2011 Rocky Mountain District


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Almost Like Being In Love76.5078.0076.0076.83
Then I'll Be Tired Of You77.0077.0078.0077.33
Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie74.5079.0078.5077.33
A Little Patch Of Heaven79.5079.5079.0079.33
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie75.0073.0075.0074.33
I'd Like To Get You On A Slow Boat To China76.5073.0074.5074.67
It's A Brand New Day74.0068.0071.5071.17
When Theres Love At Home71.5069.0071.0070.50
Birth Of The Blues76.5074.0071.5074.00
Just In Time73.5072.5070.0072.00
All Of Me74.5072.0071.5072.67
Alice Blue Gown73.5070.5071.0071.67
My Ideal72.5067.5067.5069.17
Drivin' Me Crazy71.0069.5069.5070.00
Story Of The Rose68.0067.5066.0067.17
Sweet Georgia Brown67.0067.5067.0067.17
If I Had The Heart Of A Clown72.5067.5068.5069.50
Naughty Angeline71.0066.5067.0068.17
Song For Mary70.0068.0066.0068.00
All Of Me70.0066.5065.0067.17
Happy Days And Lonely Nights66.0070.0066.5067.50
You Keep Coming Back Like A Song67.5070.5067.5068.50
You And I67.0069.0067.0067.67
I Don't Know Enough/I Don't Know Why (Medley)67.0069.0068.0068.00
A Sunday Kind Of Love69.5071.5066.0069.00
Just In Time67.5069.0065.0067.17
For All We Know67.0069.5064.5067.00
Sugar Cane Jubilee65.0069.0065.5066.50
Just In Time67.0069.5066.0067.50
Steppin Out With My Baby65.0068.5065.5066.33
It's Only A Paper Moon65.5069.0065.0066.50
That's An Irish Lullaby66.0069.0063.5066.17
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet65.0061.5065.5064.00
I Want A Girl65.0062.0065.5064.17
Hello, Mary Lou61.5058.0062.5060.67
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye61.0059.5063.0061.17
Bye Bye Blues63.0064.5061.0062.83
Firefly/Glow Worm (Medley)63.0064.0061.0062.67
Bye Bye Blues59.0060.5062.0060.50
It's Only A Paper Moon59.5060.0062.0060.50
When It's Night Time In Dixie Land57.5061.5060.5059.83
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart59.5062.5060.5060.83
There Never Was A Gang Like That Old Gang Of Mine62.5059.0055.5059.00
Cross That Mason Dixon Line64.0059.0058.5060.50
All The World Will Be Jealous Of Me60.0059.5057.0058.83
On The Sunny Side Of The Street60.5060.5059.0060.00
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do52.0061.0060.5057.83
Let The Rest Of The World Go By60.0059.5063.0060.83
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie58.5057.0060.0058.50
I Don't Mind Being All Alone60.0058.0062.0060.00
If I Had The Heart Of A Clown61.0059.0055.5058.50
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes60.0060.0055.0058.33
The Little Boy59.0053.0056.0056.00
I Ain't Got Nobody59.5055.0056.5057.00
Goodbye, My Lady Love57.5057.5054.0056.33
Once In Love With Amy58.5059.5051.0056.33
I've Gotta Be On My Way57.5060.0051.5056.33
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner56.5054.5053.0054.67
Nobody Knows What A Red Head Mama Can Do53.0053.5049.0051.83
The Sweetest Song In The World49.5052.0048.0049.83
By The Sea48.5051.0048.0049.17
Under The Boardwalk20.0043.0038.0033.67

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Randy Rensi - SWD
S - Jim Kahlke - FWD
S - Rod Sgrignoli - RMD
F - Jim Kahlke - FWD
F - Rod Sgrignoli - RMD
S - Sean Devine - MAD
S - Steve Plumb - NED
F - Sean Devine - MAD
F - Steve Plumb - NED
S - Brian Barford - JAD
S - David Mills - SUN
F - Brian Barford - JAD
F - David Mills - SUN
A - Jeff Selano - DIX

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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