1996 Far Western District


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Alexanders Band (Medley)84.0078.3383.6782.00
I'm Afraid Of The Beautiful Girls83.6780.6781.0081.78
Love/Eyes (Medley)88.3383.0081.6784.33
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner80.6778.6783.3380.89
At The Ball Thats All80.3380.3383.6781.44
Love's Old Sweet Song82.6783.6787.3384.56
Alexanders Band (Medley)83.0081.6783.6782.78
Good Enough For Now77.3380.3378.3378.67
Alexander's Band Rhythm (Parody)82.0082.6780.0081.56
Five Foot Two (Parody)76.6780.3378.3378.44
Eye (Medley) (Parody)75.0079.3378.3377.56
I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair75.0078.6775.3376.33
Sleepy Time Gal74.0075.3373.3374.22
My Mothers Eyes77.0076.0077.3376.78
Paper Doll81.6781.0077.0079.89
That's What I Call A Pal79.0076.3372.3375.89
When You Wore A Tulip77.0074.6770.6774.11
Broadway Rose82.0075.6776.0077.89
Goodbye, Dixie, Goodbye81.3377.0076.0078.11
The Old Covered Bridge74.6771.6773.0073.11
Goodbye, Dixie, Goodbye75.6771.6771.3372.89
Kiss Me One More Time79.0077.3379.0078.44
The Barbershop Strut73.6776.0077.3375.67
Whatever Happened To The Old Songs70.3371.0074.0071.78
Let The Rest Of The World Go By70.0069.0074.6771.22
Don't Cry Little Girl, Don't Cry72.3371.3378.0073.89
When It's Night Time In Dixie Land72.3373.3374.3373.33
Broadway (Medley)75.0074.0072.0073.67
I'll See You In My Dreams63.3373.3369.3368.67
May I Never Love Again75.3372.6768.0072.00
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes70.0068.3362.6767.00
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along68.0068.3371.0069.11
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes73.3378.3376.6776.11
Lulu's Back In Town70.3365.0070.3368.56
April Fool68.0064.6768.3367.00
Who's Sorry Now?71.6766.0070.6769.44
In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree67.6765.3367.3366.78
Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time70.6768.0062.0066.89
Are You From Dixie68.3363.3361.0064.22
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye63.0063.6763.6763.44
That Old Quartet Of Mine64.0069.3367.0066.78
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner60.0063.3363.6762.33
Honeymoon Lane62.6765.6764.0064.11
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody60.3358.0064.3360.89
Heart Of My Heart60.6759.3362.3360.78
Let The End Of The World Come Tomorrow59.6760.0058.0059.22
Jazz Man58.0062.3361.6760.67
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows59.0055.0051.0055.00
I May Be Gone For A Long, Long Time62.0054.6750.3355.67
Sweet Adeline56.3354.0054.3354.89
If There'd Never Been An Ireland52.6753.0050.6752.11
Back In The Old Routine52.0061.3351.6755.00
The Same Old Shelleleigh49.3353.6752.6751.89
Sugar Cane Jubilee52.0048.0054.3351.44
Story Of The Rose56.6751.3355.0054.33
Girl Of My Dreams52.0052.0052.0052.00
If You Were The Only Girl In The World51.0052.0049.0050.67
By The Sea (Parody)49.6752.0050.3350.67
Minnie The Mermaid47.6747.0051.0048.56
Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella47.6749.6749.3348.89
Old Spinning Wheel45.6749.0048.0047.56

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Smith - FWD
A - Bob Thomas - EVG
A - Dennis Burnett - FWD
A - Larry Steinkamp - FWD
A - Scott Kitzmiller - CAR
A - Bobby Gray Jr. - SWD
A - Doug Miller - LOL
A - Richard Treptow - LOL
A - Jim DeBusman - LOL
A - Rik Johnson - CSD
A - Russ Adkisson - FWD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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