1999 Johnny Appleseed District


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Why Did I Tell You I Was Going To Shanghai78.0080.5079.5079.33
Let The End Of The World Come Tomorrow79.0080.0080.0079.67
Walkin' My Baby/When My Sugar (Medley)75.5080.0078.5078.00
Always (Ill Be Loving You)77.5079.0079.0078.50
Let's Get Away From It All73.5075.5075.5074.83
Black Eyed Susan Brown72.0073.5073.0072.83
My Old Kentucky Home74.0071.5071.0072.17
Ballin' The Jack70.0074.0069.0071.00
Bye, Bye Baby (Medley)68.5075.5072.0072.00
May I Never Love Again71.5077.5073.0074.00
Who'll Dry Your Tears When You Cry?68.5079.0072.0073.17
Mammy O' Mine66.5076.5069.0070.67
Beautiful Dreamer71.0071.0076.0072.67
Walkin' (Medley)70.5069.0074.5071.33
Smilin' Through67.0067.5074.0069.50
Happy Go Lucky Lane70.5070.5074.0071.67
When My Sugar Walks/Take My Sugar To Tea (Medley)68.5073.5070.0070.67
Little Girl70.5072.0069.0070.50
The Birth Of The Blues68.0074.5070.5071.00
Carolina's Calling68.0073.0070.5070.50
Ain't She Sweet68.5075.5066.0070.00
I Want A Girl68.0074.5064.5069.00
Ain't Misbehavin64.5077.0071.0070.83
Tin Roof Blues/Basin Street Blues68.0071.0069.5069.50
I Miss Mother Most Of All70.0068.5070.5069.67
Yes Sir, That's My Baby/Ain't She Sweet (Medley)68.0067.0073.0069.33
I Told Them All About You/I Love You (Medley)65.0068.0074.0069.00
Yours Is My Heart Alone62.5072.0068.0067.50
I Apologize68.0072.0071.5070.50
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie68.0072.0071.5070.50
Can't Get Her Off Off Your Mind67.0068.5068.5068.00
I'll Forget You70.5069.0070.0069.83
Who'll Dry Your Tears When You Cry?66.0071.0070.5069.17
Orange Colored Sky62.5069.0068.5066.67
Down Yonder67.5065.5065.5066.17
Forgive Me70.0067.0067.0068.00
In Good Old Days When Dollar Was A Dollar65.5066.0067.5066.33
Oh Susanna, Dust Off That Old Pianna65.0066.5067.5066.33
Do You Remember When?63.0063.5064.5063.67
Yes Sir, That's My Baby61.5062.0064.0062.50
Sweet Georgia Brown63.5064.0064.5064.00
Orange Colored Sky58.5062.0062.5061.00
Darktown Strutters Ball61.0063.0061.5061.83
Georgia On My Mind62.0062.5063.5062.67
If You Were The Only Girl In The World63.0061.5063.5062.67
When My Baby Smiles At Me61.0061.0062.5061.50
I'd Love To Live In Loveland60.5059.0067.0062.17
Story Of The Rose58.0060.5065.5061.33
Nobody Knows What A Redhead Mamma (Parody)60.5066.5059.5062.17
So Long, Mother (Parody)59.5063.0059.5060.67
I'm In Love Again/Them There Eyes (Medley)58.5063.0059.0060.17
If You Were The Only Girl In The World56.5061.5058.5058.83
Old Saint Louie63.5061.5058.0061.00
Who's Sorry Now?58.0058.5055.0057.17

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Bill Ornt - SLD
A - Phil Lundeen - SUN
A - Ed Waesche - MAD
A - Rob Hopkins - SLD
A - Joe Connelly - SUN
A - Larry Clemons - SWD
A - Don Kahl - SWD
A - Terry Aramian - FWD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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