2009 Cardinal Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
Put Your Head On My Shoulder80.0082.5082.0081.50
Yesterday I Heard The Rain81.5082.5081.0081.67
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes70.0072.0075.0072.33
I'll Be Seeing You71.0070.0073.5071.50
When My Baby Smiles At Me71.0074.5070.0071.83
Come And Love Me69.5073.0070.5071.00
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart70.0071.0074.0071.67
Smile (Medley)68.5069.5071.5069.83
Sunshine Of Your Smile67.5067.0068.0067.50
You Make Me Feel So Young68.0067.5070.5068.67
Let Me Call You Sweetheart65.0059.5062.5062.33
Lazy River63.0058.5062.5061.33
At The End Of The Road51.5055.0050.0052.17
I Don't Mind Being All Alone49.5053.5047.0050.00

Panel: Administrator(s)
Ken Galloway, Jr - EVG
Ron Eubank - PIO
Bob Brock - EVG
Dave Rubin - JAD
Don Challman - LOL
Gene Spilker - CSD
Bob Moorehead - JAD
Jim Richards - LOL


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