2015 Central States Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
I Will97.0096.0094.3395.78
You Can't Stop The Beat95.0093.0091.3393.11
And This Is My Beloved92.3393.0091.0092.11
When Autumn Comes93.0093.6790.3392.33
Surfer Girl80.3380.6781.6780.89
This Can't Be Love81.0081.6781.0081.22
Smilin' Through80.3381.0080.6780.67
South Rampart Street Parade81.0082.6780.3381.33
I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair77.6775.0075.0075.89
Hey Good Lookin'76.6776.0075.3376.00
I'll Be Seeing You74.3374.0077.0075.11
South Rampart Street Parade72.3374.3375.0073.89
When She Loved Me72.3375.0075.3374.22
Back In My Hometown71.3373.6774.6773.22
A Professional Pirate68.6775.6772.0072.11
Please Mr. Columbus, Turn The Ship Around66.0078.0072.0072.00
Old Fashioned Girl/Sweet And Lovely (Medley)71.3371.3373.3372.00
Be My Good Luck Charm71.6771.3373.0072.00
Hey Good Lookin'67.3366.0066.0066.44
You're The Girl I Love66.6766.0063.6765.44
You Make Me Feel So Young60.3363.3364.0062.56
Transylvania Mania67.0069.6766.6767.78
Come And Love Me62.6764.0066.3364.33
You Make Me Feel So Young59.0063.6766.3363.00
Tin Roof Blues58.3359.0060.3359.22
You Don't Know Me57.6757.0058.3357.67
Are You Lonesome Tonight?57.3357.6755.6756.89
Be My Good Luck Charm55.6757.6752.6755.33

Panel: Administrator(s)
Alan Lamson - NED
Jim Sams - DIX
Cary Burns - JAD
Dave Rubin - JAD
Kirk Young - LOL
George Gipp - ILL
Ritchie Lavene - MAD
Steve Curulla - CSD
Chris Peterson - LOL
John Ward - MAD
Jordan Travis - LOL


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