2006 Cardinal Prelims


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In The Cool Cool Cool Of The Evening77.0079.0075.0077.00
They Can't Take That Away From Me77.0079.5077.5078.00
My Gal Sal77.5076.0079.5077.67
My Buddy78.0079.0080.5079.17
Come Fly With Me74.0074.0074.5074.17
When My Baby Smiles At Me73.0075.0072.5073.50
Time After Time77.5077.5078.0077.67
Yes Sir, That's My Baby77.0076.5074.0075.83
Put Me To Sleep With An Old Fashioned Melody68.5073.0068.0069.83
If I Only Had A Brain68.5076.5071.0072.00
You Make Me Feel So Young70.0076.0073.5073.17
The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else68.0075.0072.5071.83
Come And Love Me71.5071.0066.5069.67
Be My Good Luck Charm68.5070.0061.5066.67
Here You Are Back Again71.5071.0071.0071.17
That's Life69.5071.5071.5070.83
Smiles/Blues (Medley)67.0063.0063.0064.33
Who Told You?67.5062.5062.5064.17
Them Was The Good Old Days68.5066.5067.0067.33
So Long, Mother64.5064.0066.0064.83
There Goes My Heart60.5061.0060.5060.67
Sweet And Lovely59.5058.0057.5058.33
All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart63.0058.0061.5060.83
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie59.5056.0061.0058.83
Sam, The Old Accordion Man60.0055.5057.0057.50
Ain't Misbehavin59.0057.0057.5057.83
Lulu's Back In Town61.5058.5057.5059.17
When Theres Love At Home60.0057.5058.0058.50
Bright Was The Night56.0054.0053.0054.33
When My Baby Smiles At Me58.5057.5055.5057.17
Darktown Strutters Ball61.0059.5057.0059.17
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner59.5056.0055.0056.83
Meet Me In Rosetime, Rosie58.0059.0054.5057.17
I Found My Sweetheart, Sally58.5054.5054.5055.83
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes59.0060.0054.0057.67
Midnight Rose54.0051.5052.0052.50
I Didn't Want To Fall60.0056.5057.5058.00
Michigan Rag54.0053.5049.5052.33
Meet Me In Rosetime, Rosie60.0055.5060.0058.50
Somebody Knows52.5048.5055.0052.00
Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again55.5053.5054.5054.50
Take Me Out To The Ball Game/In The Good Old Summer time48.0050.0051.5049.83
I'd Give A Million Tomorrows45.0041.5045.5044.00
Back In The Old Routine46.5038.0040.0041.50

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Bill Ray - JAD
A - Bob Swenson - CSD
A - Aaron Dale - CAR
A - Raymond Schwarzkopf - CSD
A - Bob Squires - ILL
A - Gary Plaag - MAD
A - Ed Williamson - SUN
A - Jim DeBusman - LOL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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