1997 Mid-Atlantic Prelims


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With A Song In My Heart86.0086.6786.6786.44
Mississippi Mud88.0088.0087.6787.89
Only A Rose85.0085.6783.6784.78
Darkness On The Delta86.6787.0086.0086.56
For All We Know79.0079.3377.0078.44
You're Not In My Thoughts Any More78.6782.0078.3379.67
I'll See You In My Dreams81.0078.6777.6779.11
Happy Go Lucky Lane78.6778.6777.6778.33
If You Had All The World And Its Gold75.6778.3376.6776.89
You're The One I Care For/You Were Meant77.3378.0078.0077.78
Falling In Love With You74.6778.0076.6776.44
Let's Get Away From It All77.0078.0078.6777.89
All Of Me77.3377.6774.6776.56
Bright Was The Night77.0075.3372.6775.00
Don't Cry Sonny Boy78.0079.6775.6777.78
I Will Love You 'Til The End Of Time77.6776.6775.6776.67
Alabama Jazz Band76.0075.6774.3375.33
You Keep Coming Back Like A Song78.0074.3375.6776.00
Can't You Hear Me Callin Caroline77.6773.0074.6775.11
Pal Of My Cradle Days72.6776.0071.3373.33
Why Won't Women Give Me A Break (Medley)74.3379.0072.3375.22
Gang That Sang 'Heart Of My Heart'74.0078.0072.3374.78
May I Never Love Again72.6776.6772.3373.89
Lora-Belle Lee74.0077.0072.3374.44
Sing Me That Song Again70.6775.3370.3372.11
I Didn't Want To Fall71.6775.3372.0073.00
I Miss Mother Most Of All70.6776.6772.3373.22
If You Had All The World And Its Gold72.0078.0069.6773.22
Sing Me That Song Again74.6773.6770.6773.00
Who's Sorry Now?72.0074.0070.0072.00
Let's Get Away From It All73.0072.6766.6770.78
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart62.6770.0063.6765.44
Time After Time69.0075.6767.3370.67
Who's Sorry Now?68.6774.3367.6770.22
Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra69.0071.6766.6769.11
Jeepers Creepers67.0070.3366.3367.89
Give Us One More Chance68.0071.6769.3369.67
No One Loves You Better Than Your M-A-Double-M-Y66.0073.3369.6769.67
Bring Me A Red, Red Rose69.0070.3366.6768.67
Dancing At The Moving Picture Ball68.0072.3369.0069.78
Eyes (Medley)67.0074.0068.6769.89
Bright Was The Night67.6770.6765.3367.89
Pal Of My Yesterday69.6766.6765.6767.33
For Me And My Gal67.6768.0066.0067.22
Say Goodbye And Never Shed A Tear64.6771.3367.3367.78
We're Starting All Over Again64.0071.0063.6766.22
My Gal Sal64.0069.0064.6765.89
Back In Those Roaring 20s65.6771.0065.6767.44
Let The Rest Of The World Go By68.0066.0067.0067.00
Just Because/Shine Away My Bluises (Medley)67.6764.0064.6765.44
Home Improvement Bound62.6773.3355.3363.78
Handyman (Medley) (Parody)61.0075.6757.3364.67
Smilin' Through63.6767.6763.6765.00
Goody Goody60.0065.0062.0062.33
If I Had My Way60.0067.3362.0063.11
Why Don't My Dreams Come True?61.0066.6760.3362.67
Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again61.0065.0065.6763.89
Cross That Mason Dixon Line58.0064.6762.3361.67
My Ideal61.6762.6764.6763.00
How's Every Little Thing In Dixie62.0061.3363.0062.11
Old Saint Louie60.6764.6760.6762.00
Hello, Mary Lou58.6765.3361.3361.78
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz60.6765.3361.6762.56
As Long As You Love Me Today58.0064.6758.6760.44
When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam58.0065.3354.3359.22
When It's Night Time In Dixie Land62.0061.6760.0061.22
Back In Those Days Gone By59.6759.3359.3359.44
On Main Street In My Home Town56.6761.3355.6757.89
Mississippi Mud59.0057.3359.6758.67
What'll I Do?57.6755.0056.6756.44
I Don't Want To Get Well58.0060.6755.6758.11
I May Be Gone For A Long, Long Time57.6758.3352.3356.11
There Never Was A Gang Like That Old Gang Of Mine56.6760.3352.3356.44
Whatever Happened To The Old Songs55.6760.0050.3355.33
There'll Be Some Changes Made47.0053.3350.0050.11
Bye Bye Blues49.6754.0050.3351.33
Love Me, And The World Is Mine49.6751.3354.0051.67
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along46.0050.6752.6749.78
Back Home Again In Indiana47.0050.0049.3348.78
Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi48.6749.6749.0049.11
Roses Of Picardy47.6751.6743.3347.56
Sweet Georgia Brown47.0055.6744.3349.00
That Old Gang Of Mine44.0050.0046.0046.67
Honey - Little 'Lize (Medley)51.6747.3348.3349.11
Don't Cry Little Girl, Don't Cry47.0046.0046.3346.44
Somebody Stole My Note44.0053.3348.3348.56
That Look In Her Eyes/Them There Eyes (Medley)37.0048.0045.0043.33
Church Bells Are Ringing For Mary44.0048.3343.0045.11
Who's Sorry Now?43.0049.6745.6746.11
Carolina Mammy (Medley)43.0035.6744.0040.89
I Love You Best of All41.6737.3346.0041.67
Pal Of My Cradle Days41.0039.3339.0039.78
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart36.0042.0042.6740.22

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A - Burket - MAD
A - Phil Lundeen - SUN
A - Bruce Evans - PIO
A - Greg Volk - LOL
A - Scott Kitzmiller - CAR
A - Bob Walker - INT
A - Larry Clemons - SWD
A - Steve Plumb - NED
A - Dale Comer - CSD
A - Ed Williamson - SUN
A - Jim DeBusman - LOL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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