2010 Seneca Land District


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Stormy Weather76.5077.5077.0077.00
Who'll Dry Your Tears When You Cry?76.0077.0076.0076.33
When I Leave The World Behind73.5073.0074.0073.50
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You73.5070.5074.0072.67
You Make Me Feel Brand New72.0071.0074.5072.50
There's A Vacant Chair At Home Sweet Home72.5070.0074.5072.33
If We Can't Be The Same Old Sweethearts73.0069.5068.0070.17
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad72.5070.5069.5070.83
Who Can I Turn To?71.5071.5069.0070.67
After You've Gone70.5069.0071.0070.17
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning71.5070.5071.5071.17
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You70.5071.5071.5071.17
Lora-Belle Lee72.5065.0069.5069.00
Apple Blossom Time72.0065.5071.0069.50
I'll Be Seeing You71.5062.5066.0066.67
Old Folks At Home68.5059.5073.5067.17
Old Saint Louie69.0061.0073.0067.67
Let The Rest Of The World Go By70.5062.0066.0066.17
Love Me, And The World Is Mine70.0059.0064.0064.33
Side By Side66.0063.0065.0064.67
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia66.0064.0064.5064.83
Almost Like Being In Love65.5061.0065.5064.00
Wonderful Day (Medley)66.0061.0064.5063.83
When Theres Love At Home63.5067.0066.0065.50
When My Baby Smiles At Me62.5067.0063.5064.33
That Tumble Down Shack In Athlone64.0062.5065.5064.00
Steppin Out With My Baby60.5062.5062.5061.83
Drivin' Me Crazy64.5062.0064.0063.50
Who Told You?65.0062.5065.5064.33
Back In The Good Old Days65.0063.5066.5065.00
There's A Tree In The Meadow63.5061.0064.0062.83
Hello My Baby64.0062.0064.5063.50
On The Sunny Side Of The Street64.0062.0063.5063.17
Old Saint Louie65.5061.0063.5063.33
Nobody Knows What A Red Head Mama Can Do63.5060.0061.5061.67
Old Folks At Home65.5059.0062.0062.17
I Told Them All About You/You Dear (Medley)65.0060.0063.0062.67
Each Time I Fall In Love60.5061.0061.0060.83
Where The Southern Roses Grow60.5062.0059.5060.67
Sweet Georgia Brown58.5056.5054.5056.50
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart58.0056.0054.0056.00
You Made Me Love You55.5057.0056.0056.17
Down Among The Sugar Cane55.5057.0055.5056.00
Please Mr. Columbus, Turn The Ship Around56.0051.0052.5053.17
Hot Dogs Forever (Medley)54.5051.5051.5052.50

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Jack Edgerton - LOL
S - Dave Rubin - JAD
S - Joe Cerutti - SLD
F - Dave Rubin - JAD
F - Joe Cerutti - SLD
S - Larry Clemons - SWD
S - Scott Wilson - SLD
F - Larry Clemons - SWD
F - Scott Wilson - SLD
S - Jeremy Conover - CAR
S - Ken Fisher - ONT
F - Jeremy Conover - CAR
F - Ken Fisher - ONT
A - Jeff Selano - DIX

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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