2010 Pioneer Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
I Only (Medley)74.0074.0074.5074.17
If Tomorrow Never Comes76.5076.0076.5076.33
Love Me, And The World Is Mine78.5071.5073.5074.50
Nobody Knows What A Red Head Mama Can Do75.5071.0073.0073.17
Where The Southern Roses Grow71.0068.5066.5068.67
I Used To Call Her Baby/Baby (Medley)68.0071.0067.5068.83
On A Wonderful Day Like Today64.5066.0065.5065.33
I Wonder If We'll Ever Meet Again65.5065.0064.5065.00
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad67.5067.0065.0066.50
Bright Was The Night65.0064.5061.0063.50
Thank You66.0062.5065.5064.67
Give My Regards To Broadway64.5063.0064.5064.00
Heart Of My Heart (Medley)64.0062.5063.5063.33
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie62.0063.0061.5062.17
When Theres Love At Home62.5061.0061.5061.67
That Railroad Rag62.0061.5061.0061.50
Nobody Knows What A Red Head Mama Can Do59.5060.5062.0060.67
Story Of The Rose59.0060.0061.0060.00
Ain't Misbehavin60.0059.5060.0059.83
Sentimental Journey60.5060.5059.0060.00
Lonesome - That's All60.5056.5062.0059.67
Orange Colored Sky59.0056.5059.0058.17
Let The Rest Of The World Go By60.0059.0058.0059.00
Kentucky Babe58.0060.0057.5058.50
Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive57.5059.5058.5058.50
Side By Side57.5058.5057.0057.67
What'll I Do?57.5058.0056.0057.17
Peg O My Heart54.0055.5054.5054.67

Panel: Administrator(s)
Don Crowl - SWD
Rick Haines - SWD
David Wright - CSD
Kevin Keller - CSD
Dusty Schleier - MAD
Ev Nau - LOL
Jim DeBusman - LOL
Jimmy Barr - PIO


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