2004 Central States District


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I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair82.6782.0080.6781.78
South Rampart Street Parade84.0084.6783.6784.11
My Wonderful One84.3382.6783.6783.56
I Love Jazz/Land Of Jazz (Medley)85.0084.0082.6783.89
Little Pal74.6777.0071.6774.44
You Gotta Have Heart74.3379.6772.6775.56
Let The Rest Of The World Go By73.3373.6771.0072.67
You Make Me Feel So Young74.0076.0072.3374.11
Love Me, And The World Is Mine68.3372.3371.0070.56
Why Dont You Fall In Love With Me?/Undecided (Medley)69.3372.3372.0071.22
What'll I Do?70.0073.0070.0071.00
Cuddle Up A Little Closer68.3372.0068.3369.56
Lulu's Back In Town65.6770.3368.0068.00
Sentimental Journey62.3371.3366.3366.67
Old Saint Louie66.0066.6768.3367.00
Moonlight Becomes You66.6771.0067.0068.22
It's Only A Paper Moon62.6768.3365.0065.33
Lover, Come Back To Me66.3364.3368.3366.33
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz65.3365.3365.6765.44
All The World Will Be Jealous Of Me64.6768.0067.3366.67
Please Tell Me Why63.0067.3365.3365.22
Don't Blame Me64.3367.0068.6766.67
Just Because/Shine Away My Bluises (Medley)63.6765.3366.0065.00
Old Saint Louie66.0063.3367.6765.67
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes66.0062.6765.0064.56
What'll I Do?66.0064.3368.0066.11
I'm Beginning To See The Light64.6763.6766.6765.00
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad66.6765.3367.6766.56
Side By Side65.0065.0067.0065.67
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style66.0064.6765.3365.33
Nobody Knows What A Red Head Mama Can Do63.0063.6763.0063.22
I'm All Alone63.3370.3366.3366.67
Chattanooga Choo Choo62.0069.3366.0065.78
You Made Me Love You64.0062.0064.3363.44
Beer Barrel Polka/Hoop De Doo (Medley)64.0061.0063.0062.67
Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses64.3365.0064.3364.56
There's A Mist On The Moon In Loveland Tonight63.0066.0065.3364.78
Ain't Misbehavin66.3366.6765.3366.11
That Summer When We Were Young62.6763.6762.6763.00
So Long, Mother63.6768.3366.0066.00
What'll I Do?60.0066.0061.6762.56
Make 'Em Laugh63.6761.6766.0063.78
If I Only Had A Brain (Parody)63.6760.6763.0062.44
Lida Rose61.0066.3362.6763.33
Darkness On The Delta60.3365.6761.6762.56
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along62.6763.3361.3362.44
The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else60.6761.6759.6760.67
I'd Like To Get You On A Slow Boat To China61.6761.3360.0061.00
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style60.6761.6761.3361.22
Back In The Old Routine59.0066.0059.6761.56
If I Could Write A Song57.3364.3359.3360.33
Down Yonder59.0061.3362.3360.89
When Theres Love At Home58.6761.3361.3360.44
There Goes My Heart60.6757.3361.3359.78
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style61.0060.6761.3361.00
If You Were The Only Girl In The World61.3359.3360.6760.44
Smilin' Through56.0057.3357.6757.00
Ain't Misbehavin60.3360.0054.6758.33
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes60.3358.0054.6757.67
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes58.3356.6755.3356.78
What'll I Do?60.3357.3350.3356.00
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye60.6759.0053.6757.78
Let Me Hear The Memphis Blues55.3358.6754.6756.22
Story Of The Rose57.3358.3355.6757.11
Let The Rest Of The World Go By55.6756.3358.3356.78
Foollish Over You (Parody)54.6755.0055.0054.89
There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano59.0061.3350.3356.89
I'm Sittin' On Top Of The World56.3358.6747.6754.22
May I Never Love Again55.0055.6756.0055.56
I Was Married Up In The Air/When You're Married (Medley)53.3356.3352.6754.11
The Little Boy51.3356.6750.3352.78
You Made Me Love You52.6756.0046.3351.67

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Chuck Watson - MAD
A - Patrick Thomas - DIX
A - Aaron Dale - CAR
A - Raymond Schwarzkopf - CSD
A - Ron Black - FWD
A - David Leeder - DIX
A - Jim Coates - JAD
A - Joe Hunter Jr - MAD
A - Bill Rashleigh - LOL
A - David Mills - SUN
A - Hank Hammer - SWD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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