2013 Evergreen Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
Monk Song 1 - Medley Of Singing Monks80.3380.6780.6780.56
Monk Song 2 - Medley Of Singing Monks80.3380.6780.3380.44
Stormy Weather81.6779.0079.0079.89
Just Look At Me Now80.6780.0081.6780.78
Mona Lisa80.3381.6780.0080.67
Eight Days A Week78.3381.6779.3379.78
The Way You Look Tonight76.0076.6777.3376.67
Keep Your Sunny Side Up76.6778.3377.6777.56
Five Foot Two72.3373.6773.6773.22
Last Night Was The End Of The World73.0073.3372.3372.89
Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive69.0071.0072.6770.89
Don't Put A Tax On The Beautiful Girls68.6776.3370.3371.78
Let The Rest Of The World Go By71.6768.3371.0070.33
I'm Off To See My Sweetness70.0068.6769.0069.22
If I Give My Heart To You66.6767.0068.6767.44
Be My Good Luck Charm69.0069.3371.3369.89
You Don't Know Me68.6766.3368.6767.89
Frim Fram Sauce67.6767.3366.3367.11
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia62.6766.3364.6764.56
If I Had My Way63.3366.6764.6764.89
Bring Back Days Of The Song And Dance Man63.6763.3359.6762.22
After You've Gone62.6763.3360.3362.11
Just A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet60.6761.6760.6761.00
Chordbusters March62.3362.3354.6759.78
Let The Rest Of The World Go By62.3362.0057.6760.67
Shine On Harvest Moon/For Me And My Gal57.3357.0056.6757.00
Kentucky Babe56.6755.3355.0055.67
Lovin The Girls/They're All Sweeties (Medley)61.3361.3366.6763.11
You Don't Know Me61.6759.3364.3361.78

Panel: Administrator(s)
Doug Arrington - RMD
Kent Richarson - FWD
Anthony Bartholomew - SWD
Rob Mance - NED
Steve Johnson - NED
David Krause - CSD
Jim Bagby - CSD
Shawn Mondragon - EVG
Chris Hebert - FWD
Chris Peterson - LOL
Warren hettinga - FWD


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