2006 Far Western District


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It's You83.0083.3383.6783.33
It Had To Be You83.0083.0080.3382.11
You're The Girl I Love84.0082.6783.0083.22
Come Dance With Me84.0085.0083.0084.00
All The Way80.3382.3383.3382.00
I Don't Know Why I Should Cry Over You77.6780.0080.0079.22
River Stay Way From My Door84.3382.6782.3383.11
I Can't Believe That You're Mine78.0078.6779.3378.67
I'm In The Mood For Love80.0081.0080.6780.56
The More I See You82.0082.0079.0081.00
Steppin' Out (Medley)81.3381.3377.6780.11
Alexander's Ragtime Band67.3370.6768.6768.89
Mississippi Mud68.0071.6770.0069.89
Where The Southern Roses Grow70.6771.3368.0070.00
That's Life71.0072.6768.0070.56
What'll I Do?66.3374.6771.0070.67
Lora-Belle Lee68.3375.6770.0071.33
And They Called It Dixieland68.0073.0064.0068.33
Come Fly With Me68.6770.6764.6768.00
Whipporwill (Medley)67.0070.3363.3366.89
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows70.3373.0067.3370.22
It's Only A Paper Moon70.3371.0069.3370.22
You're Breaking In A New Heart67.6768.0067.3367.67
I'd Love To Fall Asleep & Wake Up In Arms68.6769.3369.6769.22
Look Me Up When Youre In Dixie68.6770.6765.6768.33
Oh, My Alabama67.6770.0067.3368.33
I'm Afraid The Masqueiade Is Over64.0066.0067.0065.67
Ain't Misbehavin64.0067.3368.0066.44
Somewhere Over The Rainbow69.3367.3367.0067.89
You Make Me Feel So Young69.0070.3366.6768.67
I Found A Million Dollar Baby65.6764.3368.0066.00
Dream A Little Dream Of Me63.6765.6767.3365.56
When Theres Love At Home66.3366.0068.6767.00
The Boy I Used To Be66.6765.0065.6765.78
Hey, Look Me Over67.3365.6765.6766.22
Aura Lee67.0066.3362.6765.33
Mammy O' Mine64.3366.6761.0064.00
Down In New Orleans62.0066.3364.3364.22
When Sunshine Comes Along63.6767.3364.6765.22
May I Never Love Again63.3363.3364.0063.56
Love/Eyes (Medley)64.6765.0065.3365.00
Alexander's Ragtime Band63.3364.6765.3364.44
Hard Hearted Hannah62.0064.0065.6763.89
It Had To Be You62.6764.0060.0062.22
Nice Work If You Can Get It64.3361.0061.6762.33
Broken Hearted61.3359.6761.0060.67
I'm Beginning To See The Light62.6764.0054.6760.44
It's Only A Paper Moon64.3363.0058.6762.00
Moonlight Becomes You60.3360.0059.3359.89
Just Because/Shine Away My Bluises (Medley)62.0060.0056.6759.56

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Dick Girvin - FWD
A - Don Crowl - SWD
A - Jay Giallombardo - ILL
A - Jim Kahlke - EVG
A - Rob Campbell - FWD
A - Gary Wulf - JAD
A - Marty Lovick - EVG
A - Reid Stewart - EVG
A - Brandon Guyton - DIX
A - Brian Beck - SWD
A - Ron Rank - ILL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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