2002 Mid-Atlantic District


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If I Love Again83.0080.6778.6780.78
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You80.3382.0080.0080.78
All Alone83.0082.3380.0081.78
Flying Sinatra (Medley)80.3381.3382.0081.22
All Alone78.0081.6780.6780.11
Nice Work If You Can Get It79.3381.0082.0080.78
They Say Its Wonderful78.3379.3380.6779.44
What'll I Do?79.0077.0076.0077.33
Waiting For The Robert E. Lee76.6773.6773.6774.67
Oh, My Alabama80.3377.6780.6779.56
Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Quartet Of Mine81.0077.0078.6778.89
I'm Beginning To See The Light72.3378.3369.3373.33
Flying Sinatra (Medley)69.3377.3368.3371.67
Birth Of The Blues74.3375.3372.6774.11
A Lead With Soul (Parody)74.0080.3369.0074.44
Just In Time69.0070.0073.3370.78
I Can't Give You Anything But Love70.6770.0073.3371.33
Smilin' Through71.6773.0073.3372.67
I Found My Sweetheart, Sally72.3372.3374.6773.11
I'll Be Seeing You71.3374.6770.6772.22
Sweet Georgia Brown71.3376.3371.0072.89
May I Never Love Again73.6770.6772.6772.33
I Used To Call Her Baby71.3369.0066.3368.89
My Heart Is Aching For You68.3372.3370.3370.33
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz67.3370.3369.0068.89
Moonlight Becomes You69.3372.0070.6770.67
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along69.0072.3370.0070.44
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad70.3368.6769.6769.56
My Old Kentucky Home70.3369.6770.6770.22
Old Saint Louie66.3367.6769.3367.78
All Of Me64.6768.0068.0066.89
Little Girl68.3368.6769.3368.78
When My Baby Smiles At Me67.6766.6768.0067.44
What'll I Do?71.3364.6769.6768.56
You Make Me Feel So Young70.0065.3366.6767.33
Darkness On The Delta70.0064.6766.3367.00
How Deep Is The Ocean70.6766.6766.6768.00
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad69.6764.6764.3366.22
Let The Rest Of The World Go By68.3363.6769.0067.00
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody64.3362.0067.3364.56
All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart65.3364.6767.0065.67
Am I Wasting My Time On You?65.6766.0063.3365.00
Can't You Hear Me Callin Caroline67.0065.6762.0064.89
Old Saint Louie71.0064.0063.6766.22
Get Out And Get Under The Moon65.0062.0061.6762.89
Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi65.0061.3366.3364.22
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz63.6761.0066.0063.56
Handyman (Medley) (Parody)63.0067.6762.3364.33
My Gal Sal (Parody)59.6759.0058.3359.00
I Miss Mother Most Of All63.6759.0059.6760.78
When You And I Were Young, Maggie62.0058.0057.3359.11
Destination Moon61.0057.6755.0057.89
Seems Like Old Times61.3356.0057.6758.33
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?61.3356.3358.0058.56
Sweet, Sweet Roses Of Morn60.3355.6760.0058.67
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes57.3358.6757.0057.67
At The End Of A Cobblestone Road57.3359.3358.3358.33
Get Out And Get Under The Moon58.6759.0056.0057.89
I'm Alone Because I Love You59.3356.0058.0057.78

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A - Dick Shaw - SUN
A - Jim Ramsey - JAD
A - Jeff Taylor - ONT
A - Rod Sgrignoli - RMD
A - Steve Jamison - SLD
A - Bobby Gray Jr. - SWD
A - Gary Wulf - JAD
A - Wayne Wright - ILL
A - Bill Duncan - ONT
A - Darryl Flinn - JAD
A - Tom McQueeney - NED

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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