2000 Seneca Land Prelims


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If I Could Be With You68.5075.5076.0073.33
A Girl Could Drive A Man Crazy70.0078.0074.0074.00
I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair74.5078.5076.5076.50
You Were Only A Boy, Little Pal74.5081.5078.0078.00
Walkin' My Baby/When My Sugar (Medley)68.5074.5073.0072.00
I'm Alone Because I Love You66.0072.5069.0069.17
My Wonderful One72.5079.0078.0076.50
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye70.5077.5076.5074.83
I Wish I Had Known The Girl68.0074.0076.5072.83
Paper Moon70.0076.5077.0074.50
No One Loves You Better Than Your M-A-Double-M-Y71.5075.5070.0072.33
So Long, Mother72.5076.0070.0072.83
I'd Give A Million Tomorrows70.0076.0073.5073.17
Seems Like Old Times69.0076.0073.0072.67
Smilin' Through72.0076.5071.5073.33
Alexander's Ragtime Band66.0075.5072.0071.17
When My Baby Smiles At Me63.0068.0066.0065.67
In My Merry Oldsmobile67.5074.5070.0070.67
Mammy O' Mine69.0074.0070.5071.17
Old Favorites Medley67.5070.5063.5067.17
Last Night Was The End Of The World64.0073.5060.5066.00
Yes Sir, That's My Baby66.0072.0069.0069.00
Sweet And Lovely65.0074.0063.5067.50
Let The Rest Of The World Go By64.5069.5069.0067.67
Peg O My Heart64.0069.5068.5067.33
Who's Sorry Now?64.5068.0065.0065.83
Minnie The Mermaid63.5066.5063.5064.50
Moolight Bay (Parody)62.0065.5063.0063.50
If You Were The Only Girl In The World63.5074.0071.5069.67
Let The Rest Of The World Go By64.5073.5070.0069.33
Pal Of My Dreams62.5065.5069.0065.67
Nobody Knows What A Red Head Mama Can Do63.5065.5068.0065.67
Who's Sorry Now?61.0064.5063.0062.83
Nothing Seems The Same Anymore65.5066.5067.0066.33
I Love A Jolson Song61.0068.0064.5064.50
Hello My Baby58.0065.0060.5061.17
Do You Really, Really Love Me?68.0070.5065.5068.00
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz66.0072.5061.5066.67
When A Dollar Was A Dollar65.5063.0068.0065.50
At The End Of A Cobblestone Road64.0062.5063.5063.33
My Gal Sal62.5061.0058.0060.50
I Used To Call Her Baby62.5063.5061.5062.50
Love/Eyes (Medley)61.0063.5060.0061.50
Pal Of My Cradle Days62.5062.0059.0061.17
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie59.5066.0055.0060.17
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner58.0057.0063.0059.33
Ain't Misbehavin56.0059.0062.5059.17
Let's Get Away From It All57.5060.5056.0058.00
Let The Rest Of The World Go By56.5061.0058.0058.50
Lulu's Back In Town60.0053.5055.0056.17
Lora-Belle Lee60.0055.5054.5056.67
Hello, Mary Lou59.5054.5056.0056.67
Heart And Soul57.0055.5054.5055.67
Sweet And Lovely51.5057.0055.5054.67
On The Farm In Old Missouri55.5057.0053.0055.17
Who Told You?55.5051.5051.0052.67
Oh, How I Miss You Tonight52.5047.0050.5050.00
Heart And Soul47.0050.0047.5048.17
Always (Ill Be Loving You)52.5053.0050.0051.83
Sweet And Lovely50.0049.0046.5048.50
If I Could Write A Song52.5051.0046.5050.00
Let Me Call You Sweetheart49.0050.0049.0049.33
Story Of The Rose49.5048.5047.5048.50
Story Of The Rose51.0049.0044.5048.17
Let Me Call You Sweetheart50.0048.0041.5046.50
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along52.0048.0046.0048.67
I'm Afraid The Masqueiade Is Over47.0046.5042.0045.17
I Love A Jolson Song45.0043.0046.0044.67
I'm Still Having Fun47.0049.5049.0048.50

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Chuck Watson - MAD
A - Curt Roberts - NED
A - Mell Knight - LOL
A - Steve Jamison - SLD
A - Barry Clapper - LOL
A - Dale Thomas - MAD
A - Bob McFadden - JAD
A - David Mills - SUN

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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