2010 Illinois District


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Love Me, And The World Is Mine78.0075.5081.0078.17
South Rampart Street Parade78.5076.5081.0078.67
Story Of The Rose78.5078.0080.5079.00
Honey - Little 'Lize (Medley)76.5075.5077.0076.33
The Way You Look Tonight74.0072.0075.5073.83
Put Your Head On My Shoulder71.5067.5072.5070.50
Don't Blame Me72.0069.5071.0070.83
Rock It To (For) Me74.0073.0075.0074.00
Come Fly With Me72.5072.0073.0072.50
Be My Good Luck Charm71.5071.0070.0070.83
Big Band Days (Medley)71.5071.5072.0071.67
You Make Me Feel So Young70.0070.0069.5069.83
Sing An Old Fashioned Song To A Young Lady72.0071.5069.5071.00
Beautiful Dreamer69.5068.0071.5069.67
Beale Street Mama72.0069.5073.5071.67
Swanee River71.0067.5071.0069.83
My Ideal69.5071.0069.0069.83
After You've Gone68.5070.5069.0069.33
It's Only A Paper Moon68.0067.0066.0067.00
May I Never Love Again67.0068.5068.5068.00
Paper Doll68.0068.5072.5069.67
How Deep Is The Ocean66.5066.0070.0067.50
Baby's Request66.0068.0072.0068.67
I Love A Piano67.5066.5070.5068.17
Let The Rest Of The World Go By67.0069.5067.5068.00
I'd Like To Get You On A Slow Boat To China66.5067.5067.0067.00
Tin Roof Blues68.5067.0068.0067.83
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes65.5066.0068.5066.67
When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry65.5070.0064.5066.67
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes65.0070.5065.5067.00
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia65.5066.5067.5066.50
If I Had The Heart Of A Clown66.0067.5066.5066.67
Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again67.0067.0066.5066.83
Original Dixieland One-Step66.0064.5068.5066.33
One For My Baby68.0069.5067.5068.33
Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses65.5066.5066.0066.00
I'll Be Seeing You65.0064.5064.5064.67
Till There Was You68.0066.5067.0067.17
Smilin' Through65.5064.5064.5064.83
May I Never Love Again67.0065.5066.5066.33
Each Time I Fall In Love65.0064.0067.5065.50
Come Fly With Me65.5065.5068.0066.33
If I Only Had A Brain65.0064.5066.0065.17
Kentucky Babe65.0066.0067.5066.17
I'm Tying Leaves So They Won't Come Down66.5061.5066.0064.67
If All My Dreams Were Made Of Gold66.0063.0065.0064.67
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia63.5063.0066.0064.17
When Theres Love At Home63.5062.5062.0062.67
Peg O My Heart60.5062.0059.0060.50
Down By The Riverside60.0052.0063.5058.50
Gang That Sang 'Heart Of My Heart'61.0055.5063.5060.00
Bye Bye Blues62.0060.5053.5058.67
It's A Good Day62.0059.0054.5058.50
I Want A Girl57.5054.5054.5055.50
Moonlight Bay57.0055.5053.5055.33

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Chuck Harner - MAD
A - Jack Ryback - LOL
S - Kevin Keller - CSD
S - Steve Delehanty - MAD
F - Kevin Keller - CSD
F - Steve Delehanty - MAD
S - Gene Spilker - CSD
S - Ritchie Lavene - MAD
F - Gene Spilker - CSD
F - Ritchie Lavene - MAD
S - John Ward - MAD
S - Phil DeBar - FWD
F - John Ward - MAD
F - Phil DeBar - FWD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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