Congratulations to:

"Kyle Kitzmiller" Who had the closest QUARTET predictions.

"Johnny Goebel" Who had the closest CHORUS predictions.

Congratulations to both men for their excellent prognostications!

I need to let you all know that there was a bit of a snafu this year with the quartet predictions. The quartet "After Hours" did very well at prelims so was chosen by many to be in the top ten. However after the prediction site was set up, they had to withdraw from the contest. Since they were not IN the contest the score for that choice ended up being 0 but that would have been a good score and that would not have been fair to those that recognizes that they were not in the contest. On the other hand if I put them in 54th place then anyone who chose them would have such a massive score that they would have 0 chance of getting a good score even if they had EVERY other quartet but one in the exact right spot. In an attempt to make it somewhat fair I chose to give "After Hours" a fake rank of 11th place. There are many ways to handle this, this is just what I've chosen to do with this situation.

This site is dedicated to the Barbershop singers and the hard work that they put into their craft.

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I also will of course keep up with current scores as they become available.

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