED
Do what now? EVG
Doc Holiday MAD
Dockside Harmony MAD
Dogs Without Leashes CSD
Dominant Prep CSD
Dominant Seventh CSD
Dominion 4 MAD
Domino Effect JAD
Don't Get Me Started! EVG
Don't Tell Mom FWD
Done Deal SUN
Doo Dah Daddies CSD
Doppler Effect NSC
Doppler Effect DIX
Double Attraction FWD
Double Deuce EVG
Double Down LOL
Double Down JAD
Double Down CAR
Double Duty SUN
Double Nickel Vocal Band JAD
Double O Four PIO
Double Standard CSD
Double Take CSD
Double Take SWD
Double Take ONT
Double Windsor MAD
Doubled Roots EVG
Dover Boys NED
Down a Fourth! MAD
Down Beat NED
Down Home NED
Downstate Express LOL
Downtown MAD
Downtown Crossing NED
Downtown Gazebo MAD
Drastic Measures CSD
Draw Four RMD
Draw Four CSD
Dreamers, The NED
Drew Grindley DIX
Drive Time JAD
Drive Time ILL
Drivers, The CSD
Droids You Are Looking For, The EVG
Dry Heat FWD
Due South DIX
Duly Noted MAD
Duly Noted CAR
Dutch Masters, The NED
Dynamics JAD
Dynamix FWD
Dynamix SWD
Dynamix ONT
Dynamo Dukes, The SWD
Dynasty NED
E Ticket JAD
E-Male CSD
E.I.B. Quartet CSD
Earlier Days SLD
Early Vintage FWD
Early Vintage FWD
East Side Boys SWD
East Side Harmony LOL
East Town Sound SLD
Eastenders ONT
Eastern Standard Time NED
Eastsiders FWD
Easy Aces, The CSD
Easy Choice MAD
Easy Company SWD
Easy Days LOL
Easy Does It INT
Easy Listenin' LOL
Easy Livin NSC
Easy Reach NED
Easy Sound SLD
Easy Street SLD
Easy Street SUN
Ebb N' Flow PIO
Ebb Tide JAD
Echelon CSD
Echo Junction RMD
Echo Lane ILL
Echo River CAR
Echos SUN
Eclipse JAD
Eclipse JAD
Eclipse DIX
Economies of Scale ILL
Edge Of Texas, The SWD
Edge, The FWD
Edge, The SLD
Edge, The EVG
Edge, The CAR
Edge, The LOL
Edwinton City Council LOL
Eight Feet Under SLD
El Top-O Ramen EVG
Elder Chordsmen SUN
Elder Chordsmen DIX
Elder Road CAR
Elder Statesmen CSD
Elder-Bari Whine SWD
Elderly Brothers NED
Elderly Brothers, The SLD
Electric Chords MAD
Elements of Sound ONT
Elements, The RMD
Elevation RMD
Eleventh Hour RMD
Elusive Four SLD
emaNoN CSD
Emerald SWD
Emerald City Four EVG
Emerald Guard, The INT
Emeritus JAD
Empire State Quartet SLD
enaginanehS SUN
Encore JAD
Encore SUN
Encore ONT
Encore EVG
Encore MAD
Encore! MAD
Endangered Species EVG
Endangered Species SUN
Endeavor SWD
Endeavor PIO
Endeavor ONT
Endeavor SUN
Enez-getics JAD
Engage LOL
Entertainers, The MAD
Entourage SWD
Entourage FWD
Entourage RMD
Entourage JAD
Envoy SUN
Epic Fail DIX
Equally Delinquent RMD
Equilibrium JAD
Equinox SUN
Equinox FWD
Escalade LOL
Escapade MAD
Escapade JAD
Escapade MAD
Escapade JAD
Escapades LOL
Escape! CSD
Esprit de Chord SUN
Esquires, The LOL
Essentials, The SWD
Essex County 4, The NED
Establishment, The SWD
Et Cetera SWD
Eureka! SWD
Eureka! INT
Even Grumpier Old Men SWD
Evenin Gentlemen PIO
Evening Edition JAD
Evening Shade CAR
Everglades SUN
Evergreen NSC
Everything's Jake DIX
Evolution INT
Ex Animo CSD
Excalibur LOL
Excelsior SLD
Exchange Street NED
Exchange, The CAR
Exchequer SLD
Exclamation! SWD
Excursion MAD
Executive Order RMD
Executive Session SWD
Executives, The EVG
Exit 16 SLD
Exit 190 ILL
Exit Only CSD
Exit Strategy CSD
Exit Three Fifty Three CSD
Expanded Sound ILL
Expedia FWD
Expedition LOL
Experience LTD LOL
Express LOL
Express Four EVG
Express Train DIX
Expression Of Harmony NED
Expressions CAR
Extended Play LOL
Extended Warranties NED
Extended Warranty ONT
Extension Chords, The RMD
Extra Measure MAD
Extra! Extra! EVG
Extreme Measures ILL
Eye Candy DIX
EZ Money MAD
Fabulous 50's RMD
Faces 4 Radio MAD
Facetones, The MAD
Fahrenheit JAD
Fall Guys, The SLD
Fall Guys, The SLD
Fallacy ONT
Fallcreek LOL
Fame and Fortune JAD
Familiar Sounds MAD
Family & Friends EVG
Family 'N Friends LOL
Family Affair MAD
Family Feud LOL
Family Reunion SUN
Family Ties LOL
Family Tradition SWD
Family Tradition SWD
Family Tradition RMD
Family Voice, The LOL
Family Voice, The LOL
Fancy That! ONT
Fanfare EVG
Fanfare MAD
Far Flung Four CSD
Far Horizons SLD
Far Shore Four EVG
Fascinatin' Rhythm ILL
Fascinatin' Rhythm FWD
Fascination EVG
Fascination CSD
Fast Break CAR
Fast Company ONT
Fast Company LOL
Fast Track NED
Fast Track EVG
Fastlane RMD
Fastrac FWD
Father 'N Son Reunion ILL
Father Like Son NED
Fatherly Advice EVG
Faulty Wiring ONT
Faux Arts Trio MAD
Fayette-Tones NSC
Feelin' Fine ONT
Fellowship SLD
Fellowship of the Ring EVG
Fellowship of the Ring SLD
Fergie Dawson and the Harmony ILL
Fergie Dawson and the Harmony Hounds ILL
Fermata SUN
Fermata PIO
Fermata D'Aria ILL
Fermata Nowhere FWD
Fermata Nowhere PIO
Fermata Nowhere LOL
Fermata Town JAD
Fever Pitch CSD
Fever Pitch SLD
Fiddleheads NED
Fifth Amendment LOL
Fifth Dimension NED
Figaro INT
Fight 4 Will SUN
Final AChord ILL
Final Countdown INT
Final Countdown NSC
Final Cut CSD
Final Four ILL
Final Measure, The SLD
Final Note SWD
Finale CSD
Finale FWD
Finally Four SWD
Finders Keepers RMD
Fine and Dandies, The DIX
Fine Mesh DIX
Finger Lakes Chord Authority SLD
Finish Line CAR
Finishing Touch SLD
Finishing Touch RMD
Finishing Touch, The EVG
Fired Up! ILL
Firehall Four ONT
Fireside SLD
Fireside NED
Fireside Harmony SLD
Fireworks! JAD
Firm, The MAD
First Choice RMD
First Choice EVG
First Impression MAD
First Light RMD
First Strike FWD
First Take JAD
First Verse CAR
Five 'n Dime DIX
Five Is Right Out CSD
Fixx, The ONT
Fixx, The CAR
Flash Point FWD
Flash Point MAD
Flashback SUN
Flashback SWD
Flashback FWD
Flashchords ILL
Flashpoint EVG
Flashpoint RMD
Flashpoint CAR
Flat Out ONT
Flatiron Four MAD
Flatlanders ILL
Fleet Street CSD
Flightline FWD
Flint River Flats DIX
Flipside EVG
Florida Forum SUN
Flower City Express SLD
Floyd's MAD
Folklore ONT
Fools' Gold PIO
Foothill Songsters FWD
Foothills Connection DIX
Footlighters NED
Footloose NED
For Paul's Sake! ONT
For The Fun Of It FWD
For The Fun Of It NED
For The Love of Pete ONT
For The Moment ILL
For the Times MAD
For-tified Four ONT
Fore Over Par EVG
Forecast MAD
Forefront CSD
Forefront ILL
Forefront CAR
Foreign Agreement SLD
Foremost SUN
Foreshadow CAR
Forever Endeavor JAD
Forever Four ILL
Forever Yours MAD
Forget Me Notes ILL
Forget Me Notes ILL
Forget Me Notes INT
Forgottonians ILL
Formatix ONT
Formerly POPS SLD
Fort Sumter Tag Company DIX
Forte ILL
Forte Plus CAR
Forte Plus ONT
Forte` JAD
Fortissimo SUN
Fortress SLD
Fortunairs, The INT
Fortune Smiles PIO
Forum, The SWD
Forward Motion ONT
Forward Motion SLD
Fossil Fuel EVG
Foundation RMD
Fountain Street Four PIO
Four 'til Midnight SUN
Four Accidentals DIX
Four Aces MAD
Four After Midnight MAD
Four All Intents and Purposes RMD
Four At A Time CAR
Four Bass Hit DIX
Four Brothers SWD
Four Chord Press SLD
Four Chordsmen of the Apocalypse, The EVG
Four Chordsmen, The JAD
Four Counts SLD
Four Decades PIO
Four Ever Yours PIO
Four Evermore LOL
Four Eversharps LOL
Four Example SUN
Four Eyes CAR
Four Factor SLD
Four Falls Fellows CSD
Four Fifteen FWD
Four Flights Up FWD
Four for a Dollar SLD
Four For Fun ILL
Four For The Price CAR
Four From Home NED
Four From Home CSD
Four Good Reasons NED
Four Got To Shave PIO
Four Grand DIX
Four Grand PIO
Four Guys DIX
Four Guys With Ties JAD
Four Heaven's Sake FWD
Four Hire CAR
Four Hoarse Men, The ONT
Four In A Million SWD
Four In Legion SWD
Four in the Morning LOL
Four Is Enough EVG
Four Karat Gold MAD
Four Keeps RMD
Four Kingsmen CSD
Four Knights Standing NSC
Four Man Fishin' Tackle Choir PIO
Four Man Fishin' Tackle Choir PIO
Four Men Only CAR
Four More DIX
Four More Guys SUN
Four Note Trump PIO
Four O'Clock Sharp ILL
Four of a Kind ONT
Four of Diamonds, The SLD
Four Of Hearts FWD
Four Of Us SWD
Four Olde Times Sake LOL
Four on the Floor FWD
Four On The Shore MAD
Four Part Digital Surround Sound PIO
Four Part Digital Surround Sound PIO
Four Parts West(S) FWD
Four Past Midnight SLD
Four Real SLD
Four Really Serious Guys CAR
Four Score LOL
Four Score And More PIO
Four Sight SLD
Four Star JAD
Four The Good Times EVG
Four The Moment SWD
Four The Moment LOL
Four the record JAD
Four The Record MAD
Four the Record DIX
Four the Record CSD
Four TRAK Sound MAD
Four Tune Nuts, The ILL
Four Voices DIX
Four Warm Bodies RMD
Four Way Street EVG
Four Weeks LOL
Four Wheel Drive LOL
Four Wheel Drive PIO
Four Winds JAD
Four Your Pleasure CAR
Four-Ever Young CSD
Four-in-Exchange NSC
Four-Point On CSD
Four-tuitous DIX
Four-Tune Hunters NSC
Fourcast EVG
Fource, The MAD
Fource, The CAR
FourEvergreen EVG
Fourmata CSD
Fourmost SWD
Fourmost EVG
Fourmost Four, The CSD
Fours of Habit ONT
Fourte INT
Fourth Quarter SUN
Fourth St. DIX
Fourtran SLD
Fourtunates ILL
Fourtune Hunters, The FWD
FourTune Seekers FWD
Fox River Ramblers LOL
Fox Sounds ILL
Fox Valley Four LOL
Franchise, The JAD
Frank The Dog MAD
Frantics, The ONT
Fraser Valley Sound EVG
Fraternity SLD
Fraternity PIO
Fred Heads DIX
Free Agents, The EVG
Free and Easy DIX
Free Form SLD
Free State 4 MAD
Free Trade Agreement MAD
Free Wheeling EVG
Freefall CSD
FreeLancers MAD
Freestyle FWD
Freestyle SUN
Freeway LOL
Fremont Street Experience FWD
French Creek Connection SLD
Frenzamine CAR
Frequency FWD
Frequency FWD
Frequency DIX
Frequency813 SUN
Friday At Omalleys MAD
Friday Matinee FWD
Friday Night Lights ONT
FridayAtOmalleys MAD
Friendly Advice EVG
Friends and Relatives JAD
Friends In Harmony SWD
Friends Of Old JAD
From The Heart CSD
From The Top FWD
Front Four, The LOL
Front Line, The FWD
Front Page DIX
Front Page News LOL
Front Page News FWD
Front Porch Harmony LOL
Front Row Center DIX
Front Stage CSD
Front Stage CSD
Frontier PIO
Frontier ONT
Frontline EVG
Frozen Pipes, The EVG
Fuego SUN
Full Chord Express LOL
Full Chord Press PIO
Full Chord Press LOL
Full Circle CSD
Full Circle SLD
Full Effect CSD
Full Effect MAD
Full Speed Ahead SUN
Full Throttle PIO
Full Throttle SLD
Full Tilt JAD
Full Tilt MAD
Fun Time Four SUN
Fun-addicts JAD
Fun-Liners, The SUN
Fundamentally Sound PIO
Funky Fermata RMD
Fuse SUN
Fusion MAD
Fusion SLD
Fusion ONT
Future Four, The MAD
Fuzzy Logic FWD
G Men, The SUN
Gabriel's Horn NED
Gadabouts RMD
Gadzooks ILL
Gagtime CSD
Gallery PIO
Gambit LOL
Gambit ILL
Gambit EVG
Game Day NED
Game On FWD
Gamechangers, The RMD
Ganaraska Rascals ONT
Gangbusters! ILL
Gangbusters! SWD
Gap, The ONT
Garden City Sound INT
Gaslight Four EVG
Gasoline Alley CAR
Gateway JAD
Gateway City Four EVG
Gateway Edition ILL
Gatorland SUN
Gatsby JAD
Gay Nineties Quartet LOL
Geeks' Quad FWD
Geezer Q SLD
Gemini CAR
Gen Gap FWD
Generation Gap EVG
Generation Gap DIX
Generations FWD
Generations CSD
Generations DIX
Generations Apart MAD
Generations Apart MAD
Generations of Harmony PIO
Genesee Express SLD
Genesee Junction SLD
Genesis SWD
Genesis JAD
Genesis CSD
Genetic Blend FWD
Genetic Harmony RMD
Genetic Sounds DIX
Genetix SUN
Genetix LOL
Geneva LOL
Geneva Convention, The SLD
Gent's Nite Out MAD
Gentlemen Four CSD
Gentlemen From Georgia DIX
Gentlemen Of Note CSD
Gentlemen Songsters EVG
Gentlemen's Blend MAD
Gentlemen's Choice SWD
Gentlemen's Chorderly FWD
Gentlemen's Chorderly CSD
Gently Aged ONT
Genuine Antiques CAR
Genuine Article, The SUN
Genuine Blend PIO
Genuine Craft ILL
GeorgeGeorgeOlogy PIO
Georgia Timbre DIX
Geri-Atrix SWD
Get Sharp! NED
Getaway SUN
Getaway LOL
Gilded Edge SLD
Gilt Edge INT
Gimme Four MAD
Glee Club Riot EVG
Glen Arven Avenue DIX
Global Affect SLD
Glory Days SWD
Go 4 It! PIO
Go Figure! CAR
Go Fish! FWD
Go For Broke FWD
Goin' Places SWD
Gold Rush ONT
Gold Rush SLD
Gold Rush LOL
Gold Rush RMD
Gold Standard SWD
Golden Boys ILL
Golden Oldies SWD
Golden Opportunity EVG
Golden Ring DIX
Gondolaires MAD
Gone Fishin' CSD
Gone South FWD
Good 'Nuff EVG
Good 2 Go JAD
Good As Gold RMD
Good Call SLD
Good Company JAD
Good Fellows ILL
Good Fortune LOL
Good Fourtune LOL
Good Fourtune FWD
Good Guys, The ILL
Good Guys, The FWD
Good Life, The CAR
Good Luck Charm CAR
Good Old Days, The MAD
Good Time Harmony FWD
Good Time River Crew FWD
Good Time Singers DIX
Good Times MAD
Good Times! FWD
Good Timing CAR
Good Vibrations ONT
Good Vibrations CSD
Good, Bad and Bari, The CAR
Good-Time Sound NED
Goodfellas LOL
Gospel Silvertones ONT
Gotcha! FWD
Gotta Wear Shades FWD
Grampa's Pride FWD
Gramps and the Scamps CSD
Grand Avenue LOL
Grand Central DIX
Grand Central MAD
Grand Design LOL
Grand Entrance CAR
Grand Experiment, The LOL
Grand Larceny ILL
Grand Prix PIO
Grand River Serenade PIO
Grand Slam ILL
Grand Travelers, The PIO
Grandfather's Clock ILL
Grandma's Boyfriends NED
Grandpa SWD
Grandpas' Boy CAR
Grandstand CSD
Grandstand NSC
Gravity Tractor SUN
Gray Matters PIO
Gray Matters JAD
Gray Pride FWD
Graytones ONT
Great American Sound Company, The FWD
Great American Sound Machine DIX
Great Expectations NED
Great Expectations FWD
Great Nashville Singout, The DIX
Great Stage Robbery, The SWD
Great Western Timbre Co. SUN
Great Western Timbre Co. FWD
Green Mountain Boys NED
Green Street Harmony CAR
Greenridge Musical KaPeR ILL
Greenwich Av MAD
GregPaulOlogy PIO
Gridlock DIX
Griffin Road Singers SLD
Grinnin' Tonics RMD
Group Formerly Known As Prince, William Sound, The EVG
Group Formerly Known as Prince, William Sound, The EVG
Group Therapy EVG
Grumpy Old Men SWD
Gulf Coasters SUN
Gumbeaux Gold SWD
Gusto EVG
Guyer Boys, The CAR
Guys 'R' Us SWD
Guys Night Out NED
Guys Night Out CSD
Gym Class ILL
Habitat 4 Harmony CSD
Hair 'n Gone EVG
Half JAD
Half & Half MAD
Half-Ton Pickup SLD
Hall & Oonks PIO
Hallmark ONT
Hals 'N Pals MAD
Ham 'N Wry LOL
Hampton Rogues MAD
Handel With Care ONT
Handsome Daredevils, The SUN
Handsome Reward MAD
Hanfris INT
Hanfris Quartet, The INT
Hang Out RMD
Hang Time MAD
Hangin' By A Chord RMD
Hangtime RMD
Hangtime SLD
Happenstance SUN
Happiness Shared NED
Happy Days LOL
Happy Daze SUN
Happy Hour SUN
Happy Hour ILL
Happy Our PIO
Happy To Be Here NED
Happy With Anything PIO
Harbor City Music Company MAD
Harbor Knights SUN
Harbor Knights SUN
Harbour Lights ONT
Hardly Boys, The NSC
Harlequin LOL
Harmadillos, The FWD
Harmaniacs JAD
Harminators ILL
Harmon-E-Town CAR
Harmonic Balance DIX
Harmonic Boomers CAR
Harmonic Drive LOL
Harmonic Engineers SWD
Harmonic Inflection NED
Harmonic Motion JAD
Harmonic Plague DIX
Harmonic Seasoning SLD
Harmonic Tremors EVG
Harmonics, The DIX
Harmonikats RMD
Harmonious Accord EVG
Harmonious Hunks SUN
Harmonious Shenanigans PIO
Harmonistix, The NED
Harmonium JAD
Harmonium CSD
Harmonix SLD
Harmonizin CAR
Harmonology SWD
Harmony LOL
Harmony 101 FWD
Harmony Accord EVG
Harmony Accord RMD
Harmony Agents FWD
Harmony At Ease ILL
Harmony Avenue RMD
Harmony Bay SUN
Harmony Boulevard CSD
Harmony Brewing NSC
Harmony Brokers JAD
Harmony Brokers JAD
Harmony Brothers CSD
Harmony Coalition CSD
Harmony Construct Co. DIX
Harmony Exchange ILL
Harmony Excursion MAD
Harmony Expo RMD
Harmony Express DIX
Harmony Fare SLD
Harmony Forum LOL
Harmony Grits NSC
Harmony Guaranteed ILL
Harmony Happens DIX
Harmony Harvest CAR
Harmony Heritage SLD
Harmony Highway ILL
Harmony Hill Four NED
Harmony Hounds PIO
Harmony Junction SLD
Harmony Knights EVG
Harmony Lane FWD
Harmony Lane ILL
Harmony On Tap SLD
Harmony Online SLD
Harmony Production Co SLD
Harmony Production Company SLD
Harmony Quest FWD
Harmony Reunion MAD
Harmony Road PIO
Harmony RX RMD
Harmony Shop SUN
Harmony Shoppe, The EVG
Harmony Street JAD
Harmony Supply Company MAD
Harmony Tag Team Champs DIX
Harmony Tag Team Champs DIX
Harmony Transfer PIO
Harmony's Inn LOL
Harmonytown CAR
HarmonyWorks LOL
Harvest CAR
HashTag SWD
Haverford, Foursdmen, The MAD
Hawaiian Punch FWD
Hawk-I-Chord Company CSD
Hazardous Moving Parts NSC
Hearsay MAD
Heart Beat JAD
Heart's Accord NED
Heart-n-Soul CSD
Heartbeat ONT
Heartland CSD
Heartland Chord Co CSD
Heartland Express ILL
Heartland Harmony ILL
Heartland River Boys CSD
Heartland Vocal Band CSD
Heartlight SUN
Hearts of Gold DIX
Hearts of Gold SWD
Heartsong DIX
Heartwave SWD
Heat Wave JAD
HeatWave SUN
Heatwave FWD
HeatWave CAR
Heavenly Daze CAR
Heet, The ONT
Heirloom FWD
Heirloom EVG
Hello Again DIX
Help Wanted EVG
Hemidemisemiquaver DIX
Hemisphere NSC
Hepcat Social Club, The MAD
Herald Square SUN
Here & Now! JAD
Here We Go Again MAD
Here's Lookin' At You Kid ONT
Herecumdajudges INT
Heritage CAR
Heritage Square SWD
Heritage Station CAR
Hershey Transit Co. MAD
Hi Fidelity LOL
Hi Hats INT
Hi-Fidelity FWD
Hi-Way Harmony RMD
High Average JAD
High Bid PIO
High Caliber FWD
High Cotton SWD
High Definition NED
High Definition CSD
High Demand SWD
High Desert RMD
High Esteem LOL
High Falls Harmony SLD
High Five FWD
High Five EVG
High Fives, The DIX
High Gravity DIX
High Hopes SLD
High Life MAD
High Life LOL
High Life, The SLD
High Mileage JAD
High Mileage CSD
High Octane PIO
High Plains Harmony SWD
High Point EVG
High Priority FWD
High Rez LOL
High Rise DIX
High School Reunion ILL
High Stakes ONT
High Street JAD
High Tide SUN
High Tide SUN
High Tide SUN
High Tide DIX
High Time ONT
High Voltage NED
Higher Ground CSD
Higher Ground RMD
Highland Drive RMD
Highland Express CAR
Highlife EVG
Highlight DIX
Highlight FWD
Highlights SWD
Highline MAD
HighPoint CSD
Highpoint LOL
Highway 16 Four ILL
Highway 49 FWD
Highway 6 SWD
Highwaymen, The ONT
Highwaymen, The PIO
Hijinx ILL
Hijinx MAD
Hijinx ILL
Hill Country Four SWD
His Master's Voice JAD
Hit 'N Run SLD
Hit Parade MAD
Hogtown Harmony Project SUN
Holland's Own PIO
Home Brewed CSD
Home Edition JAD
Home Remedy CSD
Home Stretch CAR
Home Team ILL
Home Town Sound ILL
Homemade Harmony ILL
Homespun Harmony NED
Hometown FWD
Hometown Favorites FWD
Hometown Harmony EVG
Hometown Harmony MAD
Homeward Bound CSD
Hooked On Harmony FWD
Hooked on Tonics JAD
Hooked On Tonics CSD
Hoosier Daddy CAR
Hoosier Gentry CAR
Horizon JAD
Horizon DIX
Horizon Shine SLD
Hospitality ILL
Hot Air Buffoons JAD
Hot Commodity LOL
Hot Dog, Pop, and Two Small Frys LOL
Hot Pipes FWD
Hot Pursuit SWD
Hot Pursuit SLD
Hot Shots SUN
Hot Spot JAD
Hot Ticket EVG
Hot Topic JAD
Hot Topic LOL
Hot Zone LOL
Hoth EVG
HotShots SUN
Hotwire EVG
Hour Glass JAD
Hourglass JAD
House Blend EVG
House Blend JAD
Houston City Limits SWD
Houston Harmony Assoc SWD
Hubbub CSD
Hudson Chronicles MAD
Hudson Line, The MAD
Hudson Valley Connection NED
Hullabaloo SLD
Hullabaloo ONT
Humbugs, The ONT
Hummdingers, The DIX
Hurricane Boys, The SLD
Hybrid JAD
HyNotes SLD
Hypersonix CSD
I-10 Connection, The SWD
I-25 RMD
I-44 Four, The CSD
I-89 NED
I-90 Alliance CSD
Ice Cream MAD
Icon JAD
Idaho Gold EVG
Ifumbircis LOL
Ignite LOL
Ignition! RMD
Iguanas In Flight MAD
Illiana Sound ILL
Illumination RMD
Image City SLD
Images EVG
Imagination LOL
Imagination NED
Imagine That! NED
Impact JAD
Impact SUN
Impact FWD
Impact ONT
Implied Harmony EVG
Implied Harmony EVG
Impromptu SWD
Impulse JAD
Impulse SLD
In aChordance ILL
In Concert MAD
In Demand CAR
IN Harmony EVG
In Harmony's Way MAD
In Progress CSD
In Serious Treble DIX
In The Groove EVG
In The Neighborhood PIO
In The Zone FWD
Inception ONT
Inclination ONT
Incognito DIX
Indecision DIX
Indiana Tones CAR
Indigo Nights CSD
Indrio SUN
Inferno MAD
Infield, The JAD
Infinity NSC
Infinity PIO
Inflagranti INT
Infourmants, The EVG
Infrequency CAR
Ingenuity ILL
Initial Four RMD
Initial Sound SWD
Inland Connection FWD
Innovation LOL
Innside Choice SWD
Inside Passage EVG
Inside Story RMD
Inside Track CAR
Inside Track NED
inSight JAD
Insignia DIX
Insignia PIO
Inspiration EVG
Instant Classic CAR
Instant Message DIX
InsurGents, The DIX
Integrity PIO
Intensity RMD
Interchange CAR
Interchangeable Parts JAD
Interlocken RMD
Intermission SLD
Intermission Riff CAR
Interstate 4 DIX
Interstate Chord Company PIO
Interstate Junction ILL
Interstate Roadshow Quartet CAR
Intonation FWD
Intra Costal Four SUN
Intrepid MAD
intrigue ONT
Intrigue PIO
Intrigue JAD
InVoice NSC
InVoice SLD
Iowans, The CSD
iQuad SWD
iQuartet SUN
Ire-Lads LOL
Island Engagement
It Is What It Is NED
It's not you it's me CSD
It's Time CAR
Ivan and the Old Guys RMD
J-Town Junction, The CAR
Jackpot! LOL
Jackpot! JAD
Jackpot! FWD
Jacks Or Better CAR
Jackson 4, The DIX
Jam Session JAD
Jambalaya MAD
James Gang, The RMD
JaX of Harmony, The SUN
Jaybirds, The EVG
Jazzmania SWD
Jazztime CSD
Jeopardy MAD
Jest For Phun? FWD
Jet Set EVG
Jigsaw SWD
Jigsaw MAD
Jigsaw EVG
Jim and Tonics MAD
JimDonOlogy PIO
JoeScottOlogy PIO
Joint Effort SUN
Joint Venture FWD
Joint Venture DIX
Joint Venture SWD
Joker's Wild JAD
Jolly Wailers SUN
Jones & Co. NED
Jones Boys, The JAD
Jordan River Crossing CAR
Journey PIO
Journeymen ILL
Journeymen CSD
Journeymen, The ONT
Joyride DIX
JR's Boys DIX
Jubilation SWD
Jubilee SWD
Juggernaut PIO
Jukebox ILL
Jukebox MAD
Jukebox ONT
Jukebox SUN
Jukebox Swing RMD
Jump Start CSD
Jump Start SLD
Junction One Three Five NED
Junction One Three Five NED
Jurassic Larks CSD
Just 'Cause CAR
Just 4 Fun NSC
Just 4 Fun DIX
Just 4 Grins SUN
Just 4 Laughs NED
Just 4 Now NED
Just a Minute! RMD
Just For Harmony NED
Just For Kicks DIX
Just For Kicks! EVG
Just Four Tonight SUN
Just Imagine ONT
Just In Time INT
Just in Time SWD
Just In Time MAD
Just In Time! SWD
Just in Time! SWD
Just One More DIX
Just Released EVG
Just Rite SWD
Just The Four Of Us RMD
Just The Right Touch SUN
Just Us Guys CAR
Just-Four-Friends NED
Just4Now LOL
Juxtapose CAR
K.O.R.D. Radio Quartet CAR
Kaleidoscope SLD
Kaleidoscope SWD
Kansas City Limits CSD
Kansas City Tradition CSD
Kansas Express CSD
Karizma ONT
Karizma SLD
Katy Depot SWD
KC Blend CSD
KC Prime CSD
KDOP - Albuquerque RMD
Keep 'Em Guessin' CAR
Keep-N-Tune JAD
Keepers of the Key PIO
Kensington Road ILL
Kentucky Springtime CAR
Key Bridge MAD
Key Change SLD
Key of Eh? NED
Key of Gee! RMD
Key of H NED
Key of Q CSD
Key Personnel ILL
Key Signature JAD
Keyed Up JAD
Keyless ILL
Keyless Entry PIO
Keyless Entry ONT
Keynote NSC
Keynote SWD
Keynotes PIO
Keynotes CAR
Keystone JAD
Keystone Express SLD
Keystone Pops MAD
KeysTones SUN
Kick It Up A Notch FWD
Kickback SWD
Kickstart SUN
Kids At Heart CAR
Kindred Spirit ONT
Kinetics EVG
King & Us, The SLD
King's Highway ONT
King's Ransom MAD
Kingpins ONT
Kings of Heart JAD
Kings of the Road RMD
Kings Row CAR
Kingsmen RMD
Kismet NED
Knight Gallery, The SUN
Knight Time Express MAD
Knight-Aires MAD
Knockout DIX
Knuckleheads DIX
Kokapella RMD
Kordal Kombat LOL
Kordz LOL
Kosmos CSD
Kowalski Twins, The RMD
Kudzu Krooners DIX
L'Audible SWD
L. A. Sound FWD
La Chordsa Nostra SLD
Ladz of Autumn, The CAR
Lake Effect JAD
Lake Effect JAD
Lake Effect CAR
Lake Effect JAD
Lake Effect Harmony NED
Lakefront Harmonizers LOL
Lakeshore Harmony Four
Lakeside MAD
Lakeside Edition ILL
Lamp LOL
Land of Lincoln 4 ILL
Landmark EVG
Landmark SLD
Landslide DIX
Lantern Company, The SLD
Last Call CSD
Last Call SWD
Last Call SUN
Last Call! ILL
Last Kids Picked MAD
Last Men Standing MAD
Last One Standing EVG
Lasting Impression SLD
Late Again EVG
Late Arrival NED
Late Bloomers NED
Late Edition JAD
Late For Dinner CAR
Late for Dinner SLD
Late Night Barbershop ILL
Late Night Barbershop FWD
Late Night Edition CSD
Late Shift CAR
Late Show FWD
Latest Edition INT
Laudable Audibles, The EVG
Lazy River Four NED
Lead Design SLD
Leading Edge, The NED
Leap of Faith CAR
Left Coasters FWD
Leftover Parts SLD
Legacy MAD
Legacy EVG
Legacy FWD
Legal Beagles DIX
Legato ONT
Legend RMD
Leisure Time ILL
Leisure Time Four SUN
Lemon Squeezy INT
Less Than Perfect RMD
Let 'er Rip JAD
Let It Ride! CAR
Let's Sing! NSC
Level UP CSD
Lew's Crew SWD
Liberty Bell Chords, The RMD
Liberty Street SLD
Liberty Union MAD
License to Chill SLD
Life's Good! FWD
Lifeline CSD
Light Brigade CAR
Light Industrial Choral Society
Lighter Side, The SLD
Lighthouse DIX
Lighthouse Connection PIO
Lighthouse Gang, The SLD
Lighthouse Quartet, The SLD
Lightly Seasoned MAD
Lightly Seasoned JAD
Lightning Strike SWD
Like Father, Like Son MAD
Likely Lads, The INT
Limelight NED
Limelight SWD
Limelight MAD
Limerick PIO
Limited Edition MAD
Limited Edition PIO
Limousines, The SUN
Linton Quartet RMD
Lip Service FWD
Liquid Courage LOL
ListenUp! CSD
Little London Quartet RMD
Little Shop Of Harmony PIO
Live Gators SUN
Live Music JAD
Live Wire NED
Livin' Large MAD
Living Fossils SUN
Local Fourcast SUN
Local Gentry ONT
Lock and Key CAR
Locked & Loaded DIX
Locked & Loaded NSC
Locked & Loaded ILL
Lockout INT
Locksmith ONT
Locksmith DIX
LoCo 4 MAD
Loco Fedora NED
London Fog ONT
Lone Star Sound, The SWD
Lonesome Road SWD
Long Distance RMD
Long Island Sound MAD
Long Island Sound MAD
Long Island Sound MAD
Long Island Sound MAD
Longevity SLD
Lookin' Good ONT
Looking Glass MAD
Looney Toons DIX
Loony Tunez FWD
Loose Change DIX
Lorain Four JAD
Lords of Destruction, The EVG
Lords of Destruction, The EVG
Lords Of The Ring DIX
Lords of the West RMD
Lordsburg Brothers FWD
Lost @ C EVG
Lost And Found CAR
Lost Horizons SLD
Lost Memories DIX
Love Notes RMD
Low Down Sound MAD
Low Mileage in Mint Condition MAD
Lowdown Sound SUN
Luck Of the Draw NED
Lucky Day SUN
Lucky Four, The FWD
Lucky Jordanaires ILL
Lucky Streak FWD
Lunch Break DIX
Lytning EVG
M'Nahmana MAD
Mac Daddy NED
Mac Foursome CSD
Mach 1 EVG
Mach I PIO
Macon Harmony DIX
Mad Apple JAD
Mad Harmony LOL
MAD Hatters MAD
Madd Hatters PIO
Made in the Shade SWD
Madison Avenue FWD
Madison Park EVG
Maelstrom CAR
Magic LOL
Magic Hour JAD
Magic Moments CAR
Magic Touch, The FWD
Magichords SWD
Magnetic North EVG
Magnum MAD
Magnum LOL
Main Attraction EVG
Main Bearings CSD
Main Event LOL
Main Event CSD
Main Ingredient SWD
Main Ingredients MAD
Main Street NED
Main Street SUN
Main Street Four MAD
Main Street Junction ONT
Main Street Station LOL
Main Street U.S.A. SUN
Maine Difference, The NED
Mainline Chord Company MAD
Mainline Chord Company MAD
MainStay JAD
Mainstream SLD
Majestix RMD
Majestyx PIO
Major Chord RMD
Major League CSD
Major League DIX
Major Lift CAR
Majority Rules NED
Make it Ring CSD
Makeshift SUN
Makin' Waves SWD
Malarkey Brothers, The SWD
Management, The NED
Mandatory Fun CSD
Maney Park SWD
Maney Park Quartet SWD
Manhattan Music Company MAD
Manhattan Music Machine CSD
Manhattan On The Rocks MAD
Mariah CSD
Market Street Station RMD
Marquis JAD
Martha's Finest DIX
Marty's Party LOL
Maryland Express MAD
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy ILL
Masonboro Sound DIX
Masquerade MAD
Masquerade SUN
Masquerade ONT
Mass Appeal NED
Mass Pipes NED
Master Blend LOL
Master Blend NED
Master Copy MAD
Masterchord CSD
Masterpiece SLD
Masterpiece LOL
Masterpiece FWD
Matinee DIX
Matinee Idols, The JAD
MatriX JAD
Matrix CAR
Matrix (BABS) INT
Matthew and Company DIX
Mature Moments SWD
Maturity LOL
Maverick JAD
Mavericks RMD
Mavericks, The ONT
Mavulous Fabricks, The SUN
Max, The ONT
Maxim RMD
Maximum Chordage MAD
May-Tag SWD
Mayhem MAD
McKenzie Touring Co EVG
McKinley Street Function SWD
McPhly RMD
McPhly FWD
Me 'N' The Boys DIX
Meanwhile DIX
Measure 87 ILL
Medallion SWD
Medic Alert SUN
Medina Connection JAD
Medium Rare ILL
Meeting Street Quintet NED
Megatones RMD
Mellow Fellows DIX
Melodica EVG
Melodies & Memories NED
Melodium JAD
Melody Lane CSD
Mem'ries FWD
Mem'ries JAD
Members Only INT
Memorabilia RMD
Memories 4 U ILL
Memory Lane FWD
Memory Station SUN
Memory Street DIX
Men Aloud INT
Men At Work LOL
Men From Earth NED
Men In Black NED
Men-So Forte FWD
Menagerie ILL
Mercury MAD
Mercury Rising JAD
Mercy Gulch Harmony Co-op FWD
MESS in' Around DIX
Meta-4 SWD
Meta-4 PIO
Meta-Four PIO
Metamusical Brothers CSD
Metre's Running ONT
Metro Chord Authority PIO
Metro Gnomes FWD
Metropolis FWD
MetroTones SWD
Miami Voice SUN
Michiana Mavericks CAR
Michigan Assembly PIO
Michigan Jake CAR
Mid Life Crisis INT
Midas Touch RMD
Middle-age Spread DIX
Midnight Blue EVG
Midnight Croon LOL
Midnight Express JAD
Midnight Express ONT
Midnight Four DIX
Midnight Hour SWD
Midnight Madness FWD
Midnight Mix DIX
Midnight Oil RMD
Midnight Run MAD
Midnight Vocal League SUN
Midnite Watchmen LOL
Midtown NSC
Midtown Sound SWD
Midtown Sound ILL
Might As Well ILL
Mighty Fine! CSD
Mike and the Testers DIX
MikeFrankOlogy PIO
Miles Ahead FWD
Milestone NSC
Milestone MAD
Milestone LOL
Milkmen, The MAD
Milky Way EVG
Mill Creek Yacht Club CAR
Mill Stream Reunion CSD
Mill Town Sound MAD
Millennium JAD
Millennium Edition EVG
Miller's Boys CAR
Minimum 65 ONT
Minimum Daily Requirement, The NED
Minnesota-Go-4's LOL
Minor Adjustments DIX
Minor Adjustments NED
Minor Differences JAD
Mint Condition LOL
Mint Condition MAD
Mint Condition SUN
Minute Men, The JAD
Mirage ONT
Misguided Youth SUN
Misplaced Files CAR
Missing Linc, The SLD
Mississippi Gold DIX
Mississippi Gold DIX
Missouri River Rascals CSD
Missouri Valley Music Company CSD
Mists Of Time ONT
Mix, The ILL
Mix, The EVG
Mixed Metaphor PIO
Mixed Nuts DIX
Model A Four SLD
Modern Maturity LOL
Mojo RMD
Mojo Rising CAR
Moldy Oldies LOL
Momentous RMD
Moments In Time JAD
Moments in Tyme NED
Moments Notice SUN
Moments Notice CAR
Moments Of Brilliance ILL
Momentum LOL
Momentum EVG
Momma's Boys EVG
Monkey Business NED
Monkey Business SUN
Monkey Magic INT
Monorail Four, The MAD
Monsters of Harmony FWD
Montage JAD
Montana Avenue EVG
Mood Makers ILL
Mood Swing LOL
Moody Lights CAR
Moody Street NED
Moonlighters RMD
Moonlighting MAD
More Than You Know MAD
Morning Blend SWD
Mosaic ILL
Mosquito Fleet EVG
Most Wanted Fellows CSD
Mother's Favorite FWD
Motive CAR
Motley Q FWD
Mountain Vocal Project NSC
Mountain Vocal Project {MVP} NSC
Mountaintown Connection PIO
Moxxy PIO
Muckety-Mucks, The LOL
Mulligan Brothers, The JAD
Mulligan Stew JAD
Mulligans ILL
Mulligans, The SWD
Murphy's Boys ILL
Music Box FWD
Music Channel, The SUN
Music Department, The NED
Music Row DIX
Music Station DIX
Music Street MAD
Music To Go FWD
Musical Island Boys INT
Musical Ride ONT
Musicians Coalition PIO
Musicology 101 ILL
MutuaI Accord CAR
Mutual Accord CAR
Mutual Fun FWD
My 3 Friends PIO
My Three Dads PIO
My Three Sons SUN
My Uncle Murray MAD
Myrtle Beach Blues SLD
N2Deep DIX
Nailed It! JAD
Naples Crossing CSD
Naptime LOL
Nash Ramblers, The ONT
Natural Gas EVG
Natural High ONT
Natural Notes EVG
Natural Selection DIX
Naturally Aged RMD
Naturally Sharp CAR
Nauticals PIO
Nautilus RMD
Nearly Departed SWD
Neat Generation, The PIO
Nebraska Compromise CSD
Nebraska Connection, The CSD
Never B-Four CSD
Never Be Four PIO
Never Home 4 NSC
Never The Same Four DIX
Never Too Old 4 FWD
New & Improved Industrial Strength Mini-Chorus ILL
New & Used CDs RMD
New & Used Parts CSD
New A Chord CSD
New Again CSD
New Again JAD
New American Standard Quartet SWD
New Arrivals CSD
New Attitude DIX
New Balance ONT
New Brass Keys CSD
New Brew RMD
New City Sound SLD
New Clear Energy JAD
New Day NED
New Deal, The CSD
New Dimension NED
New Directions NED
New England Chord Commission NED
New England Chord Company NED
New Generation CSD
New Generation, The SLD
New Heights SUN
New Image LOL
New Image CAR
New Kid In Town MAD
New Note CSD
New Originals, The EVG
New Perspective NED
New Release MAD
New Rendition SUN
New Renditions RMD
New River Sounds DIX
New S'Hughes CAR
New Seattle Sound EVG
New Sensations, The CAR
New Statesmen, The CAR
New Street News ONT
New Testament SLD
New Tricks Dot Com MAD
New Venture SLD
New Vintage MAD
New Wrinkle PIO
New York Central Connection NED
New York Chimes MAD
New York Chord Exchange MAD
New York Minute SLD
New York News SLD
New Yorkers, The MAD
Newfangled Four, The FWD
News, The RMD
News, The JAD
News, The JAD
Next Best Thing, The RMD
Next Generation, The LOL
Next Quartet, The SUN
Next Quartet, The ILL
Next Quartet, The RMD
Next Stop MAD
Next Wave DIX
Nickelodeon Sound ILL
Nickelodeon Sound FWD
Night & Day CSD
Night Magic EVG
Night Shades SUN
Night Shift ILL
Night Shift PIO
Night Theme ILL
Nightbeat CSD
Nightcap ONT
Nightcap DIX
NightCrawlers, The NED
Nightlife FWD
Nightwatch LOL
Nines, The ONT
Nitro ONT
No Choice ONT
No Excuses! ILL
No Limit! DIX
No Problem EVG
No Regerts!! SLD
No Small Affair NED
No Strings Attached SUN
No Time Four This EVG
No Worries ONT
Nobody You'd Know ILL
Noise Abatement LOL
Noise Boys CSD
Noise Boys, The CSD
Noise, The RMD
Non Sequitur SUN
None So Classy RMD
North By Northwest LOL
North Coast Harmony Association SLD
North Country Gentlemen NED
North Georgia Gentlemen DIX
North Of 60 CAR
North of the Border FWD
North Penn Four MAD
North Shore LOL
North Shore SLD
North Street ONT
Northeast Connection NED
Northeast Extension SUN
Northern (Not So) Lites PIO
Northern Accord EVG
Northern Breeze ONT
Northern Comfort NED
Northern Comfort NED
Northern Edition PIO
Northern Exposure SLD
Northern Express PIO
Northern Lights JAD
Northern Reflections ONT
Northland ONT
Northland Gold LOL
Northside Edition CAR
Northwest Connection EVG
Northwest Edition EVG
Northwest Heritage JAD
Northwest Spirit EVG
Northwind LOL
Nostalgia Express ONT
Nostra Vita LOL
Not Too Bright CAR
Notable Gentlemen SWD
Notable Heritage CSD
Notably Yours SLD
Notations SUN
Note Factory CAR
Note Worthy CAR
Note'orious LOL
Note-able Ring SWD
Note-ations CSD
Note-oriety SWD
Noteability MAD
Noteability JAD
Noteable Exception CAR
Noteworthy JAD
Noteworthy SWD
Noteworthy ONT
Noteworthy CAR
Nothin' Fancy SLD
Notorious LOL
Nouveau LOL
Now & Then CSD
Now & Then EVG
Now And Again MAD
Now Playing PIO
Nth Degree, The LOL
Nu Balance MAD
Nu-Version MAD
Nuance LOL
Nuance RMD
Nubees, The SLD
Nuthin' Flat SWD
Oaklawn Four, The ILL
Oasis FWD
Oasis MAD
Obsessive Chord Disorder (OCD) EVG
OC Times FWD
Occupational Therapy LOL
October's Choice ONT
Octoberfest NED
odd MAN out SUN
Odds On JAD
Odyssey ILL
Odyssey EVG
Odyssey SWD
Odyssey RMD
of Chords we are ONT
Off Bass CSD
Off Kilter SUN
Off The Chart NED
Off the Charts JAD
Off The Charts! SUN
Off the Hook SUN
Off The Record MAD
Off The Record ILL
Off The Shelf DIX
Offbeat DIX
Officer's Mess LOL
Ohana Means Family DIX
OK Chorale FWD
Okie Dokes SWD
Oklahoma Chord/Tag Agency SWD
Old Bones EVG
Old Dominion Line MAD
Old Fashioneds ONT
Old Folks DIX
Old Frenzamine CAR
Old Hats, The JAD
Old Men of the Mountains NED
Old N' Bold SLD
Old Parts Reunion SWD
Old Pickup 4 RMD
Old Routine, The SUN
Old Routine, The SLD
Old Rules PIO
Old School MAD
Old School CSD
Old Shep And His Irish Pups ILL
Old Spice SLD
Old Spice LOL
Old Standards CSD
Old Town Sound MAD
Old Yorkers, The INT
Olde Thyme Harmony Quartet PIO
Olde Towne Harmony ILL
Olde Tyme Design JAD
Olde Tymers, The LOL
Olden Doodles SWD
Older But Not Wiser DIX
Older But Wiser DIX
Older Lang Syne INT
Older Not Wiser DIX
Older Than Dirt DIX
Older Than Dirt FWD
Older, Not Wiser DIX
Oldest lang Syne SLD
Oldy Locks And The Three Aires RMD
Omaha Prime CSD
Omega SUN
Omega ILL
On Air NED
On Demand SUN
On Pitch ILL
On Tap MAD
On Tap FWD
On That Note PIO
On The Edge CSD
On the Fritz CAR
On The House CSD
On The Level RMD
On The Road MAD
On The Road EVG
On The Rocks EVG
On The Rocks NED
On the Szame Page SUN
On The Town DIX
On Track SLD
Once Around The Block JAD
Once In A Row NSC
Once In A While DIX
Once Upon A Time CAR
One 4 All ILL
One Accord NSC
One Ahh Chord DIX
One Brick Short PIO
One Button Short LOL
One for the Road LOL
One Man Short EVG
One Night Stand ILL
One Night Stand MAD
One Ring to Rule Them All CSD
One Shot Deal PIO
One Time Out SUN
One Trick Pony DIX
One Voice RMD
Online RMD
Onyx MAD
Onyx PIO
Open Fifth PIO
Open Forum PIO
Open Wide SWD
Opening Night JAD
Opening Night ILL
Orange Pineapples, The RMD
Orange Plaza Gang FWD
Original Cast SUN
Origins SLD
Orlando Exchange SUN
Orpheum Circuit SUN
Oscillating Sound ILL
Other Four, The SLD
Other Guys, The FWD
Other Guys, The SUN
Other Guys, The ILL
Our Gang NED
Our Next Quartet CAR
Our Next Quartet SLD
Out 'N About MAD
Out Of Cache RMD
Out Of Control EVG
Out of Gas JAD
Out Of Our Element ILL
Out of the Blue MAD
Out Of The Box FWD
Out Of The Gate SLD
Out Of The Woods ONT
Out On A Whim ONT
Outatime SUN
Outburst JAD
Outlaws, The CSD
Outrageous Fourtune SWD
Ovation EVG
Ovation MAD
Over Easy JAD
Over Forte EVG
Over Sixty Four EVG
Over The Edge SUN
Over the Hill Gang, The SUN
Over The Hill Gentlemen SWD
Over The Top MAD
Over Time EVG
Overdrive SUN
Overdrive NED
Overnite Sensation CSD
Overstreet Connection SWD
Overtone Underdogs LOL
Overtones DIX
Overture LOL
Overture DIX
Oxymoron Quartet, The NED
Oxymoron Quartet, The NED
P.A.G.E. 4 ONT
Pacesetters FWD
Pacific Avenue EVG
Pacific Coast Harmony FWD
Pacific Coast Harmony FWD
Pacific Coast Harmony FWD
Pacific Coast Quartet FWD
Pacific Express FWD
Pacific Pride FWD
Pacific Ring FWD
Pacific Standard FWD
Pacific Standard Time EVG
Pacific Time EVG
Page Four NED
Palace Avenue RMD
Palladium MAD
Pals, The CSD
Panhandlers SUN
Papa's Pride! FWD
Par Four SWD
Paradigm SWD
Paradigm CAR
Paradigm CSD
Paradigm Shift RMD
Paradox JAD
Paragon JAD
Paramount MAD
Paramount RMD
Parental Guidance Suggested JAD
Park Avenue JAD
Park Place SWD
Parkside MAD
Parody SLD
Partners in Rhyme NSC
Partners In Time EVG
Parts Is Parts EVG
Parts Unknown SUN
Parts Unknown CAR
Parts Unlimited PIO
Party of Five MAD
Party of Four NED
Party of Four PIO
Party of Four LOL
Party, The PIO
Passport SLD
Passport PIO
Past 'n' Present CAR
Past Forte ILL
Pastense FWD
Pastime EVG
Pastime ONT
Patent Pending CSD
Paternal Instinct CSD
Pavilion 6 SLD
Pay it Fourward CAR
Paydirt FWD
Pcaddywumpus DIX
Peach Boys DIX
Peach Chords NED
Peachtree Street DIX
Peak Expressions RMD
Peak Harmony RMD
Peak To Peak RMD
Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The EVG
Peel'n Paint SWD
Pending SLD
Penn Yan Express SLD
Pennies From Heaven LOL
Penny Arcade LOL
Pension-aires EVG
Pentagon City MAD
Penultimate Chance RMD
People's Choice LOL
People's Choice CSD
Pepper Jack Rabbitt SUN
Perfect Age, The NED
Perfect Alibi, The JAD
Perfect Fifth SWD
Perfect Gentlemen, The FWD
Perfect Match DIX
Perfect Strangers SLD
Perfect Timing LOL
Perimeter Sound DIX
Periodic Tune-Up ILL
Permanent Vacation SUN
Personal Choice MAD
Persuasion EVG
Pete's Pals CSD
Phase Four ONT
Phase II CSD
Phase IV DIX
Phat Cats MAD
Phat Chants RMD
Phat Chants LOL
Phenom CSD
Philatoga Township PIO
Phlegmtones SUN
Phoenix SLD
Phoenix JAD
Phoenix Rising INT
Phoenix Rising FWD
Phonetics RMD
Phonics, The FWD
Photo Finish CAR
Phour-Harmonics SUN
Pick 4 CAR
Pick-up Sticks CAR
Pickup Stix NED
Picture This JAD
Picture This Four PIO
Pier 4 SLD
Pier 4 ONT
Pierce-Arrow SLD
Pine, The RMD
Ping! SWD
Pinnacle DIX
Pinnacle LOL
Pinnacle ONT
Pinnacle ONT
Pinnacle ILL
Pinnacle CSD
Pinstripe DIX
Pipe Down! CAR
Pipe Shop JAD
Pipes FWD
Pitch Blend CSD
Pitch Catchers ILL
Pitch Invasion INT
Pitching Staff, The CAR
Pitching Staff, The. CAR
Pittsburgh Tradition JAD
Pizzazz MAD
Pizzazz DIX
Placeholder EVG
Plainsmen, The CSD
Plan B DIX
Plantation NSC
Platte River Harmony RMD
Play It Again! ONT
Play It By Ear CAR
Play Through SUN
Playback FWD
Playback ILL
Playback SLD
Playbill NED
Players SWD
Playlist PIO
Pleasant Street SWD
Pleasant Street NED
Point Of View EVG
Polar Express EVG
Polaris ONT
Polarity ONT
Polecat Creek CSD
Polecat Daddies DIX
Polecats Live! ONT
PoleCats, The LOL
PolyFonix SUN
Polyphonics RMD
Pop And The Kids SUN
Pop Kords ILL
Porch Time NED
Porch Time NED
Port Authority PIO
Port City Sound NED
Post It! ONT
Post-it Notes RMD
Post-It Notes, The DIX
Posted Notes CSD
Pot Luck ONT
Potluck FWD
Power Chord JAD
Power Chords CSD
Power City Chord Authority ONT
Power Edition EVG
Power of 4 ONT
Power of 4 DIX
Power Play PIO
Power Supply MAD
Power Supply CSD
Power Surge JAD
Power Surge NED
PowerChord SLD
Powerhouse EVG
Powerline CSD
Practicing Musicians CSD
Practitioners of Pleasurism SLD
Praetzel Brothers SLD
Praetzel Brothers, The SLD
Prairie Fire CSD
Preacher N' Pals CSD
Preferred Blend FWD
Preferred Stock ILL
Prelude NED
Prelude DIX
Premeditated Harmony LOL
Premier SWD
Premier Sound JAD
Premiere MAD
Premiere Edition CSD
Premiere Sound JAD
Premium Blend EVG
Premium Blend CSD
Premium Sound DIX
Preservation NED
Prestige FWD
Prestige JAD
Presto! DIX
Presto! SWD
PrimaChord EVG
Primary Colors SUN
Primary Colors RMD
Prime Cut DIX
Prime Directive NED
Prime Suspects RMD
Prime Ticket FWD
Prime Time INT
Prime Time MAD
PrimeTime LOL
Primrose Lane NED
Princeton Junction MAD
Priorities CSD
Priority Male FWD
Prism EVG
Prism JAD
Prism DIX
Private Blend ONT
Private Label EVG
Private Reserve RMD
Prizm PIO
Pro Tem SLD
Procrastinators NED
Prodigy DIX
Profile SUN
Profound Sound CSD
Progression CSD
Progressive Harmony FWD
Protege' PIO
Protocol CAR
Protocol DIX
Prototype JAD
Prove It LOL
Providence NED
Public Domain CAR
Public Domain SWD
Puget Sound Connection EVG
Puget Sound, The EVG
Pulling 60 NSC
PunchLine LOL
Pure Style NED
Pyramid DIX
Q Street CSD
Q'd Up ILL
Q-Tones INT
Quad JAD
Quad Pro Quo PIO
Quad pro quo JAD
Quad Squad JAD
Quadio CSD
Quadraphonic NED
Quadraphonics EVG
Quadraphonix EVG
Quadrasound DIX
Quadratic NED
QuadraVox RMD
Quadzilla DIX
Qualitones JAD
Quantum LOL
Quantum ONT
Quantum Leap DIX
Quantum Mass FWD
Quantum Theory RMD
Quarter Past Four LOL
Quarterly Review ILL
Quarters of Four NED
QuartersTones INT
Quartessence RMD
Quartet X NSC
Quartet.com NED
Quartizzle CAR
Quaternion DIX
Quaternity PIO
Quaternity ONT
Quatrain MAD
Quatrain MAD
Quatro Singo MAD
Quattro JAD
Queen City Four DIX
Quest LOL
Quest MAD
Quick Draw EVG
Quick Draw CAR
Quick Pick RMD
Quick Thinking NED
Quick Trip DIX
Quickshot LOL
Quicksilver DIX
QuickSound RMD
Quiet Hours MAD
Quiet Hours SLD
Quincy Avenue RMD
Quintessence RMD
Quodlibet CSD
Quorum SWD
Quorum CAR
Quorum JAD
Quorum, The SWD
Qyduhmix FWD
Ra-Cha-Cha SLD
Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz, Rabino INT
Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz & Raoul SUN
Racketeers SWD
Rad Dads FWD
Radio Daze MAD
Radio Times INT
Rag Tag Vocal Band EVG
RagTag DIX
Ragtag Coalition MAD
Railsplitters, The ILL
Rain City Four EVG
Rain City Slickers EVG
Rainbow's End ILL
Raining Sounds EVG
Rainshadow Blend EVG
Raise The Roof SUN
Raise The Roof RMD
Raisin' Cain JAD
Raisin' Cane JAD
Raising the Bar SWD
RalphBobOlogy PIO
Ramblin' Rogues ILL
Random Chords NED
Random Play CSD
Random Quartet SUN
Random Sample LOL
Ransom Note JAD
Rapport RMD
Rare Event, The SWD
Rare Rendition SUN
Rare Vintage PIO
Rat Race NED
Raucous Caucus DIX
Rave Review MAD
Rave Revue NED
Razor Straps JAD
Razor's Edge NED
Razor's Edge, The MAD
Razorburn EVG
Razzle-Dazzle RMD
Razzmatazz MAD
Re-Arrangment SWD
Re-Cord JAD
Re-mix MAD
Re-Run SUN
Re-Treads EVG
Reaction NED
Ready Four Anything CAR
Ready Or Not FWD
Ready Or Not SLD
Real Deal, The JAD
Real McCoy, The DIX
Real Men Wear Pink CAR
Real Nashville Music League, The DIX
Realistix CSD
Realtime EVG
Rebound FWD
Reckless INT
Reckless Abandon ONT
Reckless Abandon CSD
Recollection FWD
Recycled JAD
Recycled Been ILL
Redline DIX
RedZone DIX
Reen Brothers, The JAD
Reen Family Singers, The JAD
Reen Family Singers, The CAR
Reflections SWD
Reflex SLD
Reformation CAR
Regal Blend LOL
Regalia With Song SWD
Regaltones RMD
Regardless JAD
Regency LOL
Regeneration SLD
Regeneration MAD
Regeneration EVG
ReGeneration MAD
Registered Harmony LOL
Registered Male JAD
Regular Joes CSD
Regulars, The JAD
Relative Blend RMD
Relative Harmony ILL
Relative Minors EVG
Relative Pitch LOL
Relative Sound CAR
Relatively Speaking SLD
Relics SWD
Reloaded EVG
Remedy, The JAD
Remember Us ONT
Remember When FWD
Remember When JAD
Remember When, The Door's Sang? FWD
Remembering Time RMD
Reminisce MAD
Remix JAD
Remnants SUN
Remnants NED
Remnants, The ONT
Remote Control ILL
Renaissance ILL
Renaissance PIO
Renaissance CSD
Renaissance SLD
Renaissance SWD
Renaissance RMD
Rendezvous ONT
Rendezvous EVG
Rendition SWD
Rendition LOL
Rendition CSD
Replacement Parts ONT
Replacement Parts, The CAR
Replay SWD
Replay! SWD
Reprise LOL
Reprise RMD
Resisting-A-Rest PIO
Resolution ONT
Resolution MAD
Resolution PIO
Resonance In Residence SLD
Resonation CSD
Resound MAD
Resound CSD
Retro MAD
Retro-tones DIX
Retrofit ILL
Retrofonix SWD
Retrospect LOL
Retrospect SUN
Return Engagement RMD
Reunion SLD
Reunion EVG
Reunited INT
Reunited ILL
Reveille MAD
Revelation LOL
Reveliers CSD
Revelry CSD
Revised Arrangement SLD
Revised Edition ONT
Revisions NED
Revisions, Too NED
Revival FWD
Revolution RMD
Revolution JAD
Rewind EVG
ReZound RMD
Rhapsody ONT
Rhapsody EVG
Rhymetime JAD
Rhythm 'n' Rhyme JAD
Rhythm And Rhapsody FWD
Rhythm And Rhyme FWD
Rhythmix JAD
Rick's Cafe ONT
Ricochet MAD
Rideau Valley Cats ONT
Riff Raff SWD
Riffonix DIX
Right Mix Quartet NED
Right on Q PIO
Right Stuff, The MAD
Ring 'n Accord LOL
Ring Leaders, The JAD
Ring Of Gold MAD
Ring On! ONT
Ring Theory CSD
Ringers MAD
Ringleader FWD
Ringmasters INT
Ringmasters JAD
Ringmasters ILL
Ringside SWD
Ringside DIX
Ringtime ILL
Ringtones NSC
Ringtones EVG
Rio Bravo RMD
Rip Chord CAR
Rip Chords CSD
Riptide DIX
Rittenhouse Square MAD
Rivalry EVG
River City Junction EVG
River City Music Committee JAD
River City Ramblers DIX
River City Rascals EVG
River City Rascals CSD
River City Reunion CSD
River City Reverb CSD
River City Rhythm CAR
River City School Board LOL
River City Sound EVG
River Jacks LOL
River Junction LOL
River Road Ringers SWD
Riverblend JAD
Riverfront LOL
Riverfront Harmony LOL
Riverline MAD
Riverside Ramblers EVG
Riverside Rascals NED
Rivertown Revue PIO
Rivertown Sound, The ILL
Rivertown Sound, The CSD
Road House SLD
Road Show NED
Road Show DIX
Roadhouse SLD
Roadmasters CAR
Roadrunner Revival RMD
Roadrunners, The LOL
RobbyBobbyRobbyChuck DIX
Robinson Crusoe & The Castaways Wed, Thurs, & Fri FWD
Rock City 4 DIX
Rockaholix INT
Rockies IV RMD
Rocky Butte Boys FWD
Rocky Mountain High RMD
Rocky Tops RMD
Rogue Power Company EVG
Rogues of the Rio Grande SWD
Roll O' The Dice MAD
Roll On INT
Rollin' Tones FWD
Rolling Tones SUN
Rolls Voyce PIO
Roman Rogues, The SLD
Rooftop Records SUN
Rooftop Rhythm ILL
Rooftop Rhythm LOL
Rooftops, The CAR
Rookies of the Year JAD
Root 16 RMD
Roundabout Now JAD
Rounders SUN
Rounding Third JAD
Route 1 MAD
Route 140 Four EVG
Route 16 RMD
Route 26 SLD
Route 66 CSD
Rowrbazzle SLD
Royal Chord Company MAD
Royal Males, The INT
Royal Masters, The PIO
Rubicon ONT
Rude Awakening EVG
Rumors JAD
rumorz PIO
Rumours JAD
Runaway Sound MAD
Runners, The SLD
Runnin' Wild MAD
Rush Hour PIO
Rush Hour CAR
Rush Street ILL
Rush Street Rovers ILL
Rush, The CAR
Rust in Peace DIX
Rustic Gold CAR
Rusty Pipes JAD
Rx 4 Harmony CAR
Ryan's Choice SWD
S'No Problem SLD
Safe-In-Sound PIO
Sagacity DIX
Saint Anthony Main LOL
Salem Square DIX
Salt & Light SLD
Salt City Harmony SLD
Salt City Sound SLD
Salt Water Tuffies NED
Salty Dog CSD
Salty Rascals SUN
Sam's @ 7 DIX
Sam's Club FWD
Sands of Time FWD
Sangamon Valley Four ILL
Sarasota Sound SUN
Saratoga Sound NED
Saratoga Tuesday Night Good Time Music Co. NED
Saturday Evening Post RMD
Saturday Evening Post SWD
Saturday Night SUN
Saturday Night ONT
Saturday Night Special CAR
Saturday Night Special CSD
Saturday's Heroes SUN
Savannah MAD
Savoir Four ILL
Sawdust City Slickers LOL
Scalemates, The SWD
Scallawags LOL
Scandinavian Shuffle INT
Scene Change SLD
Scollay Square NED
Score, The CAR
Scrambled Craigs ILL
Scrapbook JAD
SeaSharp's EVG
Seasoned Citizens SUN
Seasoned Sound CSD
Seasoned Sound ILL
Seasoned Sound LOL
Seasons RMD
Seattle City Limits EVG
Seattle Sound EVG
Second Bass CSD
Second Choice ILL
Second Choice DIX
Second Ending PIO
Second Fiddle DIX
Second Nature SWD
Second Nature DIX
Second Opinion ILL
Second String DIX
Second Thought SLD
Second Thoughts CAR
Second To None DIX
Second Wind ILL
Sector 10 NED
See Four ILL
Seems Like Old Times LOL
Seems Like Old Tymes NED
Self-Contained Barbershop Apparatus CSD
Senior Assembly CSD
Senior Blend CAR
Senior Chordsmen CSD
Senior Class DIX
Senior Class JAD
Senior Class Reunion RMD
Senior Discount RMD
Senior Edition FWD
Senior Momentum NED
Senior Sounds DIX
Senior Staff RMD
Senior Statesmen SWD
Senior Statesmen SWD
Seniority EVG
Seniors.Com SUN
Sentimental Favorites FWD
Sentimental Journey SWD
Sentimental Sound MAD
Separate Bills ONT
Sequel ILL
Serenade CSD
Serenade SLD
Serendipity FWD
Serendipity EVG
Seriously ILL
Seventh Circuit Chords of Appeal FWD
Seventh Sense PIO
Seventh Standard EVG
Seventh Wave NED
Shades of Blue FWD
Shades of Grey PIO
Shades of Harmony MAD
Shadow ONT
Shaken, Not Stirred ONT
Shameless MAD
Shared Elements ILL
Sharp Attack PIO
Sharper Image SLD
Sharper Image ILL
Sharpshooters FWD
Sharpshooters CAR
Shenandoah CSD
Shenanigans FWD
Shenanigans SUN
Shindig PIO
Shine EVG
Shiretones NED
Sho-Me Sound CSD
Shockwave ONT
ShockWave EVG
Shootin' The Breeze SUN
Shop Class CSD
Shor'nuff! MAD
Short and Sweet RMD
Short Stack CSD
Short-Term Agreement ILL
Show Biz SLD
Showboat, The JAD
Showcase JAD
Showcase SLD
Showcase JAD
Showpiece SWD
Showtime PIO
Shrimp 'n Grits NSC
Shrimp n Grits NSC
Sibling Rivalry CSD
Side By Side SLD
Side By Side MAD
Side Notes RMD
Sierra Chord Express FWD
Sign Me Up! ONT
Signature EVG
Signature SUN
Signature PIO
Signature SWD
Signature Edition RMD
Signature Sound EVG
Significant Others DIX
Silhouette PIO
Silver & Gold FWD
Silver Chords EVG
Silver Domes PIO
Silver Jubilee SWD
Silver Knights FWD
Silver Threads ONT
Silverado SWD
Silverado CSD
Silverbay Mudflats EVG
Silverdomes PIO
Simply Barbershop DIX
Simply Put JAD
Sincerely Yours MAD
Sincerely Yours EVG
Sing City NED
Sing Kong SUN
Sing This! FWD
Singamajigs DIX
Singers Local #4 PIO
Singin' In The Rain EVG
Singin' O' Th' Green RMD
Singing With Dad PIO
Singing with the Tramacks NED
Single Malt ONT
Singular PIO
Singularity FWD
Siouxland Vocal Band CSD
Six Degrees From Opie ILL
Skyline CSD
Skyline ILL
Skytones SWD
Skytones DIX
Slick Nickel CSD
Slide Rules, The DIX
Slightly Worn NED
Slo-pokes ONT
Slum City Slickers CSD
SmackDown DIX
Small Town Sound SLD
Small Town Sound PIO
Small, Medium, Large & Oh My Gosh! LOL
Smile! EVG
Smilin' Through CAR
Smooooth EVG
Smooth Blend NED
Smooth Brew SWD
Smooth Sailin' ONT
Smooth Transition JAD
Smooth Transition JAD
Smooth Transition JAD
Smooth Transition JAD
Smorgaschords CSD
Smorgaschords CSD
SmorgasOldies CSD
Snap! LOL
Snapshot DIX
SnapShot! NED
Snickers SLD
Snooky and The Munnsters DIX
Snow Belters SLD
So Much More SUN
Social Insecurity EVG
Society Dues EVG
Society, The SUN
Soft Touch CSD
Solaris SUN
Sold Out EVG
Solid Racket Boosters DIX
Solstice ONT
Some Assembly Required DIX
Some Assembly Required SLD
Some Old, Some New JAD
Somethin SUN
Somethin' Cool FWD
Something Big!! PIO
Something in Common EVG
Something Special NED
Something's Off SWD
Somewhere In Time EVG
Somewhere In Time FWD
Song Daddy SUN
Song Of The Month Club CSD
Song of the South SWD
Song Patrol, The EVG
Song Squad MAD
Songburst ONT
Sonic Fource NED
Sonic! ILL
Sonix LOL
Sonoran Sound FWD
Sons Of Harmony ILL
Sophisticated Sound MAD
Sophisticated Swing SLD
Sopranos, The CSD
Soul Purpose LOL
Souled Out PIO
Sound Accord NED
Sound Accord RMD
Sound Agreement LOL
Sound Agreement FWD
Sound Alibi CSD
Sound Alliance CSD
Sound Alternative NED
Sound Appeal RMD
Sound Appeal LOL
Sound Approach MAD
Sound Approval ONT
Sound Around Town, The CSD
Sound Assembly
Sound Assembly RMD
Sound Association ONT
Sound Barrier MAD
Sound Barrier RMD
Sound Bytes RMD
Sound Celebration CAR
Sound Celebration SWD
Sound Center NSC
Sound Choice JAD
Sound Choice MAD
Sound Concept FWD
Sound Connection, The JAD
Sound Counsel DIX
Sound Counsel DIX
Sound Crew
Sound Decision SWD
Sound Decision ILL
Sound Delivery EVG
Sound Design ILL
Sound Design SWD
Sound Distinction RMD
Sound Encounter FWD
Sound Engineering RMD
Sound Evolution ONT
Sound Exchange CSD
Sound Explosion SWD
Sound Express RMD
Sound Expression FWD
Sound Factory, The LOL
Sound Foundation ILL
Sound Foundation DIX
Sound Fraternity SWD
Sound FX PIO
Sound FX CSD
Sound Generation RMD
Sound Heritage FWD
Sound Horizon NED
Sound House JAD
Sound Idea RMD
Sound Idea! PIO
Sound Image CSD
Sound Image LOL
Sound Investment ILL
Sound Investment SWD
Sound Invitation ILL
Sound IQ ILL
Sound Legacy CSD
Sound Logik RMD
Sound Machine, The MAD
Sound Mechanics CSD
Sound Mekanix ONT
Sound Of Mind RMD
Sound Opportunity ILL
Sound Policy NED
Sound Production RMD
Sound Revival MAD
Sound Revolution CSD
Sound Selection SLD
Sound Sensation CAR
Sound Sensations EVG
Sound Spectrum RMD
Sound Squad MAD
Sound Standard DIX
Sound Stream CSD
Sound System LOL
Sound System DIX
Sound System LOL
Sound Tradition EVG
Sound Tradition LOL
Sound Unlimited MAD
Sound Wave NED
SoundAffect CAR
SoundBite ONT
SoundCheck INT
Soundproof CAR
Sounds About Right SLD
Sounds Appealing RMD
Sounds Familiar CAR
Sounds Incorporated DIX
Sounds Incredible SUN
Sounds Like a Winner NSC
Sounds Like Treble CSD
Sounds Likely ILL
Sounds of Sebring SUN
Sounds on Hartwell DIX
Sounds Traditional DIX
SoundScape RMD
Soundscape ONT
Soundtrack SUN
Soundtrax SLD
Soundworks ONT
Soundworkz SUN
South Blenders, The CAR
South By North West EVG
South Coast Harmony EVG
South of Normal ILL
South Side NED
South Street MAD
South Towne Tradition RMD
South7and Express MAD
Southern Acchord DIX
Southern Breeze SUN
Southern Charm DIX
Southern Comfort SWD
Southern Comfort SUN
Southern Comfort DIX
Southern Cross INT
Southern Express SWD
Southern Expression DIX
Southern Gentlemen SUN
Southern Gentlemen SWD
Southern Gentry DIX
Southern Piners NSC
Southern Skies SWD
Southern Spark CAR
Southern Style DIX
Southern Tier Chord Authority SLD
Southern Tradition INT
Southern Tradition DIX
Southern Tradition SUN
Southern Tradition SUN
Southern Union DIX
Southern Yankees SUN
Southernaires MAD
Southside Symposium CSD
Southwest Express SWD
Southwest Sound SWD
Souvenir PIO
Spam FWD
Spanglish SUN
Spanky's Gang NED
Spare Parts CSD
Spare Parts Harmony RMD
Spare Time CSD
Spats JAD
Speak Easy Rascals SLD
Speakeasy SWD
Speakeasy FWD
Speakeasy JAD
Speakeasy EVG
Speakeasy Rascals SLD
Special Alliance LOL
Special Arrangement SUN
Special Arrangement CAR
Special Attraction FWD
Special Blend DIX
Special Delivery ILL
Special Delivery SWD
Special Edition LOL
Special Effect CAR
Special Export LOL
Special Feature FWD
Special FX SWD
Special FX SUN
Special Occasion MAD
Special Request EVG
Special Reserve DIX
Special Touch CSD
Spectacle ONT
Spectrum JAD
Spectrum DIX
Speed Bump CAR
Speed Of Sound ILL
Spellbound RMD
Spellbound FWD
Spendin' Time on I-29 LOL
Spice Guys CSD
SpinOff SUN
Spirit of Harmony LOL
Splash of Tonic CSD
Split Decision CSD
Split Decision DIX
Spoiler Alert SWD
Spontaneous Harmonic Combustion ILL
Spotlight DIX
Spotlight JAD
Spring City News LOL
Spring Fever SWD
Spring Thaw RMD
Springfield Music Company CSD
Spruce Street MAD
Spur Of The Moment LOL
Square One EVG
Square One ILL
Square One SUN
Square One CSD
Squares, The EVG
St. Croix Crossing LOL
St. Paul Area Teaching Society LOL
St. Vrain RMD
Stacked Deck DIX
Staff Inflection RMD
Staff Meeting SLD
Stage 4 EVG
Stage Door Johnnys FWD
Stage Four SUN
Stage Fright DIX
Stage Hogs FWD
Stage II DIX
Stage IV SLD
Stage Struck CAR
Stampede FWD
Standard Assembly CSD
Standard Deviation DIX
Standard, The RMD
Standing Room Only FWD
Standing Tall SWD
Star Sweepers ONT
Stardust FWD
Starlight LOL
Starlight LOL
Starlight Knights SWD
Starliners, The NED
Stars Over Texas SWD
Starting Gate NED
Starting Over MAD
Starting Pitchers, The ONT
State Line Grocery DIX
State Line Rivals CSD
State Of The Art LOL
State Of The Art CSD
State Route 4 JAD
State Street LOL
State Street Emporium FWD
State Street Sound Emporium RMD
Stateline Celebration CSD
Statesmen Select DIX
Stay Tuned SUN
Stay Tuned DIX
Stay Tuned! JAD
Steel City Blend JAD
Steel City Four DIX
Steel City Incline JAD
Step It Up CSD
Steppin' Out RMD
Steppin' Out NED
Stepping Stones CSD
Sterling SWD
Sterling Silver RMD
Still At Large CAR
Still Standin' SLD
Still Standing DIX
Still Standing NSC
Still Trying DIX
Still Under Warranty ONT
Still Vertical RMD
Sting, The ONT
Stock Arrangement DIX
Stockholm Syndrome INT
Stolen Basses ILL
Stolen Moments JAD
Stop The Clock ONT
Storm Front RMD
Straight Ahead EVG
Straight Up LOL
StraightShot NED
Streamline ILL
Streamline CSD
Street Corner Four NED
Street Lights SUN
StreetFair SUN
Strictly Barbershop DIX
Strike Four CAR
Strike Four! ONT
Strike Up The Band ILL
Strongest Link ILL
Students of the Game MAD
Studio 237 CSD
Studio 4 CSD
Studio 4 JAD
Studio One EVG
Studio One SWD
Stutz Bearcats, The SUN
Stylists, The RMD
Stylus LOL
Sufficient Grounds PIO
Sufficient Sounds JAD
Sugar Bears PIO
Sugar Daddies MAD
Sugar House RMD
Suit Up! FWD
Sum Of The Parts EVG
Summit Chord Company CAR
Summit City Sound CAR
Summit Club CAR
Summit, The RMD
Sump 'N' dfrnt PIO
Sun City Slickers SWD
Sun City Yankees SWD
Sun-Birds SUN
Suncoast Harmony SUN
Sundance SWD
Sunday Express ONT
Sunday Morning News NED
Sunday's Best SLD
Sundogs RMD
Sundown ILL
Sunflower Seeds CSD
Sunflower Statesmen CSD
Sunland Vocal Band RMD
Sunny Boys SUN
Sunny Boys, The SUN
Sunny Daze SUN
Sunny Side Up DIX
Sunnyside Up SUN
Sunpipers, The SUN
Sunrise FWD
Sunrise Sound SUN
Sunsations SUN
Sunset SUN
Sunshine Committee, The JAD
Sunshine Express SUN
Sunshine Express CAR
Super 8 NED
Super Tonic Transport DIX
SuperNova LOL
Supersonic NSC
Supertonic ONT
SureFire! CSD
Surround Sound ONT
Surround Sound FWD
Surround Sound MAD
Surround Sound CSD
Surround Sound RMD
Susquehanna Flats MAD
Susquehanna Sound MAD
Svelte Bros., The DIX
Swanee's Legacy NED
Sweater Vest SUN
Sweet Mother of Harmony DIX
Sweet Tea DIX
SweetSpot DIX
Swing City SWD
Swing Fever JAD
Swing Kids MAD
Swing Shift NED
Swing Shop ONT
Swing Street CSD
Swing Time MAD
Swing Time ONT
Swing Time CAR
Swing Vote JAD
Switch Chord Revival LOL
SwitchBack CSD
Swype LOL
Sycamore Road CAR
Symmetry ONT
Symmetry FWD
Sympatico MAD
Synchnicity MAD
Synchromesh EVG
Synchronize NSC
Syncopation RMD
Syncopations SLD
Syndicate CSD
Syndicate, The CAR
Synergy ILL
Synergy MAD
Syzygy MAD
T Minus 4 SLD
T-Model Chords CAR
Tabasco Cats CAR
Tag Alley CAR
Tag Team DIX
Taggin' Around JAD
Tagline CAR
Tagnabbit SWD
Tagtime CSD
Tahoe Blue FWD
Tailor-Made LOL
Take 2 ILL
Take 4 CSD
Take 4 NED
Take 5 MAD
Take Charge CSD
Take Four PIO
Take Note NED
Take Note ILL
Take Note FWD
Take Note EVG
Take the 5th DIX
Take Two LOL
Takin' A Chance FWD
Tale Draggers EVG
Talismen ILL
Talk of the South DIX
Talk of the Town JAD
Tall Order NED
Tall Order CSD
Tapestry NED
Target Achoired DIX
Taylorville Connection ILL
Tempest ONT
Temporary Arrangement SWD
Temporary Measures ONT
Ten Minute Intermission LOL
Ten O'Clock Shadow FWD
Tenacious Q FWD
Tenuousity CAR
Terminal Barbershop ONT
Test Drive ONT
Test Of Time JAD
Tetnicolor EVG
Teton Range RMD
Tetra LOL
Tetrad DIX
Texans, The SWD
Texas Pride SWD
Texoma Sound SWD
That Generation RMD
That Old Gang of Mine FWD
That's It! MAD
That's Life DIX
them DIX
Them There Guyz EVG
Themesters, The PIO
Then and Now SWD
There Goes The Neighborhood JAD
These 4 Guys CAR
Third And One CAR
Third Coast PIO
Third Generation SLD
Third Quarter MAD
Third Shift SWD
Third Time's A Charm SLD
This Qualified NED
This Qualified NED
This Space For Rent ONT
Thoroughfare RMD
Those Guys CAR
Those Meddling Kids ONT
Those War Years LOL
Three ONT
Three AARPs and a Flat ILL
Three And 1/2 JAD
Three Bills and Change MAD
Three Dads and a Lad NED
Three Dudes and a Guy JAD
Three Flakes & A Cheerio PIO
Three Good Looking Guys NED
Three Great Guys SLD
Three Guys With Soule CSD
Three Handsome Gentlemen CAR
Three Kids and a Goat DIX
Three Longs and A Short CAR
Three Majors and a Minor DIX
Three Nice Guys DIX
Three O'Clock Four DIX
Three of a Kind CSD
Three Out Of Four Ain't Bad SLD
Three Shades Of Gray ONT
Three Shades of Khaki CAR
Three Sharps and a Flat SLD
Three Shorts and a Long CSD
Three's A Charm SLD
Threez Company Fourz-a-Chord CAR
Threshold SWD
ThrillRide JAD
Throwback SUN
Throwdown FWD
Thumbs Up JAD
Thumbs Up DIX
Thunder Cats NED
Thunderbolt ONT
Thunderbox RMD
Thursday Night Forum JAD
Ti Amo ILL
Tickety-Boo ONT
Tilt EVG
Timbre Men, The LOL
Timbre Tones RMD
Time After Time PIO
Time After Time EVG
Time And Again DIX
Time Bandits CAR
Time Be Four FWD
Time Honored FWD
Time Of Your Life SWD
Time Out RMD
Time Out! PIO
Time Was MAD
Time Was FWD
Time-N-Again DIX
Timeless DIX
Timeless NSC
Timeless ONT
Timeless SLD
Timeless CAR
Timeless Reflections DIX
Timeless Tradition DIX
Timelines EVG
Timely Gents NED
Timepiece ILL
Timepiece NED
Timepiece DIX
Timepiece SLD
Times Gone Bye DIX
Times Square CAR
TimeSpan EVG
Tinnitus ILL
Titanics Barbershop Quartet, The CAR
To Be Determined LOL
To The Fore DIX
To The Max SLD
Today's Special PIO
Toll Road Connection CAR
Tomcats, The ONT
Tomcats, The DIX
Tomorrow's News SLD
Tonal Eclipse NED
Tonal Eclipse SUN
Tonal Eclipse SWD
Tonal Eclipse PIO
Tonal Insanity ILL
Tone Rangers, The JAD
Tone-Henge CSD
Tones of Fun JAD
Tonic ILL
Tonic FWD
Tonic Boom JAD
Tonics LOL
Too Square CAR
Too-Square MAD
Toon'z EVG
Top Billing CSD
Top Deck EVG
Top Dog DIX
Top Drawer Four NED
Top Flight CSD
Top of the Mark FWD
Top Rung EVG
Top Shelf MAD
Top Shelf JAD
Top Spin EVG
Top-Notch FWD
TopCats LOL
TopCats FWD
Tornado Alley CSD
Toss Up DIX
Touch of Old ILL
Touch of Old LOL
Touch Tones, The SLD
Touchstone EVG
Touchstone MAD
Touchstone MAD
Tour de Force SLD
Tourist Bait SUN
Town Meeting MAD
Town Squires, The EVG
Trade Secret DIX
Trade Secret NED
Trademark LOL
Trademark CSD
Trademark EVG
Trademark SLD
Tradewinds DIX
Tradewinds, The FWD
Tradition, The SWD
Traditionaires ILL
Traditionaires ILL
Trail Blazers SWD
Trailer Park Boys ONT
Trans4mation CSD
Transfusion DIX
Travelling Men NED
Trebled Spirits ILL
Treblemakers, The JAD
Trebleshooters CSD
Tree Top City SLD
Trends N Traditions CSD
Tri Town Sound CSD
Tri-City Chord Company EVG
Tri-City Slickers ONT
Tri-Counts ILL
Tri-County Reclamation Project ILL
Tribute MAD
Tribute ONT
Tribute ILL
Tricked Out JAD
Tripledee-queue EVG
Trocadero INT
Tropical Blend RMD
Tropical Blend SUN
Tropical Blend SUN
Tropical Depressions SUN
Tropix SUN
Troubadours, The SWD
Troubadours, The SLD
True Blue ILL
True North ONT
tsunami ILL
Tualatones EVG
Tucker Street NSC
Tuesday Night Alibi FWD
Tulsa Tones, The SWD
Tulsa Tradition, The SWD
Tune By Four LOL
Tune Clippers DIX
Tune In MAD
Tune Peddlers, The DIX
Tune Raiders PIO
Tune Squad, The JAD
Tune Struck FWD
Tune Tyme MAD
Tune Weavers PIO
Tunesville MAD
Tuning Grey CAR
Turn of the Century DIX
Turning Grey CAR
Turning Point JAD
Turning Point LOL
Turnpike Travelers NED
Tuxedo Junction SWD
Twenty Something SWD
Twilight LOL
Twilight JAD
Twilight Time FWD
Twilight Time DIX
Twilight Zone SWD
Twin City Alliance LOL
Twist of Fate ILL
Two From The Soo ONT
Two Pair JAD
Two Rivers Magic RMD
Two State Four CSD
TWO Young and TOO Old ILL
Two Young Two Be Old RMD
Two-Timers SUN
Tymes Four CAR
U.S. CAN-fusion! NED
U.S. Male RMD
U4(ee-uh) EVG
U4ia SWD
Uh-Huh ILL
Uinta Barbershop RMD
Ultimate Package, The CAR
UltraSound NED
UltraSound CSD
UltraSound NED
Ultrasound RMD
UltraSounds DIX
Unaccompanied Minors SLD
Unaccounted Four MAD
Unanimous FWD
Uncalled Four FWD
Uncle Ernie's Boys JAD
Under New Management PIO
Under The Wire SUN
Underground, The LOL
UnderStudy JAD
Unfinished Business JAD
Unfinished Business MAD
Unfinished business SWD
Union Station ONT
Union Station ILL
Universal SLD
Unlawful Assembly PIO
Unpaid Bills DIX
Untamed MAD
Untouchables, The DIX
Untouchables, The SWD
Unusual Suspects SLD
Up All Night MAD
Up All Night DIX
Up Four Grabs NED
Up Front DIX
Up'n@'m SWD
Upbeat EVG
Upbeat CSD
Upbeat JAD
Upper Crust CSD
Upper Deck PIO
Upper Range RMD
Uproar ONT
Uproar NED
Uproar! FWD
Upscale SWD
Upside Downers ILL
Upstage Sound PIO
Upstart CAR
Upstarts, The EVG
Upstate Blend SLD
Upstream DIX
Upswing EVG
Uptown 4 ONT
Uptown Connection DIX
Uptown Review ONT
Uptown Saturday Night NED
Uptown Sound JAD
Uranium CSD
Urban Legend EVG
Used And Abused SLD
Used Chord Salesmen JAD
Used Parts RMD
Usual Suspects, The FWD
Usual Suspects, The DIX
Vagrants, The FWD
Vaguely Familiar LOL
Valentones SLD
Valley Fever FWD
Valleyaires Pickup Quartet #1 CAR
Vanguard MAD
Vanguard SWD
Vanguard LOL
Vantage Point SWD
Vantage Point SUN
Variety FWD
Variety - Pak MAD
Variety Counts LOL
Varsity DIX
Varsity DIX
Varsity DIX
Varsity ILL
Varsity SWD
Varsity Club MAD
Varsity Club SLD
Vaudeville Knights LOL
Velcro RMD
Velocity FWD
Velvet Frogs FWD
Velvet Hammer ILL
Velvetones, The DIX
Venture CSD
Vericose Harmony EVG
Vermillion Voice RMD
Vertigo RMD
Very Idea, The PIO
Vested Interest SWD
Via Voice EVG
Vibe JAD
Vibe SUN
Vigilantes, The DIX
Vigortones CSD
Village Chordsmiths NED
Village Green NSC
Village Green DIX
Village Voices, The NED
Vintage DIX
Vintage ONT
Vintage Aires MAD
Vintage Airstream CAR
Vintage Blend FWD
Vintage Blend MAD
Vintage Collection ONT
Vintage Four NSC
Vintage Gold FWD
Vintage Music Company, The JAD
Vintage Sound NED
Vintage Sound CSD
Vintage Sound FWD
Vintage Stock CSD
Vintage Years LOL
Vintage! RMD
Virginia Breeze MAD
Virginia Gentlemen MAD
Virginia Ham MAD
Virtuoso JAD
Vital Signs NED
Vivace SWD
Vocaholics MAD
Vocal Accord INT
Vocal Affair LOL
Vocal Affinity ONT
Vocal Agreement ONT
Vocal Ambush CSD
Vocal Anomaly LOL
Vocal Artisans PIO
Vocal Attraction SWD
Vocal Choice CSD
Vocal Chords RMD
Vocal Command FWD
Vocal Connection MAD
Vocal Ease ILL
Vocal Ease JAD
Vocal Edge RMD
Vocal Edge SWD
Vocal Edition FWD
Vocal Edition MAD
Vocal Express LOL
Vocal Express JAD
Vocal Fury LOL
Vocal Fusion SWD
Vocal FX MAD
Vocal Gentry INT
Vocal Ignition ONT
Vocal Illusion SUN
Vocal Impact NED
Vocal Magic EVG
Vocal Menu ILL
Vocal Mischief RMD
Vocal Network SUN
Vocal Network ILL
Vocal News DIX
Vocal Parade ONT
Vocal Point SLD
Vocal Point SWD
Vocal Point ILL
Vocal Point LOL
Vocal Point LOL
Vocal Pointe DIX
Vocal Recall DIX
Vocal Spectrum CSD
Vocal Union FWD
Vocal Variations RMD
Vocal Vision NSC
Vocal Works EVG
VocalEase FWD
Vocalese MAD
Vocalion LOL
Vocalists, The EVG
Vocality LOL
Vocalmotion FWD
Vocalmotive CSD
Vocalworks EVG
VocalZone ONT
Vocatella RMD
Voce LOL
Voice Activated LOL
Voice Activation MAD
Voice Exchange CSD
Voice Male ILL
Voice Male SUN
Voice of Experience RMD
Voice Squad NED
Voicebox ONT
VoiceMale DIX
Voiceover CSD
Voices of Excellence FWD
Voices Only SWD
Voices Only LOL
Voices United NED
Voices Unlimited CSD
Voiceterous DIX
Voila!! ONT
Voisterous ONT
Voted off the Island RMD
Vox Populi CSD
VoxFire SUN
Vuja De ONT
Wabash Avenue CAR
Wailin' Avenue ILL
Wake Up Call FWD
Waldorf Hair Company ILL
Wanderers, The SUN
Wannabees DIX
Warehouse Flats MAD
Wasatch Sound RMD
Washington Squares Quartet EVG
Wave, The ONT
Wavelength JAD
Way Back When DIX
Way Out West EVG
Way Over 40-Four CAR
Wayward Sons JAD
We Fix Flats SUN
We Go to 11 CSD
We Love BC DIX
We Only Know Two Songs CAR
Weather Permitting FWD
Wee Small Hours SUN
Weehawkin Wonder Boys, The MAD
Weekend Agenda PIO
Weekend Edition SUN
Welcome Back PIO
Well Seasoned SWD
Well Seasoned PIO
Wellington Street ONT
Wellspring SWD
West 34th SWD
West 34th SWD
West By Northwest EVG
West Coast Edition FWD
West Coast Edition FWD
West Coast Fusion EVG
West Coast Ringers FWD
West Islanders NED
West Town Sound RMD
West Wall Street Music Store ILL
Western Alliance FWD
Western Union FWD
Western Union SWD
What 4 SUN
What a Blast! ONT
What R Friends 4 SLD
What's Next JAD
What? SLD
Whatchamacallitz RMD
Whatever Four SLD
Whatever Works JAD
Wheelhouse MAD
Wheelhouse CSD
Which Wayz Up? JAD
WhirlWind FWD
Whirlwind ONT
Whistle Stop MAD
Whistlin' Dixie DIX
Who's Counting INT
Who's on 7th? MAD
Who's On Bass? ILL
Whoa Nellie! DIX
Whole Notes, The PIO
Whoop 'Em Up FWD
Why Not Us? NED
Why Not? MAD
Why2K? DIX
Wild Cards FWD
Wild Cards, The FWD
Wild Fire SLD
Wild Irish Bros RMD
Wild Irish Rogues SLD
WildCard PIO
Wildcard EVG
Will Sing For Food MAD
William Kratt Chord Company, The SWD
Windfall PIO
Windjammers NED
Windy Citizens, The ILL
Winfield Four, The SLD
Wingin' It CSD
Wink and a Smile EVG
Winning Combination, The FWD
Wintry Mix NED
Wired For Sound JAD
Wireless LOL
Wise & Otherwise ONT
Wise Guys SUN
Wise Guys Reunion SUN
Wit's End ONT
Without A Clue RMD
Without A Doubt! CAR
Without A Prayer ILL
Wolf Pack LOL
Wood 'n Knickles ONT
Woodshed SWD
Work In Progress CSD
Workin' Class MAD
Works, The INT
Wort's Hogs CAR
Worth Noting JAD
Wound 4 Sound ILL
Wright Brothers, The DIX
Wuff Crick Fawr SLD
Wylde Oats CAR
X-factor LOL
X-Factor ONT
X-Factor JAD
X-static Sound JAD
x4 CAR
Xtraordinaires CSD
Xtraordinaires SUN
Xtreme FWD
Xtreme Measures JAD
Xtremities ONT
Y-City Sound JAD
Yankee Dime MAD
Yankee Doodle Boys SWD
Yankee Express NED
Yankee Ingenuity NED
Yankee Tradition NED
Yates Crossing CAR
Yates Crossing JAD
Ye Olde Artifacts FWD
Yes, Indeed MAD
Yesterday SLD
Yesterday Once More SLD
Yesterday Once More FWD
Yesterday's Heroes RMD
Yesterday's Memories PIO
Yesterday's News LOL
Yesterday, Today DIX
Yesterdaze CAR
Yesteryear JAD
Yet Another Chapter Quartet RMD
Yipes Stripes DIX
Yonge Guns ONT
You Bet! JAD
You Can't Call A Quartet That! LOL
You Don't Know Jack! SLD
You Kids Get Off My Lawn! NSC
You Say Tomato, I Say Barbershop CAR
Young And The Rest of Us, The ONT
Young At Heart SWD
Young At Heart CSD
Young Ones, The NSC
Young Urban Barbershoppers DIX
Youth Reclamation Project MAD
Zamboni Brothers DIX
Zero Hour NSC
ZigZag DIX
Zing! EVG
Zing! JAD
Zipline ILL
Zirconium SWD
Zodiac JAD


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