2005 Evergreen Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
Make 'Em Laugh76.3379.3377.6777.78
You Keep Coming Back Like A Song76.0080.0079.3378.44
You Make Me Feel So Young75.6778.0076.6776.78
What'll I Do?75.3380.0075.6777.00
Smilin' Through79.0078.3374.3377.22
It's A Matter Of Fact75.3379.0072.3375.56
Too Young70.3373.0072.0071.78
It's All Over Now/So Long Dearie (Medley)67.6773.3371.6770.89
Little Pal66.0071.0072.6769.89
Embraceable You64.6770.3372.6769.22
May I Never Love Again70.6770.6769.3370.22
Give Me An Old Barbershop Song67.6770.0068.6768.78
Old Fashioned Girl/Sweet And Lovely (Medley)69.6768.3369.6769.22
Oh, You Beautiful Doll68.0068.3367.6768.00
I Have Dreamed67.3369.3368.3368.33
You Are The One I Love64.6769.3371.0068.33
Handyman (Medley) (Parody)66.3371.3367.0068.22
My Blue Collared Girl64.3370.6767.3367.44
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie66.6767.3368.0067.33
Give Me An Old Barbershop Song66.3367.0069.0067.44
Smilin' Through65.3366.6770.0067.33
Make 'Em Laugh63.3368.6769.6767.22
For All We Know64.0065.6764.0064.56
On The Sunny Side Of The Street62.6766.6763.0064.11
My Honey's Lovin' Arms59.3358.3359.6759.11
Goodbye Means The End Of My World58.3359.6758.3358.78
How Deep Is The Ocean57.0061.0055.3357.78
I'm Beginning To See The Light57.6760.6756.6758.33

Panel: Administrator(s)
Rob Arnold - ONT
Roger Meyer - LOL
Adam Reimnitz - CSD
Phil Ordaz - FWD
Raymond Schwarzkopf - CSD
Barry Towner - ONT
Lou Benedict - FWD
Roger Stanfield - LOL
Bill Rashleigh - LOL
Jim Richards - LOL
Terry Aramian - FWD


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