2014 Far Western District


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Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody75.6780.0077.0077.56
Five Foot Two74.6779.0076.0076.56
Little Pal75.6779.6777.6777.67
You Are The One I Love74.3378.6776.0076.33
Ain't She Sweet?/Yes Sir, That's My Baby (Medley)73.6777.3374.0075.00
Lora-Belle Lee74.0078.0075.3375.78
Now Is The Hour74.3380.0076.6777.00
When You Wish Upon A Star74.0076.0075.3375.11
Steppin Out With My Baby74.3377.3375.3375.67
Somewhere Over The Rainbow74.3378.6778.0077.00
Glory Of Love73.0078.0075.6775.56
That's Life73.3373.6774.3373.78
If I Only Had A Brain75.0075.0075.3375.11
After You've Gone70.6771.3373.6771.89
The Party's Over69.0072.3373.0071.44
Bright Was The Night72.0070.0072.6771.56
Somebody Loves Me72.6770.6771.6771.67
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey71.0071.0072.0071.33
Where The Southern Roses Grow70.6770.3371.0070.67
Why Dont You Fall In Love With Me?/Undecided (Medley)72.0071.6771.0071.56
Pal Of My Cradle Days70.6770.6769.3370.22
Why Did I Tell You I Was Going To Shanghai70.6772.0071.6771.44
Looking Through My Window68.0072.6770.6770.44
May I Never Love Again70.0069.0071.3370.11
Just Look At Me Now69.6769.3370.6769.89
Moonlight Becomes You71.0071.3374.3372.22
Sweet Lorraine68.6770.0071.3370.00
I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair67.6768.6770.6769.00
Darktown Strutters Ball67.6767.6770.6768.67
Time After Time (1947)69.3370.6771.3370.44
Hello My Baby68.3370.6769.6769.56
Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time70.6767.3371.0069.67
Orange Colored Sky67.3366.0067.6767.00
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie67.6763.6771.3367.56
Down Our Way/Sweet Adeline (Medley)67.3369.3371.0069.22
Where The Southern Roses Grow68.3369.0067.0068.11
It's Only A Paper Moon68.0066.6766.0066.89
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia66.0066.6765.0065.89
When She Loved Me64.6766.3365.0065.33
Georgia On My Mind67.3368.3367.3367.67
What'll I Do?66.3368.3366.0066.89
Let Me Hear The Memphis Blues67.3367.6767.3367.44
When You Were Sweet Sixteen67.3365.0066.6766.33
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter66.0065.0068.0066.33
I Don't Know Why I Love You Like I Do66.6765.3368.0066.67
If I Had My Way68.3364.3367.3366.67
Play A Song Like Daddy Used To Play67.0064.3366.6766.00
Come Fly With Me65.0065.3365.3365.22
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?65.0066.0064.3365.11
Recipe For Making Love69.6764.6766.3366.89
I'll Forget You64.3363.0065.0064.11
Hard Hearted Hannah65.0063.0065.6764.56
Take Good Care Of Yourself, You Belong To Me64.3362.0063.3363.22
Take Me Down To Burbon Street64.0061.6764.0063.22
As Time Goes By65.3365.0064.6765.00
Just A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet61.6761.3359.3360.78
I Don't Know Why I Love You Like I Do59.0060.3359.6759.67
Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)60.0058.6758.6759.11
The Way You Look Tonight58.3358.0059.0058.44

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Ken Galloway, Jr - EVG
A - Roger Meyer - LOL
S - Brent Graham - EVG
S - Raymond Schwarzkopf - CSD
S - Steve Johnson - NED
F - Brent Graham - EVG
F - Raymond Schwarzkopf - CSD
F - Steve Johnson - NED
S - Marty Lovick - EVG
S - Roger Stanfield - LOL
S - Roger Mills - FWD
F - Marty Lovick - EVG
F - Roger Stanfield - LOL
F - Roger Mills - FWD
S - Alan Gordon - FWD
S - Harry Haflett - NED
S - Ig Jakovac - MAD
F - Alan Gordon - FWD
F - Harry Haflett - NED
F - Ig Jakovac - MAD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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