2014 Far Western Prelims


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The Nearness Of You86.3386.0087.6786.67
You Took Advantage Of Me88.0085.3387.6787.00
Feeling Good86.3385.0086.3385.89
Cheek To Cheek/My Blue Heaven (Medley)85.6786.0087.0086.22
Looking At You/I Love You (Medley)82.6783.3382.6782.89
All I Need Now Is The Girl83.0084.3383.0083.44
The Very Thought Of You85.0084.6784.6784.78
Everybody Wants To Be A Cat84.3386.0085.6785.33
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring80.6781.0081.6781.11
Rock It To (For) Me80.6781.6780.6781.00
It Happened In Monterey82.6782.3381.3382.11
Drivin' Me Crazy76.3375.6777.6776.56
When You Wish Upon A Star77.3377.3378.3377.67
Glory Of Love77.3377.0077.3377.22
Somewhere Over The Rainbow76.6776.3378.3377.11
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody76.0076.3378.0076.78
Five Foot Two75.6777.0078.6777.11
1927 Kansas City74.6777.3376.3376.11
Trolley Song75.6777.3376.0076.33
Just Look At Me Now74.0073.6771.0072.89
My Ideal73.3372.6772.6772.89
That Old Feeling73.0071.0072.0072.00
Sleepy Time Gal70.6771.6771.6771.33
Smilin' Through71.6772.6773.0072.44
Time After Time (1947)73.3372.6771.6772.56
Play A Good Old Ragtime Song72.6771.6772.3372.22
After You've Gone70.3370.3369.6770.11
If I Only Had A Brain72.6770.6770.6771.33
That's Life74.3372.0072.3372.89
The Party's Over72.6772.0071.6772.11
Looking Through My Window71.6770.6770.3370.89
Why Did I Tell You I Was Going To Shanghai71.0068.6768.6769.44
Why Dont You Fall In Love With Me?/Undecided (Medley)73.0072.0070.3371.78
When You Look In The Heart Of A Rose71.3370.3370.6770.78
Moonlight Becomes You71.0071.3369.0070.44
Sweet Lorraine69.6771.0067.3369.33
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes70.6769.3369.3369.78
Just Look At Me Now68.6769.0067.3368.33
All Of Me73.3372.6775.6773.89
Cry Me A River74.0072.6777.0074.56
The Way You Look Tonight73.6773.6778.0075.11
Look Me Up When Youre In Dixie73.3373.6776.6774.56
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You77.0077.3380.0078.11
Mood Indigo77.3378.6780.0078.67

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Ken Galloway, Jr - EVG
A - Kent Richarson - FWD
S - Cary Burns - JAD
S - Ken Potter - RMD
S - Tony Sparks - RMD
F - Cary Burns - JAD
F - Ken Potter - RMD
F - Tony Sparks - RMD
S - Dusty Schleier - MAD
S - Martin Fredstrom - EVG
S - Shawn Mondragon - EVG
F - Dusty Schleier - MAD
F - Martin Fredstrom - EVG
F - Shawn Mondragon - EVG
S - Alan Gordon - FWD
S - Brett Littlefield - FWD
S - Dave Tautkus - FWD
F - Alan Gordon - FWD
F - Brett Littlefield - FWD
F - Dave Tautkus - FWD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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