2005 Land O' Lakes District


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Takin' A Chance On Love76.0074.0077.3375.78
It's Only A Paper Moon78.3376.0077.6777.33
Love Me, And The World Is Mine78.6776.0078.6777.78
That's What I Call A Pal75.3373.3377.6775.44
Goodbye (Medley)77.6774.3374.6775.56
Lover, Come Back To Me76.0073.6776.3375.33
Honey Bun75.0072.3374.3373.89
If I Only Had A Brain71.3370.0075.3372.22
For Me And My Gal71.3371.6774.0072.33
What'll I Do?74.3372.6775.0074.00
Darkness On The Delta74.6773.3374.6774.22
So Good To See You Now70.0068.6772.0070.22
Ain't Misbehavin71.0070.0073.0071.33
Somethin' About You72.3372.0072.0072.11
I'll Be Seeing You76.0073.3375.6775.00
All The Way73.3366.6769.0069.67
Don't Break The Heart That Loves You73.0066.3369.0069.44
The Nearness Of You74.0072.0072.6772.89
They Can't Take That Away From Me72.0069.3370.6770.67
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia67.3366.3368.3367.33
What'll I Do?70.0067.0068.6768.56
When You Wore A Tulip71.6766.6772.6770.33
Time After Time72.6768.6772.6771.33
Who'll Take My Place When I'm Gone69.0066.6770.3368.67
For All We Know68.0067.3368.3367.89
Sleepy Time Gal69.6770.0070.6770.11
I Don't Know Enough/I Don't Know Why (Medley)68.6769.6769.3369.22
Beale Street Mama64.6767.6764.6765.67
Once Upon A Time63.6767.3366.0065.67
When I Grow Too Old To Dream67.3367.0069.0067.78
Doin The New Low Down67.3367.0068.3367.56
Senior Citizen Blues66.0062.0067.0065.00
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye67.3365.3367.6766.78
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen68.3363.0067.6766.33
Hey Look Me Over/If My Friends (Medley)65.0070.3363.0066.11
Good Old Dad65.6776.3363.6768.56
My Wild Irish Rose63.3360.6762.0062.00
Little Guy64.3368.3361.0064.56
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style67.6763.3365.6765.56
Hello My Baby64.6762.3365.0064.00
I Miss Mother Most Of All67.3362.6763.3364.44
You Gotta Know How To Love Em66.6761.6763.3363.89
Tin Roof Blues64.3363.3364.6764.11
When I Grow Too Old To Dream62.6761.6763.6762.67
Tin Roof Blues62.3362.3364.3363.00
If I Had The Heart Of A Clown63.3362.6764.0063.33
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style64.6762.3365.3364.11
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye62.3360.0064.0062.11
Don't Blame Me64.0059.6765.3363.00
Sam, The Old Accordion Man63.3360.6763.3362.44
You Make Me Feel So Young63.3365.0062.0063.44
Beautiful Dreamer59.6763.3361.6761.56
It's Only A Paper Moon63.3360.3363.3362.33
Each Time I Fall In Love62.6760.3362.0061.67
You Make Me Feel So Young62.3361.6763.0062.33
What'll I Do?60.3361.6763.0061.67
Ain't Misbehavin62.0060.0063.0061.67
Yes Sir, That's My Baby61.6757.6762.3360.56
Blue Skies59.3360.6762.0060.67
What'll I Do?58.3360.0061.0059.78
I'm Alone Because I Love You56.6755.6761.3357.89
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?55.6756.6760.3357.56
I Never Knew/You Were Meant For Me (Medley)66.6764.0063.3364.67
What'll I Do?64.6762.3363.3363.44

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Mike Lanctot - EVG
A - Patrick Thomas - DIX
A - Jay Giallombardo - ILL
A - Kirk Young - LOL
A - Tom Gentry - JAD
A - Bob Walker - INT
A - Joe Hunter Jr - MAD
A - Ritchie Lavene - MAD
A - Bob McFadden - JAD
A - Brian Barford - JAD
A - Ken Fisher - ONT

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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