2000 Evergreen Prelims


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B & O Line78.0080.0080.5079.50
Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Quartet Of Mine78.0079.5080.0079.17
Make 'Em Laugh74.5081.5080.5078.83
You Keep Coming Back Like A Song76.5079.5082.0079.33
Goodbye Rose77.0075.0076.5076.17
That's A Plenty74.0077.0076.5075.83
Love's Old Sweet Song78.0075.5078.5077.33
It Don't Mean A Thing76.5077.5078.5077.50
Embraceable You73.0074.0077.0074.67
That Old Barbershop Style73.0069.0074.0072.00
Old Songs Are Just Like Old Friends71.5073.0075.0073.17
You Are The One I Love72.0075.0073.5073.50
Happy Go Lucky Lane72.5076.0075.0074.50
Sleepy Time Gal70.5075.5073.5073.17
Song For Mary68.5074.0072.0071.50
Bye Bye Baby73.0073.0073.0073.00
Sweet Adeline74.0073.0072.0073.00
She Did'nt Say No68.5075.0074.0072.50
I Found My Sweetheart, Sally69.0075.0075.0073.00
Lullaby Of The South74.0075.0072.0073.67
Yesterday I Heard The Rain69.5074.5070.5071.50
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You73.0075.5073.0073.83
Lovin The Girls/They're All Sweeties (Medley)71.5072.0073.5072.33
Forgive Me75.5074.5072.5074.17
Walkin' My Baby Back Home73.0074.0072.5073.17
Last Night On The Back Porch67.0074.0071.5070.83
What Do I Care For Tomorrow68.5073.0073.5071.67
Who Do You Know In Heaven68.5072.5072.0071.00
I Wish All My Children Were Babies Again65.0071.5070.0068.83
On A Dew, Dew, Dewy Day66.5072.5069.5069.50
Moonlight Bay65.0071.5069.5068.67
Fire Brigade 468.0069.5071.0069.50
I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire59.5070.0068.5066.00
Bright Was The Night (Parody)68.0067.5071.0068.83
Firefly (Parody)66.0068.0071.0068.33
Let The Rest Of The World Go By76.0074.0068.0072.67
I Can't Give You Anything But Love70.5076.0070.0072.17
Who Told You?55.5063.0060.0059.50
When I Leave The World Behind56.5061.5061.0059.67
Hello, Mary Lou51.5062.0064.0059.17
Heart Of My Heart56.5056.0064.0058.83
I Used To Call Her Baby58.0061.0059.5059.50
Sunshine Of Your Smile56.0060.0058.5058.17
Oh, You Beautiful Doll58.5059.0059.5059.00
May I Never Love Again55.0058.5059.5057.67
Can't You Hear Me Callin Caroline55.0059.0054.5056.17
That's An Irish Lullaby56.5056.5054.5055.83
Side By Side50.0048.5050.5049.67
The Way You Roll Your Eyes49.0050.5048.5049.33

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Brian Ayers - EVG
A - Cotton Damon - NED
A - Jim Kahlke - EVG
A - Steve Delehanty - MAD
A - Jim Massey - SWD
A - Mark Schlinkert - DIX
A - Mark Holdeman - SWD
A - Russ Adkisson - FWD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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