2009 Dixie Prelims


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How Are Things In Glocca Morra?85.5086.0088.5086.67
Blue Kentucky Moon87.0086.0087.0086.67
Danny Boy93.5086.0092.0090.50
Recipe For Love77.0078.0078.0077.67
One For My Baby78.5079.0078.5078.67
Yesterday I Heard The Rain81.0081.5077.5080.00
A Wink And A Smile80.0080.5078.0079.50
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad75.5073.5075.0074.67
Little Girl73.5073.0075.5074.00
Old Saint Louie74.0073.0075.0074.00
You're As Welcome As The Flowers In May76.0072.0074.5074.17
Kiss Me One More Time73.0074.5073.0073.50
By The Sea/Good Old Summertime (Medley)72.0076.0074.0074.00
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes71.0070.5072.5071.33
Ride The Railroad Tonight72.5071.5072.0072.00
When My Baby Smiles At Me71.0072.0074.0072.33
You're The Girl I Love70.5072.0074.0072.17
Naughty Angeline68.5069.5072.5070.17
They'll Have To Pass The Apples Again (Medley)70.5071.5073.5071.83
Alamo Rag68.5073.0071.0070.83
Am I Wasting My Time On You?66.0071.5071.5069.67
Oh, You Beautiful Doll70.5068.5072.5070.50
All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart69.0068.0071.5069.50
All Of Me65.0070.5073.0069.50
Sunshine Of Your Smile65.0068.0073.5068.83
I Don't Know Enough/I Don't Know Why (Medley)67.5069.5072.5069.83
Little Boy68.5069.0073.5070.33
All Alone65.0065.0064.5064.83
After You've Gone68.0067.0066.5067.17
If I Had The Heart Of A Clown69.5070.0067.0068.83
Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella66.5066.0067.5066.67
I've Come To Take You Back Home64.5063.0059.5062.33
I'm Alone Because I Love You64.5058.0060.0060.83
Where The Southern Roses Grow66.5064.0062.0064.17
When Theres Love At Home68.5067.0063.5066.33
Daddy's Little Girl60.5060.0064.5061.67
Sweet Georgia Brown60.5062.5065.0062.67
Just In Time64.5063.0064.0063.83
May I Never Love Again64.5061.5063.5063.17
Everybody Loves A Lover55.5062.0060.0059.17
My Honey's Lovin' Arms60.0064.0059.0061.00
My Honey's Lovin' Arms65.0059.0059.0061.00
I Miss You Most Of All58.5055.5060.0058.00
Put Me To Sleep With An Old Fashioned Melody58.5058.5058.5058.50
Little Pal55.5055.5059.0056.67
Walkin' My Baby Back Home57.5055.0059.0057.17
Sweet And Lovely57.0051.5058.5055.67
Sweet And Lovely58.5054.0056.5056.33
Shine On Me59.0050.0058.5055.83
Old Cape Cod54.0057.0055.0055.33
Sweet Georgia Brown54.5059.0056.5056.67
Let The Rest Of The World Go By56.0054.0057.5055.83
Yes Sir, That's My Baby53.0049.0054.5052.17
Georgia On My Mind50.0050.0053.0051.00
Ain't Misbehavin52.5051.5053.5052.50

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Brian Ayers - EVG
A - Chris Buechler - MAD
A - Jay Giallombardo - ILL
A - Marty Israel - MAD
A - Bobby Gray Jr. - SWD
A - Marty Lovick - EVG
A - Dale Comer - CSD
A - Tom Woodall - ILL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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