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Don't Be A Baby, Baby89.8089.4089.6089.60
Just Look At Me Now89.6091.2090.4090.40
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You89.4090.8087.6089.27
You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, And You're Mine89.4091.8089.0090.07
Take Good Care Of Yourself, You Belong To Me89.2089.0088.4088.87
Drivin' Me Crazy90.2090.4089.6090.07
Georgia May88.4088.2086.4087.67
Just A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet87.0085.4086.2086.20
A Little Patch Of Heaven89.4089.6088.8089.27
Just A Kid Named Joe (Parody)90.4093.0089.4090.93
Daddy's Little Girl90.6091.4089.0090.33
Mobile/Down Mobile (Medley)90.0091.4090.0090.47
Blue Kentucky Moon87.8089.8087.4088.33
Your Cheatin' Heart87.0089.8088.0088.27
How Are Things In Glocca Morra?86.6088.8089.2088.20
Danny Boy89.0090.4089.0089.47
East Of The Rockies/Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (Medley)87.6089.6088.8088.67
Sam, The Old Accordion Man87.0088.2088.4087.87
Hello My Baby86.8087.8088.6087.73
All The Way88.4089.2089.8089.13
The More I See You89.0088.2088.2088.47
Paper Doll87.0090.2088.2088.47
Last Night Was The End Of The World90.8091.4090.2090.80
I Want A Girl89.6091.0090.8090.47
Dear Old Girl86.4087.0085.0086.13
Piano Roll Blues87.8088.8085.0087.20
Just A Bundle Of Old Love Letters88.6088.0086.2087.60
Old School (Medley)82.0087.4082.6084.00
Ballin' The Jack (Medley) (Parody)85.2086.4083.8085.13
Don't Fence Me In84.8089.8085.0086.53
Where Or When84.0092.0087.8087.93
Comes Love86.0088.6086.0086.87
I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face (Parody)86.0093.8087.2089.00
Don't Ask Me Why (Parody)86.6095.4086.8089.60
Do - Re - Mi85.6087.0086.2086.27
The Way You Look Tonight86.4086.4086.8086.53
When It's Sleepy Time Down South85.8088.0088.0087.27
At Last88.4088.0088.6088.33
Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered87.4087.6088.6087.87
They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me86.2089.6086.8087.53
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes87.2091.6087.0088.60
It's Magic85.0087.8085.0085.93
I'm In Love Again/Them There Eyes (Medley)87.6089.4086.4087.80
Don't Blame Me85.8085.8084.6085.40
Bad Old Songs (Medley)84.4083.8083.2083.80
Georgia On My Mind85.6087.6086.6086.60
Sugar (That Sugar Baby O' Mine)85.4086.6085.8085.93
They Say Its Wonderful84.8085.4086.4085.53
A Sunday Kind Of Love87.2086.2086.6086.67
You're A Heavenly Thing85.6085.4085.4085.47
Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead84.2084.2084.0084.13
Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered84.2084.8085.8084.93
Rock It To (For) Me83.6083.6084.4083.87
Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On81.6083.0084.0082.87
I Thought About You86.2083.8085.6085.20
Alamo Rag84.4084.0085.0084.47
That's Life84.6084.2084.2084.33
Honey Bun82.8084.0082.2083.00
If I Only Had A Brain84.4084.0084.6084.33
All I Need Now Is The Girl82.8083.8082.8083.13
Moonlight Becomes You82.8083.4083.0083.07
Recipe For Making Love81.8083.6082.4082.60
That's All82.2085.2084.2083.87
I've Got The World On A String82.4084.4083.4083.40
Summertime (Parody)80.6085.2080.0081.93
Good Luck Charm (Parody)82.0085.0080.4082.47
Second Time Around (Parody)82.4086.2081.4083.33
The Barbershop Strut (Parody)81.4084.2078.8081.47
Jazz Came Up The River From New Orleans83.0082.2081.6082.27
Jazz Me Blues82.6082.0081.2081.93
The Song's Gotta Come From The Heart84.2083.6081.6083.13
Let The Rest Of The World Go By82.2081.8081.6081.87
Memories Of A Song In My Heart83.4081.0083.8082.73
That Rhythm Man83.0081.8083.2082.67
I've Lost All My Love For You81.6081.6082.0081.73
Alabama Jubilee82.0081.6081.6081.73
Yo Mama81.2081.6079.6080.80
Old Man Time82.4082.4080.4081.73
The Truth About Men83.2083.6082.8083.20
You Make Me Feel So Young82.4084.2081.4082.67
Yes Sir, That's My Baby81.8081.8080.8081.47
Basin Street Blues82.0080.8082.8081.87
Piano Roll Blues82.2081.8082.8082.27
I've Got A Crush On You81.2081.4083.2081.93
It's A Lovely Day81.6081.0083.0081.87
Mean To Me81.4081.4083.4082.07
Recipe For Making Love81.0081.8082.6081.80
That Tumble Down Shack In Athlone80.6081.4082.2081.40
When It's Night Time In Dixie Land80.4081.0081.6081.00
You Made Me Love You80.4080.2080.0080.20
Who'll Take My Place When I'm Gone80.6081.0080.8080.80
If I Love Again80.6085.4078.6081.53
Alexander's Ragtime Band81.6087.6078.4082.53
Embraceable You (Parody)79.0080.2079.2079.47
Bubble (Medley)79.4081.2077.0079.20
The Shadow Of Your Smile80.2080.4081.6080.73
You're Nobody Til' Somebody Wants You/Ain't80.0080.6081.0080.53
Every Day Of My Life81.4079.8081.2080.80
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen80.8079.4080.6080.27
If I Give My Heart To You83.0080.8079.2081.00
Look Me Up When You're In Dixie (Parody)80.4079.2079.4079.67
I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me78.4081.2079.0079.53
Young And Foolish (Parody)80.6083.2079.2081.00
Mistakes (Parody)78.8079.6079.6079.33
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye80.4082.4080.4081.07
That Old Feeling80.4079.0078.8079.40
Late Night TV (Medley)79.6082.4076.8079.60
Middle Aged Man79.2081.8077.2079.40
All The Way81.0079.4080.2080.20
Takin' A Chance On Love79.0078.2078.6078.60
I Love Jazz (Medley)77.4079.2079.6078.73
Little Girl78.4080.2081.2079.93
My Ideal80.8078.2080.2079.73
Just In Time80.0078.2078.6078.93
At Last79.0079.0080.8079.60
Singin'! (Medley)76.0079.6080.6078.73
All The Way80.0079.4079.8079.73
Be My Life's Companion78.4078.0079.2078.53
Glory Of Love78.8079.0079.6079.13
Yes Sir, That's My Baby/Ain't She Sweet/When My Sugar (Medle79.4079.2079.8079.47
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along77.8078.8077.6078.07
How About Me?78.6077.6079.4078.53
B & O Line78.0078.4079.2078.53
You're As Welcome As The Flowers In May78.4078.8079.0078.73
Be My Good Luck Charm78.4078.6078.0078.33
Your Cheatin' Heart77.4078.2079.0078.20
Naughty Angeline79.6078.2077.0078.27
Somewhere Over The Rainbow78.8078.0078.4078.40
It's Impossible78.8077.8078.4078.33
A Shine On Your Shoes77.6078.4077.0077.67
Till There Was You77.6076.6079.2077.80
When It's Night Time In Dixie Land77.4077.6078.2077.73
It's Only A Paper Moon76.4078.6078.4077.80
What Kind Of Fool Am I?75.6078.2078.4077.40
It's Impossible77.8076.4078.0077.40
When Theres Love At Home76.8077.0077.6077.13
After You've Gone78.2075.8075.8076.60
I'll Be Seeing You78.2077.8077.4077.80
B & O Line77.6077.4076.6077.20
Cuddle Up A Little Closer76.0077.2076.8076.67
Smooth Sailin77.0078.0076.8077.27
Big Man Land (Parody)75.2076.6076.6076.13
All Of Me75.4076.0076.6076.00
If I Only Had A Brain75.6076.0075.6075.73
How Deep Is The Ocean74.6075.4075.2075.07
Sweet Lorraine72.4075.8074.6074.27
Somewhere Over The Rainbow74.0074.8074.0074.27
You Make Me Feel So Young74.0075.4074.2074.53
It's Only A Paper Moon74.4074.0073.6074.00
I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair74.4074.0074.6074.33
Shakin' The Blues Away71.6072.0072.4072.00
How Deep Is The Ocean71.6073.0072.2072.27
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You72.0074.2071.4072.53

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Doug Arrington - RMD
A - Jim Sams - DIX
A - Jim Nolan - NED
A - Bob Brock - EVG
A - Kevin Keller - CSD
A - Paul Wigley - LOL
A - Scott Kitzmiller - CAR
A - Steve Delehanty - MAD
A - Barry Towner - ONT
A - George Gipp - ILL
A - Jim Bagby - CSD
A - Jim Coates - JAD
A - Ritchie Lavene - MAD
A - Dale Comer - CSD
A - Darryl Flinn - JAD
A - Ed Williamson - SUN
A - Hank Hammer - SWD
A - Phil DeBar - FWD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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