2001 Johnny Appleseed District


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Distant Melody77.5083.0081.5080.67
How's Every Little Thing In Dixie77.0082.0080.0079.67
Don't Blame Me77.0077.5082.0078.83
You Took Advantage Of Me78.0080.5081.5080.00
You're The Girl I Love80.0081.5079.5080.33
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia80.0081.0079.5080.17
Put Me To Sleep With An Old Fashioned Melody79.5076.0076.0077.17
Let's Get Away From It All74.5077.0076.5076.00
Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue?72.0072.0073.0072.33
Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again72.0074.5074.5073.67
You Made Me Love You73.5075.5071.5073.50
Lover, Come Back To Me78.5077.0073.0076.17
If You Had All The World And Its Gold70.0072.0074.5072.17
Goody Goody69.5072.0074.5072.00
Dream Medley69.5077.0074.5073.67
Black Eyed Susan Brown68.0076.0073.0072.33
Nobody Knows What A Crash Dummy Goes Thru (Parody)67.0076.0070.5071.17
So Long, My Dummy Mother, Goodbye (Parody)68.5074.0071.5071.33
Last Night Was The End Of The World73.0078.5073.0074.83
Them There Eyes/Exercise (Medley)71.0076.0068.0071.67
All Aboard For Dixieland66.5071.5070.5069.50
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You67.5070.0072.0069.83
Bright Was The Night71.5072.5073.0072.33
I Can't Give You Anything But Love69.0073.5071.5071.33
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes70.5070.5071.5070.83
Lida Rose/Sincere (Medley)68.0072.5072.0070.83
Ain't Misbehavin71.5068.5071.0070.33
After You've Gone70.5070.0070.0070.17
At The End Of A Cobblestone Road71.5071.5071.0071.33
Sugar (Medley)70.5072.5072.0071.67
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise70.5068.0070.0069.50
Bringing In The 90970.0067.5067.5068.33
The Song Is Ended (But the Melody Lingers On)68.0072.5070.0070.17
Side By Side (Parody)66.0070.0066.5067.50
A Son Of The Sea Am I69.5068.0068.0068.50
Jazz Came Up The River From New Orleans71.0068.0066.0068.33
Old Saint Louie61.5069.0066.0065.50
Orange Colored Sky55.0065.5062.5061.00
My Gal Sal67.0072.0068.0069.00
Jeepers Creepers/Them There Eyes (Medley)63.0070.0064.5065.83
Let The Rest Of The World Go By68.0069.0067.5068.17
I Didn't Want To Fall66.0066.5066.0066.17
Chordbusters March68.0067.0065.0066.67
Open Your Arms, My Alabamy67.0067.5065.0066.50
Seems Like Old Times63.0065.5062.0063.50
Tin Roof Blues65.5068.0060.0064.50
If You Had All The World And Its Gold66.0064.0068.0066.00
Play A Song Like Daddy Used To Play62.0059.0063.5061.50
I Love You Best of All63.0061.0065.5063.17
Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On62.0063.5065.5063.67
Old Saint Louie65.0060.5067.0064.17
Stars Fell On Alabama60.0061.5063.5061.67
Lulu's Back In Town63.0063.0064.5063.50
Always (Ill Be Loving You)59.5061.0064.0061.50
Don't Blame Me60.5062.0061.5061.33
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?63.5062.0062.5062.67
Each Time I Fall In Love61.5058.0057.5059.00
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie59.0055.0057.0057.00
May I Never Love Again55.5058.0055.5056.33
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes52.5056.0054.5054.33
Do You Remember When?57.5054.0054.0055.17
There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano56.5053.0052.0053.83

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Bill Hafley - DIX
A - Dwain Chambers - ILL
A - Gary Bolles - FWD
A - Rob Campbell - FWD
A - Barry Clapper - LOL
A - Roger Mills - FWD
A - Brian Beck - SWD
A - Joe Liles - LOL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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