2004 Seneca Land District


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Take Me To The Land Of Jazz74.5075.0073.0074.17
There's A Vacant Chair At Home Sweet Home73.0075.0073.0073.67
Get Me To The Church On Time74.5080.5075.5076.83
Sunshine Of Your Smile73.0081.0074.5076.17
Look Me Up When Youre In Dixie70.0070.5070.0070.17
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner69.5073.5072.0071.67
No One Loves You Better Than Your M-A-Double-M-Y70.5075.5074.0073.33
It's Only A Paper Moon69.5074.5069.5071.17
Lazy River68.0070.5068.0068.83
Takin' A Chance On Love67.0072.5070.0069.83
Cuddle Up A Little Closer71.5074.5069.5071.83
Time After Time69.0075.0074.5072.83
Keep Your Eye On The Girlie You Love70.0071.0071.0070.67
What'll I Do?71.0071.5069.5070.67
Happy Go Lucky Lane69.0071.5071.0070.50
Let The Rest Of The World Go By67.5070.0069.5069.00
I Didn't Want To Fall67.5067.5071.0068.67
Once Upon A Time66.5072.5070.0069.67
Hello My Baby68.5070.0069.0069.17
Midnight Rose67.5070.0066.5068.00
Old Saint Louie66.5069.5070.5068.83
Lazy River68.5067.5065.5067.17
Heart And Soul65.0065.5063.5064.67
If I Could Write A Song67.5069.0067.0067.83
Hello, Mary Lou67.0071.0068.5068.83
Last Night Was The End Of The World67.5067.5060.0065.00
Lazy River64.0067.0061.0064.00
I Want A Girl60.0062.5061.0061.17
Yes Sir, That's My Baby62.0064.0063.5063.17
It's Only A Paper Moon61.5064.5067.0064.33
Ain't Misbehavin61.0060.0057.5059.50
Mary, You're A Little Bit Old Fashioned61.0059.0058.5059.50
Hello My Baby60.5058.0060.0059.50
Side By Side58.5057.5058.0058.00
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie57.5061.0054.0057.50
Give My Regards To Broadway56.0060.5053.5056.67
Ain't Misbehavin55.5058.0057.5057.00
Sweet Adeline53.0057.0055.5055.17
Old Saint Louie58.0053.5052.5054.67
When You Find Her Remind Her of Me53.5050.5046.5050.17
My Wild Irish Rose51.0048.0051.5050.17
When You Look In The Heart Of A Rose52.0048.0051.5050.50

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Bill Ray - JAD
A - Mac Dallman - ONT
A - Jayson Ryner - CSD
A - Steve Jamison - SLD
A - Don Challman - LOL
A - Steve Plumb - NED
A - Jim DeBusman - LOL
A - Tom McQueeney - NED

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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