2013 Pioneer Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
Still Crazy After All These Years77.5074.0074.0075.17
For Sale, One Broken Heart72.5073.0070.5072.00
Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses72.5073.5068.5071.50
Lovin The Girls/They're All Sweeties (Medley)74.5070.0068.5071.00
So Long, Mother72.0068.5068.0069.50
Let The Rest Of The World Go By64.0062.5067.5064.67
On The Sunny Side Of The Street66.5065.5067.5066.50
Bright Was The Night67.0066.0062.0065.00
I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair67.5067.5059.0064.67
When Theres Love At Home67.5065.0061.5064.67
Tin Roof Blues64.0065.0062.0063.67
Thirty-Five Years Ago65.0062.5063.0063.50
Back In The Old Routine61.5062.0060.0061.17
I Only Have Eyes For You62.5063.0059.5061.67
That's Life62.0061.5060.0061.17
I'll Forget You61.5062.0058.5060.67
I Didn't Want To Fall61.0062.5058.5060.67
Hello My Baby59.5061.0059.0059.83
The Song Is Ended (But the Melody Lingers On)60.0061.5060.5060.67
If I Had My Way62.5054.5057.0058.00
I Didn't Want To Fall63.5053.5058.5058.50
Just A Cottage Small By A Waterfall59.5057.5055.0057.33
Drivin' Me Crazy60.5060.0052.5057.67
California Here I Come58.0060.5056.0058.17
Home On The Range51.5062.0055.5056.33

Panel: Administrator(s)
Brian OLeary - NED
David Bowen - LOL
Jan-Ake Westin - PIO
Raymond Schwarzkopf - CSD
Ev Nau - LOL
Larry Reinhart - CAR
Anthony Colosimo - PIO
Rik Johnson - CSD


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