2007 Central States Prelims


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Yes Sir, That's My Baby81.0083.5083.5082.67
Love Is Here To Stay79.5083.0082.5081.67
Jazz Me Blues85.0086.0085.0085.33
The Curtain Falls85.0086.5083.0084.83
I Never Miss The Sunshine77.5078.5078.5078.17
Rose Of No Mans Land75.5076.0076.5076.00
Aura Lee/Love Me Tender (Medley)78.0080.0077.0078.33
That's Life81.5085.0080.5082.33
Come Fly With Me74.5075.0075.0074.83
Love's Old Sweet Song74.5076.5075.0075.33
Takin' A Chance On Love73.0077.5072.5074.33
What'll I Do?73.0075.5072.5073.67
Don't Break The Heart That Loves You71.0074.5074.0073.17
I Wanna Be Around69.0076.0074.0073.00
May I Never Love Again71.5076.0074.5074.00
I'm Gonna Make It, Joe69.0078.0073.0073.33
Hey, Look Me Over72.5074.5072.5073.17
Goody Goody72.5074.5074.0073.67
Glory Of Love68.0073.5071.5071.00
Till Tomorrow Comes66.0073.5069.0069.50
Daisy Bell73.0069.5073.0071.83
Ain't Misbehavin72.0070.5072.5071.67
Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses70.5072.5071.5071.50
You Make Me Feel So Young68.5072.5070.0070.33
All The World Will Be Jealous Of Me71.0071.0069.0070.33
Fit As A Fiddle/For Me And My Gal (Medley)71.5071.5069.5070.83
There Goes My Heart67.0072.0070.5069.83
Come And Love Me66.5073.0068.5069.33
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes64.0064.0062.5063.50
May I Never Love Again65.5062.5062.5063.50
Down Among The Sugar Cane67.0066.0063.0065.33
Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi63.5064.0061.5063.00
I Feel A Song Comin On64.5060.5065.0063.33
How Can I Miss You If You Wont Go Away60.5061.0062.0061.17
Yes Sir, That's My Baby62.5065.5061.0063.00
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/How Could You Believe Me? (Medley)56.5064.5060.5060.50
How Can I Miss You If You Wont Go Away59.0065.5061.5062.00
I Didn't Want To Fall62.0065.0063.0063.33
Lullaby In Ragtime59.0064.0060.5061.17
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie63.0056.5061.0060.17
I Used To Call Her Baby/Baby (Medley)57.5058.0058.0057.83
Come Take Your Place In My Heart60.5053.0052.0055.17
Love/Eyes (Medley)61.0055.0058.5058.17
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along53.5054.0049.0052.17
Bright Was The Night50.5054.0046.5050.33

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Dwain Chambers - ILL
A - Mike Norris - LOL
A - Phil Ordaz - FWD
A - Scott Kitzmiller - CAR
A - Bobby Gray Jr. - SWD
A - Randy Stringfellow - FWD
A - Ed Williamson - SUN
A - Jim Richards - LOL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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