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We Kinda Miss The Good Old Songs (Parody)89.6095.0086.6090.40
Who'll Take 4th Place (Parody)89.4095.8087.2090.80
Makin' Whoopee/Side By Side (Parody)89.6092.6087.2089.80
If You Can't Tell The World She's A Good Little Girl88.6094.0085.2089.27
Connellys Back In Town (Parody)88.6092.6086.0089.07
They Wrote Em In The Good Old Days (Parody)86.6091.8085.8088.07
Why Dont You Fall In Love With Me?/Undecided (Medley)89.6091.6087.6089.60
For The Sake Of Auld Lang Syne89.0093.4089.4090.60
The Way You Look Tonight88.2088.6086.6087.80
Bye Bye Blues86.8090.6087.4088.27
It's Only A Paper Moon87.4089.2086.6087.73
What'll I Do?88.6090.8087.4088.93
My Ideal87.2087.2084.8086.40
Always (Ill Be Loving You)89.6089.6086.6088.60
You Make Me Feel So Young88.2088.8085.4087.47
I'm Beginning To See The Light87.8088.8085.6087.40
Sweet Lorraine88.4089.8086.0088.07
The Birth Of The Blues86.4088.8085.0086.73
I'd Like To Get You On A Slow Boat To China88.6089.4085.4087.80
Mississippi Mud88.8089.0086.0087.93
How Deep Is The Ocean86.6089.0086.6087.40
Fly Me To The Moon85.6087.4084.4085.80
Cop On Beat, Man In Moon And Me84.6086.2085.4085.40
Paper Doll85.8088.6084.0086.13
Love Me, And The World Is Mine84.4089.8085.6086.60
Let The End Of The World Come Tomorrow85.4087.6083.8085.60
Now Is The Hour86.2089.0085.4086.87
Put Me To Sleep With An Old Fashioned Melody85.6087.0084.0085.53
Old Roses84.4087.6084.0085.33
The Birth Of The Blues86.6089.2084.6086.80
Anaheims Jumpin' (Parody)84.8088.4084.8086.00
You Made Me Love You86.8087.8084.2086.27
Ida Sweet As Apple Cider/Aint She Sweet (Medley)83.6087.4083.8084.93
Your Mother Should Know (Medley)84.0085.8083.6084.47
Ain't Misbehavin85.8086.4082.6084.93
Get Me To The Church On Time86.4087.4085.6086.47
For Sale, One Broken Heart87.6089.0086.4087.67
Rock-A-Bye Baby83.4085.4085.0084.60
Little Lady Make Believe83.6085.8084.6084.67
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style83.8086.8084.4085.00
Pal Of My Dreams83.8085.4084.4084.53
Honey Bun/Honey Pie (Medley)84.0086.6084.4085.00
When You Wish Upon A Star83.2089.2083.4085.27
You Make Me Feel So Young83.4086.2082.8084.13
Banjo's Back/Uncle Joe Plays A Rag (Medley)82.2086.0083.2083.80
Sentimental Journey84.8088.4084.2085.80
That Certain Party/Thats My Weakness (Medley)85.2088.0083.8085.67
Darkness On The Delta86.0087.4083.0085.47
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone84.6087.2082.0084.60
The Song Is You85.0086.0084.0085.00
Our Love Is Here To Stay85.2087.0083.6085.27
Ballin' The Jack85.2084.8082.8084.27
How Deep Is The Ocean85.2084.0084.4084.53
Tired Of Me84.8086.2084.2085.07
Leanin On The Lamp Post84.2087.0082.6084.60
It's You85.6087.4084.8085.93
Redhead/Redheaded Mamma (Medley)83.4086.4082.0083.93
Everybody Step/Alexander's Ragtime Band (Medley)84.4086.8081.2084.13
If I Had My Way79.4086.6081.6082.53
You're The Girl I Love84.4084.6085.6084.87
Brown Eyes83.6083.2083.8083.53
Let The Rest Of The World Go By81.6082.2083.4082.40
Love's Old Sweet Song83.8082.6084.6083.67
There Goes My Heart83.2084.0084.6083.93
Royal Garden Blues84.2086.6085.2085.33
My Honey's Lovin' Arms80.6082.6083.2082.13
For Me And My Gal81.0082.2084.0082.40
Runnin Wild82.2084.2082.6083.00
I Can't Give You Anything But Love81.4083.4081.0081.93
Tin Roof Blues85.0084.6081.6083.73
Sweet Lorraine83.6084.2081.6083.13
Beautiful Dreamer80.6081.8082.2081.53
Alexander's Band Is Back In Dixie81.4083.2082.8082.47
Sweet Georgia Brown83.0084.4083.0083.47
Somewhere Over The Rainbow81.2082.6081.0081.60
Dummy Boy (Parody)78.8089.2078.2082.07
D-U Double M-Y (Parody)77.4090.0076.4081.27
I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair78.8086.8079.6081.73
Mistakes (Parody)79.6087.6079.2082.13
I'll See You In My Dreams83.0081.2081.0081.73
For All We Know83.6082.2080.0081.93
If I Stay Away Too Long From Carolina81.8080.6080.6081.00
Mother Of Mine80.0081.2079.6080.27
Hard Hearted Hannah79.0081.8079.2080.00
Sing Me An Old Time Love Song79.4082.4080.8080.87
Happy Go Lucky Lane80.6083.0079.8081.13
That's Life80.2082.2079.6080.67
Come Take Your Place In My Heart80.6080.2080.8080.53
Naughty Angeline80.2080.2078.8079.73
Mothers Boy79.6081.2080.0080.27
I Was Born Seventy Years Too Late80.6081.8080.2080.87
Old Fashioned Girl In A Gingham Gown80.4081.4080.8080.87
I Don't Remember Her Name78.4080.4078.2079.00
I Just Wanna Call You Mine79.2081.0080.0080.07
The Kiss That Made Me Cry79.0080.4079.2079.53
Runnin Wild76.4079.2077.0077.53
You're The One Rose That's Left In My Heart79.0079.6078.6079.07
Don't Cry Sonny Boy78.0081.0079.6079.53
P.S. I Love You78.0081.0080.4079.80
Bye Bye Blues76.2080.2077.8078.07
Please Dont Talk About Me/Coney Island (Medley)75.8080.6080.2078.87
Ain't Misbehavin76.6080.0079.2078.60
If I Had My Way79.6077.8078.8078.73
I Found A Million Dollar Baby78.2078.6078.8078.53
Blue, Turning Grey Over You78.4079.8077.2078.47
I'm No Account Any More76.0079.8077.6077.80
Jeepers Creepers77.8077.6079.4078.27
So Long, Sally76.0079.2078.6077.93
Sing An Old Fashioned Song To A Young Lady76.4077.8078.6077.60
Pal Of My Cradle Days78.4079.0078.2078.53
Let's Get Away From It All76.6078.4077.0077.33
There's A Tree In The Meadow77.6078.8076.2077.53
Who Told You?75.4077.4077.8076.87
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You76.6078.4077.6077.53
The Key To Success With The Beautiful Girls74.8079.4072.6075.60
Lovin The Girls/They're All Sweeties (Medley)79.0082.8074.0078.60
I Got A Right To Sing The Blues76.6076.8076.8076.73
I'll Remember You74.2078.8078.2077.07
Basin Street Blues76.8077.6076.4076.93
Old Saint Louie75.4078.2076.4076.67
Old Saint Louie76.4078.6077.0077.33
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone74.8077.6075.4075.93
Lida Rose74.6078.2077.2076.67
Let's Do it Again73.8077.8076.0075.87
Moonlight Becomes You78.4075.4076.4076.73
Alexander's Band Is Back In Dixie75.0075.6075.2075.27
In The Cool Cool Cool Of The Evening74.4077.6075.2075.73
Somethin' About You74.6077.6076.0076.07
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street74.6076.6075.6075.60
That's Life74.4077.4076.6076.13
Each Time I Fall In Love75.0076.4076.2075.87
Basin Street Blues74.2076.8076.4075.80
Moonlight Brings Memories Of You75.8076.2076.4076.13
May I Never Love Again74.2076.8075.4075.47
I'd Rather Be Blue Over You76.0078.6075.4076.67
My Wonderful One74.4076.2072.0074.20
Midnight Rose74.8075.6073.8074.73
If I Had The Heart Of A Clown73.2075.8074.2074.40
I'd Fall In Love With Me73.0074.8074.4074.07
Who'll Take Our Place (Parody)71.0074.0071.4072.13
Walkin' My Baby/When My Sugar (Medley)70.4073.0072.2071.87
Ain't Misbehavin68.8071.8070.8070.47
When I See All The Lovin They Waste On Babies71.0074.0072.0072.33

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Bob Thomas - EVG
A - Chuck Hunter Sr. - FWD
A - David Bowen - LOL
A - Don Stothard - SLD
A - Don Gray - JAD
A - Paul Wigley - LOL
A - Roger Payne - MAD
A - Steve Delehanty - MAD
A - Tom Gentil - JAD
A - Barry Towner - ONT
A - Jim Massey - SWD
A - Jim Bagby - CSD
A - Larry Clemons - SWD
A - Steve Plumb - NED
A - Bill Rashleigh - LOL
A - Bill Biffle - RMD
A - Chris Hebert - FWD
A - Hank Hammer - SWD

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